The Vegas Speakeasy Era

4th of July Fireworks Cancelled on the Vegas Strip

Caesars has reportedly cancelled their 4th of July fireworks for the Strip.

Cirque du Soleil has filed for bankruptcy and Blue Man Group has just permanently terminated all its cast and crew.

At the same time, there was an actual party at a Vegas Strip hotel pool over the weekend, full of people having fun instead of getting nagged about social distancing, but if I tell you where, it will be shut down.

Illegal Vegas brothels are open but legal Vegas brothels are closed.

And if I tell you what’s happening or not happening at the Vegas strip clubs, they could be destroyed and so could the political entities where they are located.

We are back in the speakeasy era in Las Vegas.  Any fun to be had has gone underground.

17 Responses to “The Vegas Speakeasy Era”

  1. jj solari

    you are doing the right thing not broadcasting places. hopefully this will usher in a new era of Enlightened Mafiosi to make America Great Again. Just like in prohibition. OK, LET’S PRAY ON THIS!! thank you

  2. Davehat

    Fireworks: Red Rocks and Plaza downtown are still advertising July 4 celebrations.

    Cirque has not terminated its Vegas or Orlando or Blue Man performers, as they plan to resume these shows. Chinese performers are also not terminated since China is allowing those shows to operate. (However they have terminated employees around the world.)

      • Davehat

        Unfortunately we cannot read LV Review or Sun because of paywalls, and zero desire to pay money to local papers. I did find additional links about Blueman being laidoff; guess Reuters was wrong. (They said no Vegas talent was laidoff.)

        • Arnold Snyder

          Davehat, they’re in bankruptcy and their reorganization plan is a no-go. I don’t know what Cirque will look like when/if they ever return.

          We may be headed back to 1950s Vegas. 45,000 residents, motel casinos on the Strip, and lounge singers.

  3. Bill

    I sadly have to say I think it will be a long time, years before Vegas gets back to pre commyvirus. Just feel like nobody is going to save the day. The courts don’t seem to care about constitution. Nobody does.

  4. Aaron

    Good to see some business has a spine in AZ. It’s a pity dozens or hundreds more aren’t following them. I can’t blame them too much though. Risking everything is a lot harder to actually do than just talk about it on social media. I’m holding out hope there will be something interesting in Vegas to do Aug 14 weekend. If not, I’m making backup plans for Halloween weekend and the Circa opening. What is it they say? Hope is the triumph of wishful thinking over reason and experience? I’ve got to have something to look forward to.

  5. Davehat

    The 3 Library stripclubs in/near Orange County reopened one month ago & now they’re closed again. I was looking forward to a visit 🙁

  6. Chris

    Make something illegal, and it will flourish underground. Criminals will run into at an exponent profit with no regard for safety, regulations, or human decency. Has been and will always be the way. It is amazing at the unprecedented times we are in and the speed with which we arrived at it.

    Germs come and go. Coronavirus will peter out eventually. Containment only slows it down and will not stop it. And once its gone another virus or bacteria will come along. Dying from COVID is no better or worse than cancer or a car crash. Sooner of later we’ll all get it. Nice to know we destroyed everything else in the process.

  7. Poontang

    Hi Arnold!!
    It’s been real hard to find your latest update in the site. It keeps bringing up old articles on your main page. Is it just me?



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