The Sweets’ Spot with Melody Sweets at the Smith Center

melody-sweetsMy favorite Las Vegas burlesque performer, Melody Sweets, will be performing at the Smith Center this coming Tuesday, October 11.

Melody Sweets performs nightly as the Green Fairie in the outrageously funny Absinthe (show review) at Caesars Palace. Melody is a torch singer, an updated version of Ertha Kitt, Peggy Lee, and Bette Midler. I love torch singers and a torch singer who strips while she sings is as good as it gets.

Sweets will be accompanied by her all-star jazz band and who knows what other craziness. She’ll be in the Smith Center’s 240-seat Cabaret Jazz theater, a perfect intimate venue for her act. Tickets are $25 – $40, available at the Smith Center online box office. Show time is 10 pm.

Here’s a YouTube vid I found of Melody singing “Slice of Heaven,” the same song I saw her sing the last time I saw Absinthe. (Note: this video is not from her Absinthe performance.)


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