The Vegas Strip Clubs Make Monday Night Football Great Again

Sapphire's MNF "Party Zone"

Sapphire’s MNF “Party Zone”

Ah, football . . . What’s happened to the game I used to love? Now that the NFL has become concussion-conscious, every time some linebacker bumps his head, there’s a ten-minute break for prayers and lawsuit filing.

This is precisely why a Vegas strip club is the best place to watch Monday Night Football. While the announcers are prattling on about nothing to fill whatever dead time hasn’t been procured for monotonous advertisements, you can have a topless girl in your lap to commiserate with — and tits just make everything better.

Here’s the play the Vegas locals make every week:  You get your bets down in the casino sports books, then head to a strip club for the game.

Tonight (Monday, Dec 12), it’s the Baltimore Ravens (7 – 5) versus the New England Patriots (10 – 2). The only reason the Ravens have a chance against the dominant Patriots is because the otherwise below-mediocre Ravens team happens to have the best defense in the NFL. But with no offense to speak of (the Ravens are 28th in rushing, 16th in offense overall), they’re unlikely to get anywhere against the Patriots solid defense, and Tom Brady will likely find enough holes in the Ravens’ defense to walk his team to their eleventh win.

It’ll take three and a half hours for the sixty minutes to play out. So, for two and a half hours, you can be enjoying the girls instead of twiddling your thumbs.

Sapphire Gem Jessica Ann Needs Help Untying Her Top

Jessica Ann is a Sapphire Gem

Sapphire (club review / club website) boasts the best MNF halftime party in Vegas (and probably anywhere), because hundreds of the club’s premier topless lap dancers swarm into the Showroom to give 30-second $1 dances to any guys waving singles. You can enjoy a dozen different pairs of tits in ten minutes, so make sure you’ve got a fistful of ones before the halftime buzzer. (See my full description of Sapphire’s dollar dance scene in The Best Lap Dance in Vegas).

Sapphire’s $22 cover charge includes their buffet (with the best food of the Vegas strip club MNF parties–from barbecue, sushi and gourmet Mexican food to salads, and more) plus two drinks. They’ve also got the biggest HD monitors and the biggest, rowdiest crowd. Week after week, this is one of the best parties in Vegas.

Dancer at Palomino Club Las Vegas

Faith Dances at Palomino Club

Palomino Club (club review / club website), the only strip club in Vegas with a full bar and totally nude dancers, features dancers chucking their g-strings on stage throughout the game.

Provided you don’t arrive by cab, there’s no cover charge for Palomino’s MNF party.  During the game, the club serves up a free Hawaiian buffet (meatballs in gravy, fried saimin, garlic fried chicken, teriyaki chicken, and Kalbi ribs), plus drink deals like $30 domestic buckets, $35 import buckets, and $8 shots. (If you come in a group, the biggest group gets a free bottle the following week.)

Other Vegas clubs with MNF parties are Babes, Centerfolds, Cheetahs, Crazy Horse III, Deja Vu Showgirls, Hustler, Play It Again Sam, Sophia’s, Spearmint Rhino, Striptease and Treasures. For full details on all clubs see:  The Vegas Strip Club Monday Night Football Parties.

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    Awesome website and super helpful! Quick question that this post about MNF got me thinking over. Do strip clubs have certain “hot” nights during the week like nightclubs do? I’m coming solo for work and will be in town on a Sunday Monday and Tuesday night. Am planning to hit a strip club one or more of those nights. Any particular ones for those nights or is it all the same as the other nights? Thanks!



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