The Ultimate Private Topless Pool Party — Only in Vegas!

Sapphire’s “Private Pool with a View”

Hottest and Coolest Summer Bachelor Party in Vegas

Private Pool at<br>Sapphire Topless Pool

The Private Pool Area at Sapphire Topless Pool

I’ve been a regular at the Sapphire topless pool, the best topless pool party in Vegas, since the pool opened in 2013.  But it was only just this month that I got invited for the first time to a private party at the “Private Pool with a View” within the Sapphire Pool and Dayclub.

The private pool is a smaller topless pool, at one end of the larger pool complex, that comfortably seats up to 16 guests.  It’s well stocked with giant umbrellas for shade and is located above the fray of the main pool area with a great view of the party on the main pool deck, with its topless go-go dancers and titty ball games.  It also has a front-row view of the VIP deck’s “aquarium wall” — the glass-sided wading pool where Sapphire’s dancers like to cool off.

The Topless Pool Where Every Showgirl and Stripper in Vegas Likes to Party

Sapphire Topless Pool Las Vegas

Sapphire’s “Aquarium”

And it’s not only Sapphire’s dancers that hang out in the pool.  As Vegas feature dancer and stripper Jade Andrews posted in the comments below TVO’s Sapphire pool page, “I should point out that a lot of showgirls go here, plus just about everyone from the X shows (X Country, X Rock, etc.). It’s the go-to place for just about every dancer in Vegas.”

These are all stunning women who make a living being topless.  And every girl cooling off in that pool loves to get an invitation to stop by the private pool party. 

Sure, the Sapphire pool’s daybeds and cabanas are great for hosting parties that attract the prettiest girls at the pool.  Bottles of good booze on ice, mixers, good food and comfortable seating in the shade are always a draw.  But for a group of guys hoping to attract Las Vegas’ most beautiful women — professional dancers and strippers who hang out at the pool on weekends to party and work on their tans — this private pool is the premiere topless girl magnet.

Sapphire topless pool Las VegasThe scenery at this pool is so far above what you’ll find anywhere else in Vegas that if you’re doing a summertime bachelor party, Sapphire’s Private Pool with a View should be at the top of your list for only-in-Vegas adventures.  Plus, the Sapphire dancers at the pool (who all wear pink wristbands), are available for fun in the air-conditioned VIP if you just ask.

Private Topless Pool Party Details

You can rent the private pool party area for your group for up to eight guests for $915 or up to 16 guests for $1830. The half rental price includes $750 in food and beverage credit. The full rental price includes $1500 in food and beverages.  That’s plenty for entertaining a bevy of beautiful girls.  (These prices are for Friday and Sunday. Saturday prices are higher but also include more food and booze.)

The Sapphire topless pool is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon – 6 pm through September.

You can reserve a Private Pool package here or by calling 702-869-0003. You can also reserve daybeds, cabanas, or lounge chair packages through that link, starting at $70.  Needless to say: Full bar, 21+


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