The Two Most Important Tips for Those New to the Vegas Strip Clubs

Read This Post Before Going to Any Vegas Strip Club

At TVO I talk about the best strip clubs in Las Vegas, the best Vegas strip club events, happy hours, and restaurants, the best Vegas strip clubs for under 21s, booty men and titty men, and women or couples. 

I tell you the best time to hit the clubs, where to go for high mileage, how much to tip, and where to go for the best stage show, best girlfriend experience, best private bedroom dance, and every other terrific thing you can find in the Vegas strip clubs.

But you can read every page on this website, and if you don’t know two more things, you can still have a bad time.  So now it’s time to tell you my two most important tips for having a great time at the Vegas strip clubs.  

Vegas Strip Club Tip #1: Take Your Time

The single most likely problem to derail your good time at even the best Vegas strip clubs is aggressive dancers who hit on you before you’ve had time to settle in.

You walk through the door and these hustling types are already grabbing your arm before you’ve even reached your seat.  These aggressive dancers are often the least attractive dancers in the club.  They know that if they let you spend five minutes looking around, they won’t stand a chance.  

I call these hustlers “vultures” (see my post on Strip Club Vultures).   

Your job, as someone who intends to have the best possible time at a Vegas strip club, is to get seated, relax with a drink, check out the stage show, and check out the lap dance scene around you before spending any of your money other than what you paid for your package or your admission and first drink.

The pushy girls move in fast to try to empty your pockets before anyone else gets a crack at you. Get rid of that first hustler and maybe the second and you’ll start getting approached by the softer, prettier dancers, nice girls who enjoy entertaining, who want you to have a great experience and will take their time and flirt with you.  If mileage is important to you, you’ll have time to scope out who is giving the high-contact lap dances.

But those initial hustlers can be hard to get rid of.  That leads to my tip number two.

Vegas Strip Club Tip #2:  You’re a Local 

I recently realized there’s a trick I’ve used for years to get rid of these irritating creatures.  But I forgot to put it into my prior posts about vultures.  I literally never feel hustled in Vegas strip clubs anymore because I nip it in the bud without even thinking about it.

What is my trick?  

Three words:  “I’m a local.”

One of the first things a strip club vulture will say to you is, “Where are you from?”  The minute you answer “Miami” or “Cleveland,” you will never get rid of her.  

But vultures know that locals know a vulture when they see one and are capable of getting as rude as needed to get rid of them.  Vultures also know that most locals aren’t arriving at the club with the kind of money a tourist may bring.  So as soon as you say those three magic words — or any variant, such as, “I live here”— a vulture will vanish like a puff of smoke in the wind.

Once in a while, the especially persistent will ask a follow-up question, like, “Oh, were you planning on getting any dances tonight?” A simple “No thanks” should close the deal. She’s gone.

It doesn’t matter that you’re not a local. You can be perfectly honest with the next dancer who shows up if she’s more your type. And many of the best dancers actually like locals because they like to cultivate regulars. But vultures are always looking for the tourist who doesn’t know what’s what, the polite newbie they can squeeze the most money out of the fastest. Don’t be that guy. Be a local.

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