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The Third Act Has Started (Pinned)

Confirmation of Dallas Jones Arrest

A source says, “The third act has started.”

I posted a couple of days ago that my source said Dallas Jones, the Biden campaign’s Texas Political Director, had been arrested for vote fraud.  The fake news still isn’t talking about it but now Point News UK has confirmed it.  Trump team attorney Lin Wood has retweeted the story, so has Sidney Powell, and so has Joseph Flynn, General Flynn’s brother.

A former FBI agent and retired cop, as well as many other witnesses, have filed affidavits in the case.  I’ve reported that Steve Pieczenik, Charlie Ward and Tony Shaffer have said the entire election was a sting operation.  This seems to confirm that.  Trump had skilled former law enforcement personnel as GOP election observers in the exact Houston precinct where Jones’ vote fraud scheme was going down.

My post on the Biden vote fraud ring in Texas was about the use of stacks of fake ID from China for Dem operatives to vote repeatedly and fraudulently in other peoples’ names.  The Point View UK article contains a copy of an affidavit stating that ballot harvesting was also used as part of the Biden vote fraud.  Here’s an excerpt:

I have in my possession video-taped interviews of witnesses attesting to the aforementioned people having groups of people completing thousands of absentee and mail-in ballots, including completing ballots for deceased individuals; illegally going into nursing homes, with the complicity of the nursing home staff, and filling out and forging the signatures of nursing home residents; signing up homeless individuals to vote using the ballot harvester’s address, then completing the ballot and forging the homeless individual’s signature.

This entire operation is being run by the elite politicians of the Democrat Party in Houston/Harris County.

I will tell you that my source says there have been a lot more people arrested for the Democrats’ vote fraud scheme than just Dallas Jones but I don’t have more names yet.

Ron Watkins Explains How Democrats Stole Trump’s Lead in PA (Updated, Pinned)

USB Keys Stolen From Philly Precinct Where 60k Votes Flipped from Trump to Biden in “Dead of Night”

Lin Wood retweeted this video a few minutes ago.  There was also suspicious behavior with “lost” flash drives in Wisconsin, Michigan and elsewhere.

Ron Watkins also shows that Dominion’s voting software allows election staff to adjust the vote tally based on their review of scanned ballot images.

Your State is Probably Compromised Too

If you think your state’s voting technology was safe because it wasn’t Dominion, be aware that Smartmatic, Comelec, and even Diebold leased their voting systems from Dominion.  Your state pols are probably using Dominion, and they’re using it for “election insurance.”

Spikes in Google Searches on Vote Fraud

This is lovely too.  Google search trends spiked for “change Dominion vote” in the summer of 2020.  Google search trends spiked for “break election law” on October 25.  Think about that.  A large number of people knew they were going to be breaking election law and were looking up the consequences if they were caught.  Then they went ahead and did it.

No wonder this country has been going to hell.  You know how politicians haven’t cared about what we wanted or about delivering on their promises to us?  It’s because our votes haven’t mattered for years.

Legal twitter has been saying that Trump doesn’t have to prove Dominion flipped votes to have the election tossed.  He only has to show that it’s possible to flip votes.

Team Trump will be in Court on Tuesday in PA (Pinned)

Boris Epshteyn of Team Trump says they will be in court tomorrow in Waynesboro, PA over the Democrats’ blocking of GOP election observers and “every other point of contention.”

Bannon says Waynesport, but I can’t find a Waynesport.  Waynesboro is located on the southern border of PA between Gettysburg and Hagerstown, Maryland, so as far as was convenient from the corruption in Philly.

Massive New Filing Imminent

According to Tricia Flanagan, GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate from New Jersey, there was an emergency meeting early this afternoon between Trump and his stop the steal attorneys at the White House.  Flanagan says a massive new legal filing is imminent.

Sidney Powell Calls for Impeachment of John Roberts

Reportedly said on Rush Limbaugh show: “If John Roberts isn’t interested in this voter fraud issue, he should be impeached.”

Let me remind you SCOTUS enabled the fraud by Roberts and Kavanaugh voting not to hear the case on the unconstitutional changes to PA election law right before November 3.  Powell did not say this lightly about Roberts.

I don’t have any info that Kavanaugh will fail us now, but Trump will not turn this country over to the Nazis even if he does.

Powell Tells Biden to Concede Before He’s Sent to Prison for Life (Quote Deleted)

I took this quote down because, if Powell had said it, I’d be seeing the clips by now.

Senator Hawley Says Google, Facebook and Twitter Coordinate Censorship

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) says a Facebook whistleblower has revealed to him that Facebook, Google and Twitter coordinate to censor information.

Sidney Powell Confirms Lin Wood on Kickbacks to Kemp

Sidney Powell was on Rush Limbaugh today.  I didn’t hear her, but enough people are tweeting the same thing that I feel safe reporting that she said evidence has come in that politicians, including Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, got kickbacks for buying the Dominion Voting System for their states.

I’ve been told about this kind of grift for years.  A corrupt public official overpays for something, like a vote-fraud enabling voting system or a billion dollars worth of masks from China or Obamacare manuals.  Then the vote system peddlers or China or publisher kick back millions or tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars to the corrupt public official.

Reportedly, Newsom’s purchase of a billion dollars worth of Bat Plague masks from China was just such a kickback deal, and the big advances Barack and Michelle Obama got for their memoirs was a kickback from Obama overpaying for Obamacare manuals.  Now this.

Powell Dares States to Certify Their Fraudulent Vote Results

Powell also reportedly said that if states certify their election results, they are certifying their own fraud. She said she may file class action lawsuits against them; she is warning them now.

She also said she’s learned today 100 employees of Dominion are scrubbing Dominion from their accounts & resume profiles, and the Internet is being systematically scrubbed of the complaints of Democrat politicians like Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar about Dominion vote fraud.

We have Venezuelan Communists Counting Our Votes

Sidney also said:  “Yes, we have Venezuelan communists, influenced by Cuban communists, counting our votes and deciding how our election is going to come out…It’s a national security threat.”

Remember that DNI John Ratcliffe is about to officially report to Trump and the public on whether there was foreign interference in the election.  That report, assuming Ratcliffe says there was foreign interference, launches asset seizures against conspirators in the election interference, including against U.S. citizens and companies and groups conspiring in the foreign interference.  Obviously, Sidney is foreshadowing that report.

I linked to Trump’s EO imposing asset seizures on those involved in foreign election interference yesterday.

Lin Wood Says It’s Time for GA Gov. Kemp to Admit Guilt and Report to Prison

This is the lawyer who’s been getting Nick Sandmann those huge defamation settlements.

Lin Wood is not using language like this unless he has proof Kemp committed crimes.

Wood also says Kemp should ask for a cell near the Georgia Secretary of State.

Georgia paid $107 million for their Dominion Voting System, which seems odd since Michigan paid only $25 million and the two states have roughly the same population.  Lin Wood saystaxpayers of Georgia have a right to know whether any of this $106M [sic] was paid as kickbacks to family members of Brian Kemp and the Georgia Secretary of State.”

Stop the Steal Rally in Georgia

There’s a rally being organized for the Georgia State Capital Wednesday at noon to stop the steal.  Plan to return Saturday if you can.  The organizer is the same guy who just organized Saturday’s massive Stop the Steal rally in DC.  More through the link.

Journalist says California has been Added to the Vote Fraud Investigation

Says He Hopes to Be Able to Report the Real Vote Count by Later Today

Amir Tsarfati of Behold Israel tweets:  “Giuliani and Sidney Powell are very busy at the moment. California was added to the list of massive voter fraud investigation.”

Earlier he tweeted, “All I can say at the moment is that CA is red.”  He also said earlier that Netanyahu is no longer referring to Biden as President-Elect.

He also tweeted this morning:  “Later on today I hope to be allowed to share what the raw computer servers data showed if the Dominion voting machines weren’t manipulated. In other words, the real results of the 2020 presidential elections. It’s not a red wave…. it’s a red Tsunami!”

Milwaukee Disability Service Coordinator Blows Whistle on Vote Fraud in Group Homes

Developmentally-disabled people in group homes were fraudulently voted in Democrat ballot harvesting schemes in Milwaukee.

Dominion Software Accelerated the Steal for Biden as Election Night Went On

Whatever percentage of the vote Dominion had originally been programmed to steal for Biden in Georgia wasn’t enough.  As the night went on, they had to accelerate the steal.

Dominion literally began adding an extra 15% of the vote to Biden in each subsequent county counted.  The graph here should be a nearly horizontal line.  The sharp slopes, along with R squared > 0.98 is a statistical smoking gun.  Kathryn Farrell explains here.

Michigan Made Sure They Had Dominion Voting Systems in Time for the 2018 Election Steal

I posted in the last week that Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney said the blue wave of 2018 wasn’t a real blue wave but due to mass vote fraud using ClA Scorecard software through Dominion Voting Systems.

Here was Michigan installing Dominion at great cost just in time for the 2018 elections.  And here is Mykale Garrett, former project manager at Dominion, setting up the contract.

I keep seeing oddities popping up with Dominion employees and former employees.  For example, Mykale Garrett (who goes by Kelly Garrett) is now the mayor of Lathrup Village in Oakland County, one of the vote flip fraud counties in 2020.  She was the Mayor Pro Tempore of Lathrup and still a Dominion project manager when she executed these contracts.

In 2019, after the 2018 election vote fraud, she left Dominion to become heavily involved in Michigan politics.

Garrett was also elected DNC Vice Chair of Oakland County in 2017 while she worked at Dominion and was executing the contract.

Trump team lawyer Ron Coleman is retweeting this stuff about Garrett.

This steal has been in the works for a long time.

Dominion Employee Whistleblower in Detroit Tells Her Story

An IT employee of Dominion Voting Systems who was stationed in Detroit for the election tells what she saw there.

She saw batches of 50 Dem ballots run through count machines 10 times each.  She says during her entire 24-hour shift she saw only ballots marked for Biden, not a single ballot marked for Trump.  She also saw election workers changing Trump votes to Biden.

But keep in mind as you read this that the Sctyl servers in Frankfurt, where Dominion vote counts were stored, were seized from a ClA hacking base in the U.S. Consulate there.  Also I’ve posted within the past few days that two cybersecurity people investigating the Dominion vote flipping say the Dominion vote flipping was at the heart of the steal.

They said that while there was massive local vote fraud with absentee/mail-in ballots, running ballots through count machines multiple times, ballot harvesting and more, the bulk of the fraud was committed through Dominion and all the other stuff was meant to distract us from the biggest crooks.  This whistleblower seems to me like one of the people trying to distract us.

Lin Wood Retweets Story on Virginia Vote Flipping

Lin Wood has retweeted this story about multiple vote reversals and “proportional vote entries” in Virginia after 11 pm on election night.

Until 11:03 pm on election night, Trump was leading in Virginia 52% to 46%.  75% of the final vote count had already been reported.  Then, suddenly, eight data entries removed 800k votes from the vote database and a series of bizarre vote additions and deletions began that gave the state to Biden.

You can see the bizarre vote additions and deletions through the link.

Lin Wood tweeted:  “Truth will be revealed in Virginia…Trump won a landslide victory.  Biden cheated.”

Dominion has Controlled Maricopa County Election Results for Years

It wasn’t just that their software and other vote count technology were used in Phoenix.  Dominion employees were responsible for “manual data configuration of the tabulating machine’s results output,” not election officials or employees.

The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office admitted this in their annual report for 2017, meaning Dominion was likely involved in vote fraud in Phoenix in the 2016 election.

Steve Pieczenik Confirms ClA is Hoaxing Up Bat Plague

I always watch what former ClA/State Dept. official Steve Pieczenik is retweeting. Here he retweets a claim that the ClA is on social media posing as medical people to hoax up the danger of Bat Plague.

Pieczenik retweets that account constantly.

Funny how the 2020 flu season completely disappeared this year.  Click chart to enlarge.

Oh, and WHO says the vaccines will not stop the pandemic.

It’s time for the last of you Bat Plague believers to wake up.  This is a monstrous psyop and assault on our freedom by evil people.

Vegas Donut Bar Locked Out for Back Rent

Pawn Stars Star Evicted As Well

There’s been a semblance of normalcy in fake-reopened Vegas in recent weeks, but that’s all starting to crumble now.  Donut Bar has just been locked out for owing $215k in back rent.  Shops at the Venetian are getting evicted too.  This particular notice is to The Rick Harrison Collection shop there.  Rick Harrison is the Pawn Stars star.

This is coming to every small business in this town that has been struggling along under mask mandates and reduced occupancy and other absurd rules like teeny bikinis on Vegas strip club dancers on stage when everything comes off elsewhere.

If you live in a Dem-controlled lockdown state, it’s coming to you too.

Steve Pieczenik Confirms Pete Buttigieg is ClA

This was obvious to anyone with any knowledge of ClA front companies or anyone who watched Buttigieg speeches in which he mirrored Obama vagueries, intonations, and gestures.  But now Piezenik has confirmed Buttigieg is CIA.

Here’s what Pieczenik retweeted:

None of Pete Buttigieg ’s talking points need to be addressed as if it were an expressed thought. It’s just a volley from mid-level CIA people that’s been parceled out to Pete. He gets the stuff that doesn’t go to Alyssa Milano.

Pieczenik added, “Buttigieg, another ClA creation.”

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