The Mother of All Orgies Comes to Vegas

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Still from Pornhub’s video of Japan’s 500-person orgy

Swingers Take Over the Vegas Embassy Suites for Memorial Day Weekend

On Saturday, June 2, the biggest orgy in modern history is coming to Las Vegas, with organizers seeking to break the current orgy record in the Guinness Book of World Records. Right now, the Japanese hold the record for the biggest orgy, with a 500-person (250 couples) orgy held in 2007. This orgy was video-recorded and you can watch the video on Pornhub.

The Las Vegas Mother of All Orgies is being sponsored by MenageLife, a lifestyle organization that regularly sponsors parties and events for swingers, often in Las Vegas. The big orgy is, in fact, scheduled to coincide with MenageLife’s “SinCity8” event, which takes place from May 30 to June 3 at the Embassy Suites in Las Vegas. Menage has rented the entire 220-room hotel for those dates.

If you’re interested in participating in the orgy, you can get full details from MenageLife at the link above. A few crucial facts about the event:

You do not need to join the SinCity8 swingers event — which includes four days of partying with lifestylers — to participate in the orgy. The orgy is open to the public, with certain restrictions. You need to sign up at the MenageLife website as as a male-female couple. No single men allowed. Groups that have uneven numbers of males and females may be admitted if approved in advance by Menage. Only consensual sex is allowed. Condoms will be provided. Masks will also be provided for those who worry about being “outed” or who just like wearing masks, and participants are encouraged to bring their own masks, disguises, costumes and toys.

Couples coming to town for the orgy or Embassy Suites swingers’ extravaganza may also be interested in checking out our review of One Love Temple, Las Vegas’ premiere swingers’ spa and nudist resort. It’s a five-acre paradise of clear and sparkling pools, spas, waterfalls and ponds, tall trees and zen rock gardens, flowering shrubs, Buddhist sculptures, casitas and party rooms, lounges and massage rooms, with a 24-hour dance club.  Or check out our page on all the Las Vegas swingers clubs.


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