The Steakhouse at Treasures – A Review (1 of 2)

The Steakhouse at Treasures – The Best Evening In Las Vegas

You’ll realize you are in some place very special, and unique, the moment your Treasurers server hands you the luxurious green leather-bound menu.  You’ve entered through a marble lobby, whisked through the front line by telling the greeters that you are “going to The Steakhouse.” That moment of clarity in purpose sets you apart from the other patrons queuing up to enjoy a night of sexy entertainment.Treasures Las Vegas Gentlemen's Club

Indulge me in a moment of self-reflection. I love steakhouses. I’ve traveled to many places, and I tend to associate greet cities with their finest steakhouses. In Dallas it’s always Bob’s, in Chicago it’s been Gibson’s, in Denver I’m loyal to John Elway’s, in Seattle it’s the Metropolitan Grill, in Atlanta I love Hal’s and in Houston I savor Pappa’s Brothers. I love every ounce of their chilled martinis, every pour of their fine wines, every inch of their dark wood paneling, every sparkle of their inviting lighting … and every juicy piece of Prime Beef they serve to me.

Could I be clearer … I love a great steakhouse!

When I moved to Las Vegas I tried hard to find a place to go for a steak and salad at the bar, to watch a game and meet fun, lively people. I wanted to find a place that I could celebrate anniversaries, triumphs, and milestones among bartenders and waiters who knew me, and understand what I wanted.

Las Vegas Best Steakhouses

Las Vegas has more than its fair share of top-quality steak providers. Many are in the resort hotels and the strip corridor. I’ve tried most of them, and almost without exception, the food and service in these steakhouses are wonderful. However, they have always missed that certain something that makes it a place for me to feel at home.

Treasures' Steakhouse has an Old-Fashioned Ambiance

Treasures’ Steakhouse

Only one steakhouse in Las Vegas fulfills my requirements as a place to eat, a place to celebrate, and a place to enjoy the customers and the staff … The Steakhouse at Treasures.

Modeled after a lavish baroque parlor, the dining room is a circular feast of rich colors, thick tapestries, gold and brass fixtures and beautiful art. You enjoy comfortable wingback chairs or banquette seating on rich fabrics. The room is framed by French doors leading to a cozy patio. There is a service bar, but you’ll be seated immediately by CeCe or Nancy. More about these two legendary Las Vegas hosts later in this review; but it is safe to say that you’ll never forget them if you are a traveler, and you’ll be customers for life if you are lucky enough to live here in Las Vegas.

These gals will fix you a rock-solid cocktail and quickly become your friend, and confidant! Enjoy their New York swagger and trust them to make you feel special.

The Menu at Treasures Steakhouse

After you sip your Jack on the Rocks, or dry martini, open that green menu and start to consider the appetizer selection. The Steakhouse does a great job with seafood and the appetizers highlight with perfectly fried

100% Prime Beef at Treasures

They feature calamari, a generous serving of plump shrimp cocktail, lovely crab cakes when the product is available. The  spicy and crisp pot stickers will think you are on Spring Mountain Road (Las Vegas’ Chinatown). I usually prepare my appetite for the famous jumbo shrimp scampi. Served in a perfect garlic, white wine and butter sauce, this dish can also be enjoyed as an entrée over a generous serving of linguini.

The head chef has been in his Treasures kitchen for twenty years! Prior to The Steakhouse he worked with some of the top staffs in the best resorts in Las Vegas. He’ll make an appearance in the dining room with his tongs at the ‘chef ready.’ He’s a master at timing the steaks for large parties of meat lovers. He won’t stay long because his grill is where the action is!

If you love fine wines, you’ll need to choose carefully. Being an entertainment venue, the bottle prices are driven by the club next door.  A good Cabernet or Merlot starts at about $75 per bottle. This might seem high for a restaurant, but it is very reasonable for a nightclub bottle.

Fine Wines at Treasures Steakhouse

As the floor shows start inside, and the beautiful dancers walk around the dining room, you’ll understand immediately that you’ve come across one of the best liquor values in Las Vegas nightlife. Enjoy an extended meal with the most stunning women you’ve ever seen. Treasures encourages you to invite them to your table for a drink, or a meal. The dancers are charming company; they will make you feel wonderful! If it’s chilly outside (it does happen in the desert), consider their decadent Lobster Bisque topped with a flaky pastry top and a hint of brandy, or their classic French Onion soup, with hearty toast and melted gruyere cheese.

I never skip the salad course here, you and your date can split a traditional caesar’s salad, ripe tomato Caprese salad with fresh mozzarella, a house salad of mixed greens or our favorite, the wedge salad. The chef  does this wedge salad with the tastiest fried shallots and applewood smoked bacon.

The steaks are all 100% USDA Prime. The chef does a Filet Mignion, my favorite, the New York Strip, a 24oz. Bone-in-Ribeye, and a 28oz. Porterhouse. This sirloin and filet is a great share with a carnivorous Treasures girl!

Watch a Video of The Steakhouse at Treasure (:48 seconds)

The kitchen turns out a wide array of sauces and toppers including hollandaise, demi-glaze, peppercorn sauce, and herb butter.

The other entrees include two Western Australia lobster tails with lemon and drawn butter, pan seared salmon filets, Chilean sea bass, linguini & scampi, grilled Colorado lamb chops, thick pork chops with a mango chutney, a chicken francese over an amazing rice in a lemon beurre blanc and a tender chicken marsala in a mushroom sauce with garlic mashed potatoes.

Save room for the generous portioned sides including mushrooms, garlic mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, asparagus with hollandaise, long grain wild rice … and of course, creamed spinach.

Somehow, the gorgeous dancers always manage to have room for Treasures chocolate cake, cheesecake, carrot cake or chocolate covered strawberries.

Best Bachelor Parties in Las Vegas

The Steakhouse is an ideal place to start off a bachelor party with their man-sized steaks. Your group won’t have to worry about going on to the next venue because you are steps away from the most lively, thrilling, and sexy showroom in Las Vegas.

If you are among work colleagues, The Steakhouse offers a great place to talk before moving on to the music and showgirls that makes Treasures famous as the best men’s club in Nevada. If you are hosting a party … Treasures helps you budget with preplanned menu packages featuring multiple courses, drinks and desert. It’s a great way to avoid surprise dinner check at the end of the meal.

Link here for Multi-Course Dinner Packages

Mrs. TVO and I love The Steakhouse because of the ambience, the fun customers at the nearby tables, the dancers, and the restaurant team. Mrs. TVO enjoys talking to the dancers because their lives are interesting, they are friendly, and they are a great change of pace from the PTA crowd!

Does your Steakhouse Have Them?

We’ve come to value the friendship of CeCe, Nancy and the rest of the fine team at Treasures. They are like family to us. Travelers to Las Vegas will keep them in their hearts when they go back home. We know that because we’ve seen their returning customers give them big hugs and kisses when they happily return to The Steakhouse.

The Steakhouse is the best place in Las Vegas to enjoy a date night, enjoy dinner with a sexy Treasures dancer, celebrate a victory, or send off a bachelor in style!

Make Treasures your “go to” dining experience in Vegas.

Late Night Dining at Treasures

In Part II of the review, I’ll take you behind the scenes for the after-dinner entertainment, the late-night menu, and the VIP parties at Las Vegas’ most luxurious club. Here’s a preview of the after-dinner entertainment and companionship!

“I’d love to join you for diner”


The Steakhouse at Treasures is reached by calling (702) 257-3030

2801 Westwood Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Book a group or Bachelor Party package online at    Home Page – Treasures Las Vegas (



The Steakhouse Tues-Saturday 8 PM – 1 AM


Sunday & Monday : 7 PM – 1 AM

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday : 7 PM – 3 AM
Friday & Saturday : 7 PM – 5 AM

Video of The Steakhouse at Treasure (:48 seconds)

13 Responses to “The Steakhouse at Treasures – A Review (1 of 2)”

  1. Erik

    If you want a dancer to join you at the table for a bit is buying them a drink enough? Or do you have to pay for that time? Or do they just hope to make it up later in the club?

    • Scott

      A drink is good for about 10 minutes. If it goes longer…start pushing twenties every fifteen minutes IMHO.

      Time is money

  2. Inferno

    Love your website Scott!

    Treasures sounds great. Do you recommend the dinner packages or ala carte?

    It looks like a great value on the packages.

    • Scott

      Thanks Inferno!

      The dinner packages are a great deal… but bring a big appetite. It’s a lot of good food. Personally I can’t fit a dessert in after a meal… but some can.

  3. D-Dog

    I’m glad to see Celia and Nancy are still there. They are a hoot. Can’t wait to get back and enjoy a steak at Treasures. The strippers are smokin’ hot .!!!

  4. Redhat

    We love the Steakhouse. Can’t wait to get back.
    Be there in August.

  5. Lonnie J

    Can we take our wine or drinks into the club after eating in the restaurant?

    • Scott

      Great question Lonnie. Yes… definitely. Ask for a host before you go in and he’ll get you set up at the kind of table you’ll like. We like to sit at the low stage because you get very close to the pole dancers… make it rain.

    • Scott

      No… they are in very sexy dresses. They might give you a peak though!

  6. Vicki

    I can’t wait to try it. What time do they open and close? Will dancers join a couple?
    Do they charge for their time sitting with you?

    • Scott

      Dinner starts at about 8:30…. and runs through midnight if folks are still sitting. The kitchen serves a late menu in the club…so the kitchen stays open after the Steakhouse closes.

      Yes…most of the dancers live to talk to the wives or girlfriends.

      We always give them a $20 or $40 if they hang out for a couple drinks. If you buy them dinner, they’ll enjoy it and will hope that you’re going to get dances later or go to a VIP room. Treasures is famous for very high mileage dances!



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