The Vegas Strip Clubs’ Monday Night Football Parties

(Updated September 28, 2016)

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Free Food, Drink Specials, and Bountiful Topless Entertainment

nfl-cheerleaderBecause Nevada is the only state in the U.S. that has legal sports betting, Monday Night Football is huge in Vegas. Every casino with a sports book hosts Monday Night Football parties for its guests, but in recent years the Vegas strip clubs have been throwing the best Monday Night Football parties in town.

What the casinos can offer fans that the strip clubs can’t is betting on the games. What the strip clubs can offer fans that the casinos can’t is bountiful topless entertainment, both during the games and at half-time.

Many gamblers, who used to attend the casino MNF parties, now go to the sports books to place their bets before the games, then go to the strip clubs to watch the games while enjoying the topless dancers.

The regular football season runs from early September through the end of December. If you are in Las Vegas on any Monday night during this four-month period, you can be sure there will be big parties at some of the strip clubs, and a few of them will also have parties for Thursday Night Football and Sunday Night Football.

Typically, a strip club MNF party will feature drink specials, food specials, and sometimes specials on dance prices. Most of the parties will also feature giveaways and prizes for fans that may be anything from team jerseys and IPods to lap dance coupons and flat-screen TVs.

The two most common types of dance specials are half-price lap dances ($10 instead of $20) throughout the game, or $1 lap dances during half-time. Since halftime only lasts ten minutes, the dollar dances are not full-song (three-minute) dances, but shorter dances. Different clubs handle these mini-laps in different ways.

Pro Tip:  If you’re at a strip club MNF party that advertises dollar dances at halftime, be prepared in advance. Change a twenty (or two twenties) for a fistful of dollar bills well before halftime so you can enjoy the full ten minutes of dancers playing musical laps.

Here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve found so far this year at these clubs’ parties.  I’ll update this post as needed throughout the season.

Game time on Mondays will be 5:30 pm in Vegas, with strip club festivities (free food and drink specials) beginning around 4 pm.

Three Giant Screens and $1 Lap Dances at Sapphire Monday Night Football

Sapphire Football Viewing Screens

Sapphire’s Football Viewing Screens

Sapphire shows Monday Night Football games on three giant 100″ high-definition screens in their Showroom (club web site).  They have the biggest viewing screens in Vegas and the biggest crowds turning out for the games.

Your $20 admission price for the Showroom includes two drinks and an excellent free buffet. Sapphire’s spread for the opening day double-header this year (2016) was incredible—including chicken and rice casserole, mac’n’cheese (worth the price of admission alone), tossed salad, mixed veggies, baked ziti, cilantro rice, chipotle chicken, pork carnitas, steak ala Mexicana, refried beans, yakisoba noodles, terriyaki skewers, crab rolls, sushi, and a desert buffet with virtually every sweet pastry known to man—the best spread in town with food far beyond the usual pizza and wings. Do not expect all of these dishes for every MNF game but that list will give you an idea of the types of dishes you’ll find.

You can also purchase a season pass for $150, which includes admission to the parties for all 16 regular-season Monday night games, plus Sapphire’s Super Bowl extravaganza.  The season pass is for the main room parties, and includes two drinks per game, plus the buffet.  That comes to only $8.82 a game.

Sapphire will also be hosting Thursday Night Football parties this year in the Showroom. Your $20 admission includes an open bar for the first half of the game.

Most important, for all MNF games the club features the best dollar lap dances at halftime in the Showroom. These are full-fledged, topless, high-contact lap dances with a gorgeous Sapphire dancer who is hoping you’ll choose to keep her in your lap all the way until the game starts again.

The way it works is that literally over a hundred of Sapphire’s lovely dancers pour into the room as soon as halftime starts.  The dollar lap dances last 20-30 seconds till the DJ says “switch.”  Then one smiling topless girl in lingerie gets up from your lap while another one sits down (unless you give your next dollar to the girl who’s already there).

Sapphire offers their limo for transport to their MNF parties (call 702.869.0003 to book your ride.)  The limo reservations fee is $15 but the club will waive the fee if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon or a bottle.  And of course there are the gorgeous Sapphire dancers to sample after the game.

For VIP packages with a drink discount for after the MNF party, see the club web site.

Palomino Club – No Cover, Free Food, Drink Specials and Naked Girls

Palomino Club (club review / club website) is hosting MNF parties this year. There’s no cover, assuming you drive yourself or take the free club limo. (Don’t make the mistake of arriving in a cab or a casino limo or you will have to pay the $30 entry fee!) During the game, domestic beer buckets are $30, imports $35, and $8 shots. If you show up in a group, the biggest group gets a free bottle the following week.

I made it to the first MNF double-header and found a free Hawaiian buffet (meatballs in gravy, fried saimin, garlic fried chicken, teriyaki chicken, and Kalbi ribs). Excellent food. There were also drink specials throughout the games. The big draw for me, however – the dancers at Palomino are buck naked, both on stage and in the private dances.  Palomino’s outstanding nude stage show was in full swing even during the game, with a couple dozen dancers who could have danced at peak hours.

Treasures MNF Party with Free Buffet

Treasures has $1 drinks from 4-6 pm and half-price drinks from 6-8 pm or buckets of 5 for $12. Free buffet includes soft pretzels, lasagne, sausage & peppers, pizza, hot dogs, chips & salsa, fruit salad, macaroni salad, and potato salad. Good crowd.

$99 Season Pass at Crazy Horse III

Crazy Horse III is offering a season pass for $99. It gets you into CH3’s parties for all NFL and college games on Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and Monday nights.  The pass includes three Bud Lights or two sponsored drinks at each game.

For a single game, you can get free admission (if you don’t arrive by cab).  You’ll find free pizza, $5 domestics and mix-and-match domestic buckets at 5/$20.

The games are shown on high def screens with surround sound. I checked it out for the second MNF (Sept 19) and found a very small crowd (maybe a dozen or so customers).

Deja Vu Showgirls Screens All Monday, Thursday and Sunday Night Games

Deja Vu Showgirls (club review) has a Facebook post advertising “Game Day at the Vu” every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday night, with no other details. Here’s the main detail: Deja Vu has been serving free drinks on Monday nights until midnight for some time now and it appears they are continuing with this policy during MNF, and that includes even top shelf liquors. (Expect normal house prices for Thursday and Sunday night games.) Locals are free if you drive yourself. Out-of-towners $22 if you drive yourself, or $45 if you arrive by cab, Uber, casino limo, etc. Light crowd.

Hustler’s MNF Party Free for Locals

Hustler has a limited open bar that includes well drinks and PBR and an advertised buffet. Other beers are $1 and call drinks are $2-$4. Locals free if you have a Vu card and drive yourself. (Vu card is $10.) Out-of-towners always $50. Light crowd on week 2.

Cheetahs MNF Parties with Half-price Laps

Cheetahs (club review) has 5/$12 beer buckets, shots 3/$10,  advertising free food, but none there at time of visit (probably pizza). Cheetahs has 2-for $20 lap dances until 7 pm (if you find a dancer who’s willing), and topless dancers on stage during the game. Light crowd on week 2.

OG’s MNF Happy Hour

OG is advertising Monday, Thursday, and Sunday football nights with happy hour drink prices. MNF free buffet includes chicken, vegetable skewers, and mac & cheese. Beers $4. About 4 guys in the football room, half of whom left early.  About 4 guys in the other room. No half-time titty blizzard.

Babes MNF Parties with  2-for-$20 Lap Dances

Babes (club review) has announced that they will be screening MNF games, offering $5 pizzas, $1.50 Bud Light pints, and 2-for-1 lap dances during the games.

Play It Again, Sam’s MNF Party in Back Room

Play It Again, Sam has $4 beers and free pizza. They put the big screen TV in the back room, as the topless dancers keep dancing in the main room during the game. You can watch the game on the smaller monitors in the main room, but you can watch it with sound in the back room. No cover.


Striptease had $4 Bud, said food was coming soon. Light crowd.  (Okay, empty.)

Spearmint Rhino MNF Party Buffet

Spearmint Rhino has $4 Buds and Bud Lights, plus a free buffet with honey fried chicken & cornbread! Rhino also screens Thursday and Sunday night games with $4 Bud products.

Mondays during football season are the best nights to spend money in Vegas strip clubs if you’re on a budget. You can get your drinking in cheap, and because dancers fly into Vegas from all over the country to work the MNF parties, the dancer selection is good for a Monday.

It’s going to be a great football season.

37 Responses to “The Vegas Strip Clubs’ Monday Night Football Parties”

  1. Benny Hill

    Hey Arnold. Any updates on MNF spots this year? Ever club in town is focused on the “big fight” right now, so I cant find any info. Thanks.

  2. Benny Hill

    Hey Arnold. Any updates on MNF spots this year? Ever club in town is focused on the “big fight” right now, so I cant find any info. Thanks.

  3. alex

    I hope they have the same big parties for the ncaa championship game on jan 8th. that’s also on Monday. ill get to be in vegas on that night.
    do you know if any featured stars scheduled for that day yet?

    • Arnold Snyder

      alex: Every year, many of the Vegas strip clubs have NCAA Championship viewing parties. If any of them schedule feature dancers for that night, I will report it on this site. But don’t expect any announcements until late December.

  4. Chris

    Is Sapphire or Spearmint Rhino just as good on a Sunday night, despite not being a Friday night, Saturday night, of MNF party? (Also am a boob man) Will be in Vegas soon and would like to go, but Sunday night appears to be the best night.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris, right now Sapphire has a full turnout of its top dancers on Sunday nights because of dancers coming in for the porn star appearances on Friday & Saturday and staying for Monday Night Football.

      This is a good time of year to hit Sapphire on a Sunday night.

  5. Tom

    Hey Arnold! The Palomino advertises free admission for MNF for locals. I’m from out of town and will be solo. Do they actually ask for your ID or just see if you come by cab or Uber? Since I’m staying downtown, I’m thinking of taking the bus, do you think I’ll get in without paying a cover?

  6. Judia Hillenbrand

    Went to the OG MNF party on 9/26/16. It was embarrassing for all involved. This is no exaggeration at all. There were 4 total customers in football room (that includes myself and my friend, and 2 solo guys) and MAYBE 4-5 more people total on other side. For sure less than 10 customers total in entire place. The free food was amazing and obviously very plentiful since the place was totally deserted. They didn’t even bother to do halftime titty blizzard since it would have been pointless for 3-4 people. We ended up having to leave because the cringe factor was level 10

      • Judia Hillenbrand

        Small follow up- went to Cheetahs and Spearmint last 2 weeks. Spearmint has made to order food free which was very good. Fried chicken and beans last week. However it is not a place to watch football. The dancers are all hustling the 2nd you step in and there are no more than 12-15 customers so watching game is not easy. Which led us both times to Cheetahs. Cheetahs is more of an actual football party as opposed to a strip club playing a game (with no sound in Spearmints case). Also again the crowd is very sparse. Its amazing how few people are going to these clubs giving away free food. I guess everyone is at Sapphires.

      • Benny Hill

        Been going on and off to Sapphire MNF for 6 years. Miss the big sandwich for those who remember. To be honest it’s gotten worse every year. From added $2 LET tax, to the number of free drinks (2 now), to prizes (empty champagne bottle holder, really?) to quality of girls and waitresses. However, it is probably the only club in town to watch MNF. Waiting for that next recession to reset the pricing, prizes and ladies.

        • Judia Hillenbrand

          I just don’t understand why Sapphire is so popular when they charge a cover and everywhere else is free. Right this moment I’m sitting in Cheetahs with about 12 chicken wings, a slice of pizza and a bucket of beer. Total cost 12.00. I can also drive a mile away and get a free buffet at OG. Like most strip club business logic its befuddling

          • Arnold Snyder

            Judia, the reason Sapphire is so popular for Monday Night Football is that men go to strip clubs for the women, and Sapphire has a Monday Night Football dollar lap dance tsunami at half time that is one of the single best experiences a man can have in a strip club.

            At Sapphire there will be 100-150 of the best dancers in town in the club for the MNF party, while at the other clubs there will be a handful of dancers. Palomino has the next best crowd of dancers for MNF–equal in quality, but not the same number.

            Also, the $20 cover at Sapphire includes two drinks plus a full catered buffet that is far better than the pizza and wings you got at Cheetahs.

        • Arnold Snyder

          Benny, I’m calling you out for talking bullshit. I’ve been going to Sapphire’s MNF parties for years as well as scouting every other MNF party in Vegas. They MNF parties at Sapphire have only gotten better every year, which is why they are the most popular MNF parties in town.

          Locals who can’t afford to go to Sapphire at other times show up for the MNF parties to enjoy the club on this special deal. The half time dollar lap dance tsunami is worth the price of admission on its own.

          Sapphire’s buffet is far superior to the big sandwich you remember. It’s a real, catered full dinner, not a sandwich or pizza/wings.

          And all the top dancers in town go to the Sapphire Monday Night Football party. The other clubs get the leftovers. The only exception is Palomino, which has the same first-rate dancers for MNF it always has because its home dancers are loyal.

          The waitresses at the Sapphire MNF party are delicious.

          Prizes at Sapphire MNF games have included an hour in a Skybox with a dancer.

  7. mike

    Arnold, excellent article, thankyou. will you be writing an updated version for this 2016 football season starting this month?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Mike, yes, I’ll be updating this page in September. The Sapphire MNF party is a long-standing tradition, so it won’t be changing much.

      Known changes: Palomino is going to be screening MNF football this year and there are a couple of new clubs in town.

  8. Dan

    Hi Arnold, I will be in Vegas in early Aug. Will there be any sports events that offers experience like the MNF Half time lap dance at Sapphire?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Dan, none that I know of right now, but they’ll have the porn star appearances going on the weekends and those are a great party whether you care about the porn star or not.

      But Sapphire is lap dance paradise any night. Think of it like this: Uncountable hundreds of beautiful dancers wearing almost nothing and all draped over the happiest-looking guys you ever saw in one room. High contact even for a $20 lap dance. Lots of big titties. Lots of flirting. Most elegant club in town, dark and sparkling, and they treat customers right.

      Ask any of the club hosts and he’ll keep you supplied with your preferred type.

      Just go and get buried in boobs for a night.

  9. Cancon

    I was at MNF on the Monday after Christmas. Packed with men and couples but maybe 10 girls at halftime. Guys had their money in the air for 20 minutes with no action. One girl said it was because the girls go home to family for the holidays. Was in the main club by 9pm – too early – only real B cups available. Pretty bodies but not enough cup size for me.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Cancon, that’s strip club dancer vacation week in Vegas. There are usually 100 to 150 dancers in the club for dollar dances at sporting events (I’m a regular, and I try to count to report accurately), and plenty of cup size.

  10. Tim

    Went to Sapphire’a MNF party this week. Left during third quarter for a show, but had a good time. Only complaint is that the ratio of men wanting dances and girls was way too high. The dj kept trying to get more girls in, but it still took at least 5 minutes before they came to the entrance side (still good value for a lap dance). I’d suggest to sit in middle of room and stick with one or two girls if there are a lot of guys.

  11. mrgreen

    Hi Arnold –

    Great site, you rock.

    According to this article, only CH3 shows the Sunday Night game. Is that accurate as far as you know? I’ll be free on Sunday (and possibly Thursday) but not Monday night during my visit.

    • Arnold Snyder

      mrgreen: CH3 is the only club advertising Sunday Night Football, but I suspect others are screening the games. My source tells me CH3 gets a good crowd on Sunday nights and has the same $20 beer bucket special as on Monday and Thursday nights.

        • mrgreen

          Hey Arnold, wanted to report back. Schedules shifted a bit for me and I was able to hit MNF at Sapphire last night. Halftime was fantastic, a very memorable experience. The drink, admission and buffet combo price of $22 was well worth it, and they had a lot of raffle prizes and t-shirt giveaways as well. We had tickets for Penn and Teller so we left shortly after halftime. My younger colleague was begging to go back later that night but I had an early morning scheduled so I dropped him at his hotel. All in all a great night, and without your site I never would have known about it. Thanks!

  12. mrblack

    Is the line at sapphires long enough to make the 50 vip pass worth it just for line cutting and transportation?

    • Arnold Snyder

      I assume you mean the VIP60 package that in addition to the limo transport and line cutting, includes free entry, a $50 drink voucher, and a reserved table. The $50 drink voucher and admission are obviously the major values of that package. I wouldn’t pay $50 just to get to the front of the line if those other amenities weren’t included. Assuming you have your own transportation and you’re planning to pay $10 to get into the MNF party, where there’s an open bar for the game, I wouldn’t pay $50 just to get to the front of the line.

      But do not take a cab to the club or you will be hit with the standard $35 entry fee, and with the cab fare, it’ll probably cost you $50 anyway, and you won’t have a $50 drink voucher to use after the game, or a reserved table in the club..

  13. mrwhite

    Hi. Question about the open bar at the sapphire. Here in the UK open bar tends to mean free booze. I assume its a different meaning in the states?

    • Arnold Snyder

      No, the meaning in the states is exactly the same as in the UK. Open bar means free drinks. The Sapphire ads don’t specify what free drinks are included; most commonly it would mean at least free domestic beers and well drinks, and if some top shelf liquors are also included, it would rarely mean unlimited glasses of Dom Perignon.



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