The Vegas Short Lap Dance Scam and How to Avoid It

Get Your Lap Dance Money’s Worth In The Vegas Strip Clubs

Tourists spend millions of dollars every year in the Las Vegas strip clubs.  As a result, Vegas strip clubs attract the top dancers from all over the country and even the world. And because the top dancers from all over the world are here competing with each other, we get the best strip club stage shows and highest-mileage lap dances and private shows of strip club customers anywhere.  It’s great!

The only disadvantage of having lots of tourists in the Vegas strip clubs is that they also attract a few strip club hustlers who could never survive in any other town where dancers have to please local regulars to survive.

The latest scam starting to show up in even the best Las Vegas strip clubs is the short lap dance.

A short lap dance is one that lasts less than the length of one song, which in most Vegas strip clubs is 2½ to 3 minutes (the length seems to be set by the club).  It doesn’t matter what the actual length of the recorded song is; DJs are clock watchers and it’s their job to keep things fair for both customers and dancers by cutting the songs to the same length every time.

What happens with a short dance is that the dancer shows up halfway through a song, asks if you’d like a dance, begins the dance immediately (in the middle of the song) when you say yes, then leaves at the end of the song.  Sometimes a short dance will last a minute or less!

Do What the Vegas Locals Do

That’s not the way it’s supposed to be.  Most dancers who approach halfway into a song will sit down when you say yes, usually in your lap, and say, “Okay, we’ll start when the next song starts.”  This is the standard.  You pay $20 a dance and each dance is one song.

Again, this scam could never exist outside of Vegas because it irritates customers and a customer who feels cheated on a lap dance will be unlikely to spring for a VIP room dance with the dancer who gypped him.  But in the large Vegas strip clubs these girls can target the tourists and make a living hitting a dozen of them with one-minute dances.  Not a bad income for 12 minutes’ work!  If there are a half dozen of these hustlers at a club, the same tourist will likely get hit a half dozen times!

In any case, it is very easy to defend yourself from the short lap dance scam.  Just do what the locals do.  If a dancer starts a lap dance after a song has already begun, stop her immediately and tell her that you want to start the dance at the beginning of the next song.

TVO reader Nunya has more advice on stopping the short lap dance in his comment here.

3 Responses to “The Vegas Short Lap Dance Scam and How to Avoid It”

  1. Nunya

    I’ve had this attempted as far back as the OG in the late 90s but also where on occasion the dancer will just throw in the extra time. This usually occurs if you you’ve chatted for a while (a song or two) and then agree to a dance mid song i.e. you are getting along and not being vultured. All you have to do is just do a short discussion and if you decide ‘Yes’ just add ‘let’s start at the next song’. Anyone who walks up and starts a dance without a simple 30 second conversation is not getting my business anyway.

  2. jj solari

    probably the only USEFUL news in the past month from any news source. thank you Jesus for this site!!!



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