The Las Vegas Madam

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The Las Vegas Madam

Have you ever wondered what it is like to party at the hottest Vegas night clubs seven nights a week? Have you wondered what it feels like to spend tens of thousands of dollars on luxury shopping sprees in Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Louboutin, and Hermes.

Have you ever enjoyed bottles of Cristal and chased it with mollies, and cocaine?

Have you ever made a thousand dollars an hour … and spent it faster than you made it?

Yeah … neither have I.

There is hope for you, however. If you ever wanted to take the ultimate in fast lane adventures without the risk to body, mind and income … do what I did and listen to the Audible version of The Las Vegas Madam, by Jami Rodman.

Jami is the real-life Haley Heston

Jami is the real-life Haley Heston, top earning Las Vegas escort and the former owner of the fabled Haley Heston’s Private Collection. HHPC was the leading supplier of premier escorts in Las Vegas and large cities all over the United States. Jami and her company made millions of dollars until the day that the FBI knocked on her door.

Jami grew up in rural Oregon in a traditional religious upbringing. Slowly she rebelled against her family in ways that will seem familiar to many. She dated the bad boy, experimented with drugs, skipped school and married a biker who was 10 years older than her.

She was intelligent, worked hard when she needed to … but ultimately, a Las Vegas vacation lured her away from the Pacific Northwest. One vacation to Nevada became a 10-year adventure she turned into a dizzying tale of sex, drugs and money.

As a passive reader you’ll get to experience her first night working in a strip club. You’ll have an eyewitness view into her first “date” as a Vegas escort. You’ll get exhausted by her 36-hour party binges … you’ll be numbed by her drug fueled orgies, and cash fueled threesomes with client couples. Along the way you’ll meet decent sugar daddies, lecherous whales, smitten patrons and lunatic millionaires. Every shade of perversion, appetite and carnal need seems to flow through her client base.

Left: Suzy Favor Hamilton Right: Author Jami Rodman

The book takes a tragic and surprising turn in the end when it is disclosed that a United States Olympic athlete, wife and mother of young children is operating as one of Jami’s highest earning escorts. Suzy Favor Hamilton, track star and escort becomes a story in the tabloids and popular media. I share that because it is well documented in the media, and it is not a critical element of the author’s story. By time you get to that chapter of the book you will forget that you already knew this part of the story.

Las Vegas Madam is Explicit, Exciting and Mesmerizing

Las Vegas Madam is explicit, exciting and mesmerizing. The author avoids the temptation to rationalize her actions, nor does she moralize them. She is always honest. You can count on her to offer a frank analysis of what she does.

I can’t vouch for the written book, but the spoken story on Audible is a well spent set of hours.


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The End


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