This Weekend in the Vegas Strip Clubs

Friday, August 25

Fight Week Parties at Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection — with Floyd!

  Floyd’s big fight is tomorrow night, Saturday August 26, but the Champ has been showing up at his club all week to meet and greet his fans and hang out with his gorgeous collection of girls. He’ll be showing up again tonight. If you haven’t yet checked out this Vegas hip-hop strip club party, Friday nights here are always wild, especially in the wee hours, with dancers shaking it in the aisles and getting showered in dollars by the crowd.

Floyd designed this club to be his own luxury hangout.  Check out the photo gallery in our Girl Collection review.

The club will be screening the fight itself tomorrow, with doors at 6 pm. Admission will start at $200 and go up as the club fills. If you want to guarantee your entry to Floyd’s 50-0 After Party that starts at midnight, call 702-410-9999 and don’t wait.

Meanwhile, to get an idea of the talent waiting for you, check out our current Dancer of the Month, Sophie Montana, or our June Dancer of the Month, Capri, both regular dancers at Girl Collection.  The club is worth a visit for a lap dance with Red Rose alone (pic above).  Give her a try.  You’ll thank me.

Girl Collection is now open four nights a week, Thursdays through Sundays from 9 pm. Private-room dances start at $150 for 10 minutes, a deal for a club of this caliber. Ladies are welcome, with or without a male companion.

Admission is $20 on Thursdays and Sundays, $50 on Fridays and Saturdays (except for this Saturday’s fight night). Locals free until midnight. Topless. Full bar. Great food menu. 21+ For more info, check out the club website.  

Theme Night at Little Darlings

Little Darling Vegas Dancer

Kelsie Dances at Little Darlings

  Friday is Theme Night at Little Darlings and that’s always fun. The mostly young (18+) dancers start their stage sets in sexy outfits, but always finish in the nude. If, like me, you think g-strings cover up way too much of what you really hope to see, you’ll like this club. Get a seat on the rail and tip the girls for extra attention.

Little D’s is one of the best Vegas strip clubs if you’re on a budget, because all lap dances, starting at $20, are performed nude and in private booths off the main floor. The club also features one-on-one bedroom dances on full-sized beds starting at 15 minutes for $125.

There’s no alcohol served at Little D’s, so guests only have to be 18+. Bring your wife or girlfriend. Little Darlings is one of the most welcoming of the female-friendly strip clubs in Vegas. You’ll always see women and couples in the crowd.

The cover charge is $15 for locals and $35 for out-of-towners, but out-of-towners can get in for $15 if you arrive by the free club limo. Call 702-366-1141 or text LDLV to 702-767-8118 to reserve your ride.  Check out upcoming Little Darlings events at the club’s website.

Lexi Belle Joins the Sapphire Lap-Dance Orgy

Lexi Belle at Sapphire Las Vegas

Lexi Belle at Sapphire This Weekend

  Guys go to Sapphire in Las Vegas primarily for the over-the-top high-mileage lap dance orgy. At peak hours, some 400+ stacked and slender babes will be roaming the aisles, looking for guys who came to Vegas for breasts.  With no sit-on-your-hands law in Vegas, Sapphire offers real erotic value for your money.

Tonight (Friday), porn cutie Lexi Belle will be performing on stage starting around 11:30, then hanging out in the crowd, looking for guys who want to see what a porn star does in the VIP. Here’s your chance to get alone with Lexi, who will be trying her damnedest to prove she’s the dirtiest and finest woman you’ve ever had your hands on.

You can get a seat at Lexi’s reserved tables with a two-hour open bar for $135. Or set up a champagne dinner date and girlfriend experience with her in one of Sapphire’s luxury private Skyboxes. Reserve your fun with Lexi online here or get Sapphire’s $65 solo-guy package deal (Sapphire offers group and couples’ packages through that link as well).  All packages include free limo transport, free admission, line pass, a discount on booze, host service and a reserved VIP table at the most elegant strip club in Vegas. The package is worth it for the reserved table alone, as Sapphire gets packed at peak hours and otherwise it can be impossible to find a seat.

Or call 702-869-0003 and have the club send their free limo for you. There’s a $15 reservations fee that is waived if you opt for a 2-for-1 drink coupon (a no-brainer). If you can’t be in Vegas this weekend, check out Sapphire’s porn star party schedule into September.

It’s Champagne Friday at Sapphire’s Topless Pool

Sapphire Las Vegas Pool and Dayclub Dancer

Look for the Pink Wristbands

  Of all the topless pools in Vegas (we’ve got a dozen of them), Sapphire’s Pool & Day Club is my favorite.  That’s because this is the pool where the Sapphire dancers come to party.  At Sapphire pool you can feel confident that you’ll not only see titties, but better looking titties than you’ll see anywhere else.

Plus, the Sapphire dancers at the pool are available for VIP room fun.  Just look for the girls wearing a pink wristband—they are the Sapphire dancers.

On Fridays, ladies get free champagne from 4 – 6 pm, and that attracts a lot of local girls too, as well as dancers from other strip clubs. Or bring your wife or girlfriend. This pool party is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6 pm through October.

Pool packages are available here that include limo transport to the pool, a line pass, admission, a reserved lounge chair for the day, and $50 in food and beverages, all for $70. Pro Tip:  Come early and grab your reserved lounge chair at either end of the pool for the best girl-watching in the shower-fountains or transparent wading pool.

Or you can call for the limo, or a package, a cabana at the pool, or anything else at 702-869-0003.

Mini-Mayweather vs Mini-McGregor at Hustler Club Tonight

  Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club is featuring “Mini-Mayweather vs Mini-McGregor” tonight, which is essentially a black dwarf fighting a white dwarf on their stage. It’s a comedy show (I hope). Starts after 11 pm. Otherwise, topless dancers, full bar, 21+

Legends Room Now Open

  At long last, Legends Room, Las Vegas’ first Bitcoin strip club is open for business. This is the property that formerly housed Striptease, Velvet Lion, Eden, and a few other clubs. It has been remodeled and has a members-only section where special events will be held.

I will get in there soon to report on prices and how it all works. For now, the front area of the club is open to the public and reportedly accepts cash and credit cards like all Vegas clubs. The back section is for members and accepts cyber-currencies, including the club’s own LGD tokens. That means Vegas now has a strip club that’s minting its own money.  Legends Room is located at 3750 Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas. Topless, full bar, 21+

Saturday, August 26

Fight Night!  Vegas Strip Club Mayweather-McGregor Fight Viewing Parties

  I’ve heard a lot of crazy descriptions of what we can expect in this fight. Some say McGregor getting into a boxing ring with Mayweather is like a tiger jumping into the ocean to fight a shark.

Still, a whole lot of money has been bet on the lion and the battle is tonight. For full information on fight-viewing parties in the Vegas strip clubs, with prices and deals at each club, see:

Vegas Strip Club Fight Parties for Mayweather-McGregor

Fight Night Price Updates

Girl Collection Will Be Screening the Mayweather-McGregor Fight Saturday Night

I’ve been told Legends Room will be screening the fight as well. No details available.

What If You Don’t Care About the Fight?

Porn Star Heather Vahn Getting Down and Dirty at Sapphire

Heather Vahn

Heather Vahn at Sapphire This Weekend

  Tonight at Sapphire, starting around 11:30 pm, porn babe Heather Vahn, known for her sensitive portrayal of a young girl with an eating disorder in Gag Reflex, will be performing on stage and doing one-on-one VIP shows for any of her fans brave enough to ask.

You can hang out at Heather’s reserved tables (where she’ll be flirting and teasing her fans when she’s not on stage) for only $135, and that includes a two-hour open bar. Get that package online now.

Keep in mind that Sapphire does have a few hundred other topless sweeties swarming through the crowd looking for guys who want to join in the club’s lap dance orgy. Get a $65 solo guy package here (couples’ and group packages are also available through that link).  There’s no sit-on-your-hands law in Vegas, so bring twenties and get some only-in-Vegas memories to take home.

All packages include free limo transport, free entry, a line pass, a booze discount, and a reserved VIP table at the most elegant strip club in town.  The package is worth it for the reserved table alone, as Sapphire gets to standing room only at peak hours on Saturday nights.

Or call 702-869-0003 and have the club send their free limo for you.  There’s a $15 reservations fee that is waived if you buy a 2-for-1 drink coupon (a no-brainer). Check out the upcoming porn star schedule at Sapphire into September. Topless, full bar, 21+

Naked Girls, Full Bar, & the Wildest Stage Show in Vegas at Palomino Club

Palomino Club Las Vegas Dancer Sunny

Sunny Dances at Palomino Club

  You can’t do better on a Friday night in Vegas than to find yourself at Palomino Club, the only strip club in town with a full bar and totally nude dancers. There’s a law against total nudity in every other Vegas strip club that serve booze, but Palomino is exempt. Don’t ask why. Just appreciate the fact that at this club you can see the most beautiful women in the world dancing naked on stage and in the private, curtained VIP booths and bedrooms.

Because Palomino hires only 8s, 9s, and 10s, every dancer looks like she just came off a shoot for a Victoria’s Secret catalog.  On weekend nights at peak hours, Palomino Club boasts 130+ dancers. Check out our photo galleries of Red, Renee, and Valentina, recent TVO Dancers of the Month.

A draft beer is $6, bottles $8, even for out-of-town guests—a steal for a major Vegas strip club.  Plus the club features the hottest stage show in Vegas, with the best pole dancers, plus girl-on-girl shows and real striptease. It’s like a Cirque show with only the hot girls and no clothes.

Groups of two or more can get free round-trip limo transport by calling 702-327-7258. Check out our Palomino Club review for more info and deals for groups and solo guys.

Note:  This popular club gets packed after about 9 pm on Friday and Saturday nights, so plan to go a little early or get a package at the club website to get a good reserved table.  This club is another of our picks for top Vegas strip clubs for couples.

Micro Wrestling Federation at Little D’s

  Little Darlings is hosting the Micro Wrestling Federation tonight—a syndicate of dwarfs who wrestle WWF-style.  That means you can expect lots of crazy antics that would not be allowed in Olympic wrestling circles, but make for a great show. Needless to say, this is a comedy event. Expect it to start after 11 pm.

But the real reason to go to Little D’s is the dancers. There are lots of them and they all get naked. Fully nude lap dances in private booths off the main floor start at $20.

No booze is served at Little D’s, so you only have to be 18+ (like the dancers). This is a female-friendly club so feel free to bring your wife or girlfriend.

The cover charge is $20 for locals tonight and $35 for out-of-towners, but out-of-towners can get in for $20 if you arrive by the free club limo. Call 702-366-1141 or text LDLV to 702-767-8118 to reserve your ride.  Little Darlings runs lots of special events, like tonight! Check out upcoming Little Darlings events at the club’s website.

Babes’ Absolut Summer Beach Party

  Babes Cabaret is having an Absoluter Summer Beach Party tonight with 2-for-1 shots of Absolut Lime, $25 buckets of Bud Lime and 2-for-1 Rubias IPA. Babes is on the edge of Henderson on the southwest side of Vegas. Topless, full bar, 21+

Splash Around in Sapphire’s Topless Pool with Cute Little Lexi Belle

  Lexi Belle, delectable star of Young and Juicy and Stuffin’ Young Muffins, will be hanging out at Sapphire’s topless pool from noon to 6 pm today (Saturday).

If you missed seeing Lexi in Sapphire on Friday night, and even worse, you missed getting physical with her in Sapphire’s VIP room, here’s your second chance.

This is the best topless pool party in Vegas. The girls wearing pink wristbands are Sapphire dancers and (like Lexi Belle) are available for VIP dances inside the club. Bring your wife or girlfriend. The Sapphire Pool is always female- and couples-friendly.

Packages are available here that include limo transport to the pool, a line pass, admission, a reserved lounge chair for the day, and $50 in food and beverages, all for $70. Call for the limo, or a package, a cabana at the pool, or anything else at 702-869-0003.

Sunday, August 27

Deja Vu Showgirls Hosts Miss Exotic USA Pageant and Miss Amateur Pole Championships

Laycee Steele

Laycee Steele    © Gary Santos

  Deja Vu Showgirls Vegas is hosting two separate dance competitions tonight. The annual Miss Exotic United States Pageant, sponsored by Exotic Dancer magazine, features the 15 winners from regional competitions from all over the U.S.

Guest stars include Laycee Steele, winner of the 2017 Miss Nude Universe competition, Janine Jericho, World Ultimate Entertainer, and Delilah Daniels, Miss Exotic International. Don’t miss this event. You will see some of the most beautiful bodies on the planet and they’ll pull out all the stops in their attempts to impress the judges and the audience.

The second contest is an amateur pole dancing competition. I have no idea what to expect from this other than the fact that I will be sitting in the front row.

The contest starts at 9 pm but Deja Vu opens at 6 pm and has an open bar (domestics and wells) from 6 pm to 10 pm seven nights a week, so you may want to arrive a little early to get started on your attitude adjustment.

Cover charge is $10 for locals, $20 for out-of-state, or $45 if you arrive via cab, Uber, Lyft, or casino limo — but out-of-towners get free admission plus a free drink after the open bar is over if you arrive by the free club limo. So don’t take a cab!

Call 702-308-4605 or text SGLV to 702-767-8118 to reserve your ride or check out the club’s package deals for couples or groups. Topless, full bar, 21+  Deja Vu Vegas is one of our picks for best Las Vegas strip clubs on a budget for its nightly open bar and some of the best VIP and private bedroom dance prices in Vegas.

Girl Collection Discount Night

Sophie Montana Dances at Girl Collection

  I love Floyd Mayweather’s new strip club, Girl Collection. The 50-0 celebration will continue tonight, with Floyd present to bask in the glory of his all-time world record with his fans. If you’re in Vegas tonight, here’s your chance to celebrate boxing history with the greatest fighter of our time.

Sunday is always a great night to check out Floyd’s ultra-luxe gentlemen’s club, because the admission price is only $20 on Thursdays and Sundays, instead of the regular $50 entry fee.

Girl Collection is one of the wildest hip-hop parties you’ll ever find yourself in the middle of. Conceived and designed by the champ himself, with dancers chosen by the champ, this is Floyd’s vision of everything a Vegas strip club should be.

Private-room dances start at only $150 for 10 minutes — a deal for a club of this caliber. Ladies welcome, with or without a male companion. Topless. Full bar, 21+

Hotel Check-Out Deal at Sapphire Pool & Day Club, plus Heather Vahn

  Heather Vahn will be partying at Sapphire Pool today (Sunday). If you missed seeing Heather topless at Sapphire last night, she will be hanging out and getting wet (in the pool!) from noon to 6 pm. This is the only topless pool in Vegas where Sapphire’s beautiful dancers party and work on their tans. Heather and the dancers (who wear pink wristbands) are all available for up-close-and-physical VIP shows.

Sapphire’s Great Hotel Check-Out Deal:  Sapphire Pool will pick you up at your hotel at checkout, store your luggage while you enjoy the pool, then limo you to the airport in time to catch your flight. You can change for your flight in the pool locker room.  There’s no charge for this service and it’s the perfect way to extend your vacation.

Call 702-869-0003 for free limo pick-up or get your pool package here.  A $70 package gets you a reserved lounge chair for the day, free limo transport to the pool and then to the airport in time for your flight, free admission and $50 in food and drinks.

Fantasy Draft Party and Cirque de Sexual at Hustler Club

  The Vegas Hustler Club is having a Fantasy Football Draft Party at 6 pm tonight with free food and an open well bar. Later, after 11 pm,  it’s the Cirque de Sexual, a variety show with porn stars Jennifer White, Angela Sommers and Jayden Cole doing crazy things with torches and swords and who knows what, plus a dwarf pole dancer (it must be dwarf weekend in Vegas). Otherwise, topless dancers, full bar, 21+

Playboy Model Britstar in Topless DJ Set at Crazy Horse III

  Crazy Horse 3 has announced that porn star and Playboy model Britstar will doing a topless DJ set sometime tonight. If you’re in town for the Gentlemen’s Club Expo, you can get a free drink by showing your event badge. Topless, full bar, 21+

Standup Comedy Show at Centerfolds

  Centerfolds Cabaret has a free standup comedy show on Sunday afternoon from 5 – 6 pm. Topless, full bar, 21+

Bikini Bull-Riding

  If you like cheap beer, shit-kickin’ country music, and girls in their underwear, Sunday night is always fun at Gilley’s (inside Treasure Island). Gilley’s Bikini Bull Riding contest is actually pretty sexy—amateurs, mostly in their skivvies, trying to stay on that mechanical bull to win real money. No cover charge. You must be 21+.


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