The Las Vegas Air Sex Championships

Miming Sex to Music in Vegas

On Saturday, October 26 at 8 pm, at the Place on 7th, a downtown bar and restaurant, the Las Vegas Air Sex Championships begin.

The competition is exactly what it sounds like — fully-clothed people take turns getting on stage to mime having sex with an invisible partner or multiple partners (provided they’re all invisible).  The mimes are generally done to music. The best lubricant for this type of contest is alcohol. Luckily, the Place on 7th has a full bar.

The contest is open to men, women and anyone in-between, age 21+. If you want to compete, send your stage name and song choice to, or just get there early to sign up (if spots are still available). A panel of judges, all air sex professionals, will select the winner. First prize is an Air Lamborghini.

For a better idea of exactly what the contestants do to win the judges’ favor, I suggest you go to YouTube and watch the Air Sex competitions that have taken place in other cities. (Air Sex Championships have been happening around the country for more than ten years.) If you can envision yourself on stage doing what the former air sex contestants have done, you should probably sign up to compete because it’s cheaper than years of therapy. Props and costumes are allowed, but no indecent exposure.

Tickets to the event are $14.36 in advance, available here. Or, just pay $15 at the door.

The Place on 7th is located downtown at 115 N 7th St, Las Vegas. Full bar, 21+


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