The Pole Dancers of Palomino Club

Palomino’s Wild Stage Show Keeps Getting Wilder

palomino Club Vegas Dancer

Avery Hanging Out at Palomino Club

Palomino Club (club review / club website) is the bad boy of the Vegas strip clubs. This is the only club in town where the dancers get completely naked on stage, yet the club has a full bar.

How do they get away with this?  They got grandfathered in when the laws changed.

Plus, the dancers at Palomino only have to be 18+, even though the club serves alcohol. The under-21 dancers wear plastic bracelets to keep them from being served, and the system works.


Dlseena At Palomino

Maybe it’s the youth of the dancers, or maybe it’s just the club culture, but Palomino goes way beyond other strip clubs in Vegas with its stage show. The dancers at Palomino are real dancers and acrobats. They’re breathtaking to watch on stage, and they seem to egg each other on to greater and wilder feats.

I’m of the opinion that naked is the way dancing is meant to be done. Clothes just get in the way, especially with pole dancing. Hopefully, when pole dancing becomes an Olympic event, it will be done naked.

Until then, however, we can enjoy the art form as it was meant to be enjoyed at Palomino Club.

If you’re a true aficionado of erotic dance, get a seat on the rail–the stage side seats dancers call the “sniffer’s gallery.” Some dancers will get close enough to you that the term may be appropriate, though I prefer to call that seating area the “connoisseur’s section.” Sitting on the rail is the most fun you can have in this country with one-dollar bills.

palomino club las vegas dancers

Lilith & Fiona at Palomiino Club are Known for Getting Wild Both On Stage & In the VIP

All of the pics in this article were taken by Hew Burney on various nights over the last year.

All of these dancers are fun to talk to. There’s a lot less drink hustling among Palomino’s dancers than you find in most Vegas strip clubs because so many of the dancers are under 21. (Don’t try to buy an under-21 dancer an alcoholic beverage, as you’ll risk getting booted.)

The private VIP room shows are always a good value, first because the caliber of the performers is so high, and second because there’s no extra bar tab or bottle fee in the VIP, which offers exceptional privacy with all dances taking place in curtained private booths.

The best way to enjoy a VIP room show here is to sit back and let the dancer perform. If all you want is a standard bump and grind lap dance, you can get that, but it’s more fun if you let the dancer have her way with you, show you her best moves, show you what flirting and teasing are all about.

Never be rude to a dancer at Palomino Club. You will be booted. They’ll have a cab waiting for you. The dancers here are artists and must be respected as such.

Lilith and Fiona were TVO Dancers of the Month in April 2015. Hew Burney’s photo gallery captures the craziness, beauty, and eroticism of their stage show.

Also, Hew’s gallery of these two dancers in Palomino’s VIP room—both separately and together—may be the most erotic gallery on this site.

Often when I’m at Palomino Club I feel like I’m watching a $145 Cirque show on the Strip. These dancers go way above and beyond the call of duty for what dancers are expected to do in most strip clubs.

Palomino Club Vegas Dancer

Jordan at Palomino Club

I heard Reagan Reilly was seen dancing at Palomino recently. Reagan was TVO’s Dancer of the Month in January 2015. She’s been doing feature performances all over the country the past two years and has won awards in many dance competitions.

If you see Reagan at Palomino, you may not recognize her from her Dancer of the Month gallery because since then, she’s had her boobs done. If you want to see what she looks like now, see “Reagan Reilly Goes Double DD.”

Palomino has a new VIP package deal for out-of-towners who are coming to the club alone. The $60 “Flying Solo” package gets you free round-trip transportation by the club limo, free admission, a line pass and two drinks–or roughly $90 in value.

Groups of two or more can always get free admission to Palomino (a $30 savings for each member of your party) by calling 702-642-2984 for the club’s free limo. Locals who arrive in their own cars are always free, but if you arrive late on a busy night, you may be hit with a tab to cover two drinks up front.

Check out the club review for more information.

4 Responses to “The Pole Dancers of Palomino Club”

  1. Jay

    Thanks for all the great info on your site. Where would you recommend as having the best stage show amongst the topless clubs.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jay, Deja Vu usually has good pole dancers and Sapphire usually has a good stage show, but it depends a bit what night of the week you are going. What night of the week are you thinking of?

      • Jay

        I am not looking at any night specifically. I will be in town for 2 weeks and will head to a club at least 3 or 4 times, as and when I feel the need to escape the flashing lights and noise of the casinos! Its been 3 or 4 years since I last visited Vegas and most of my ‘Go To’ clubs have closed, moved or declined. If I am flying solo I like to chill out with a few beers on the rail and enjoy the show for a while, without too much hustle, until someone catches my eye. I’m not afraid to spend and don’t have a budget as such, but I do object to paying $16-$20 for a domestic beer. I’ve never been a fan of Sapphire, it feels too industrial and warehouse-like for me and Palomino is further than I really want to travel alone, sketchy neighbourhood and in the past have found it to be very inconsistent generally. Deja Vu instinctively grabs at me as a first choice, although I have never been, but I do question the no. of dancers available. Are tuesdays comparable to Friday/Saturdays there? and what about the rest of the week at say 9pm -12am or is that too early still? What time/night am I most likely to find the best pole/stage show?
        Thanks for your help

        • Arnold Snyder

          Jay, Tuesdays are an excellent night for Deja Vu because the $2 all-night drink special brings in a crowd, and that brings in good dancers and tends to mean a good stage show. Tuesdays are comparable to Friday/Saturday there.

          The rest of the week it depends on whether a convention is in town or something like National Finals Rodeo. If no convention is in town, no other week nights are as good as Tuesdays, but if you’re in town during Monday Night Football 9 pm may be viable because of the crowd there for MNF.

          Other than that, after 11 pm tends to be best for the best stage show and collection of dancers.



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