This Weekend in the Vegas Strip Clubs

Friday, November 22

Treasures is High Mileage in Luxury

  Treasures is a dark and luxurious club designed like an Italian villa, lit by crystal chandeliers, filled with creature comforts like deep easy chairs in the VIP and a gourmet steakhouse that’s open all night.

It’s also filled with 9s and 10s who take hot and sexy lap dances and VIP dances to another level.  If you’re looking for beautiful women to get physical with, nobody goes farther than the dancers here.

Treasures is a premium club and charges like one, but you can do it for the price of a lesser club if you take advantage of the package deals on the club website. Their $50 “club package” includes three drinks (including imports and call drinks) for less than the price of three domestic beers without a package. If you prefer premium liquor and you think three drinks is barely a start, go for Treasures’ $120 “VIP Open Bar package,” one of the best strip club drink deals in Vegas.  It includes a two-hour open bar for everything but super-premiums and champagne, and they suspend your open bar time when you go to the VIP.

You’ll also find packages for bottle service, groups and couples at the club website, and all include free round-trip limo service to the club, free admission, a line pass and a VIP table for the night.  Why spend your money on cab fare when you can spend it playing with babes?

Don’t you deserve to be treated like a millionaire?  Call Treasures at 702-257-3030 to reserve any package or the club’s free round-trip limo service.  Arrive by the club limo and you’ll get free admission even without a package, no strings attached.  Topless, full bar, 100+ dancers, age 21+

Palomino Club — Full Bar, Fully Bare, Wildest Stage Show in Vegas

Palomino Club Las Vegas Stripper

Zantanna in a Private Bedroom at Palomino Club

  Palomino Club is the only strip club in Vegas where you can drink an adult beverage while appreciating fully-nude dancers. None of the big topless joints in town have full nudity because state law prohibits the viewing of pussy in a drinking establishment. Except here. Palomino is the only club in Nevada that is exempt from the state law, so the dancers’ g-strings always come off, both on stage and in the club’s fully-private one-on-one booth and bedroom VIP shows.

But Palomino is rated one of the best strip clubs in Vegas because it has even more going for it. The stage show is wilder than any stage show anywhere else in Vegas. Think naked angels flying around the stripper poles, doing girl on girl numbers, and generally owning the crowd as they cavort and tease like only the best performers can pull off.  Palomino hires real dancers and acrobats, the kinds of girls you most want to see naked, and they love driving the crowd into a frenzy.

Plus, I can get a draft beer here for just $7, and fully nude, high-mileage VIP dances start at just $100 with no extra bar tab — the best strip club VIP room prices in Vegas.

Check out our galleries of Renee, Lily and some of Palomino’s newest dancers for an idea of the quality of the girls here. At peak hours, there are 130+ dancers in the house.

Groups of two or more can get free round-trip transportation to the club by calling 702-642-2984 (solo guys call for limo availability, as you can often catch a free ride if you’re flexible on pick-up time and location).

Or get one of Palomino’s VIP packages for bottle service, couples, groups and solo guys.  I recommend a package here not only for the royalty treatment but for the reserved VIP table, as this popular club gets to standing room only most nights by 10 pm. Nude, full bar, 21+

Playboy Cover Girl Jenna Bentley Shows Off Her Famous Rack at Sapphire

Jenna Bentley at Sapphire Las Vegas

Jenna Bentley at Sapphire Friday

   Sapphire Vegas is featuring Playboy model and Instagram sensation Jenna Bentley tonight (Friday, Nov 22). Jenna will be strutting her stuff live and topless on Sapphire’s main stage, then coming into the crowd to entice titty men into the club’s VIP rooms to lift their spirits as only a girl with a body like Jenna’s can.

At 5’11” in her stocking feet (and 6’5″ in her platform heels), Jenna is a lot more woman than most men can handle. But you came to Vegas to gamble, right? Can you last 30 minutes with this dish in your lap? (See Porn Stars with Awesome Pokies in the Vegas Strip Clubs  for more on Jenna Bentley.)

You can make it happen if you start by reserving a seat at Jenna’s private tables for only $135 online (or call 702-869-0003).  That not only gets you first crack at up-close-and-physical time with Jenna, it comes with a two-hour open bar for everything but champagne and super-premiums.

But perhaps you’re one of the many men who have come to Vegas specifically for Sapphire’s all-night lap dance orgy. Think 400+ stacked 9s and 10s who let men take full advantage of Vegas not having a no-touching law. Have you ever been in a room with 400 babes in skimpy underthings who all want to get frisky?

All I can say is, “Bring twenties,” because Sapphire offers a $65 solo package that gets you a reserved table right in the middle of more gorgeous breasts than you can possibly play with in one blissful night. You’ll get a $50 drink voucher plus a free shot with that package. You’ll also find packages for bottle service, groups and couples through that link. All packages include free limo transport to the club, free admission, a line pass and Sapphire’s royalty treatment.

Note:  Sapphire gets to standing room only at peak hours, so a package is worth it here for the reserved seat alone.

And take a peak at our schedule of Sapphire’s upcoming porn stars for future Vegas trips. We update that page weekly.  Topless, full bar, 21+

Richelle Ryan Does Three Nights at Hustler Club

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Las Vegas is featuring porn star Richelle Ryan for three consecutive nights, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, November 21-23, performing on stage after 11 pm each night. $50 cover, locals free with Vu Card. Topless, full bar, 21+

Saturday, November 23

Let XXX Cutie Penny Pax Practice Her Porn Moves On You at Sapphire

Penny Pax at Sapphire Las Vegas

Penny Pax at Sapphire

  Sapphire is bringing XXX cutie Penny Pax back to its main stage and VIP rooms tonight. She amazed you with her skills in Pussy Acrobats. She had you gasping in disbelief in Anal Candy Disco Chicks. And you fantasized about getting married to her when you saw her  critically-acclaimed performance in the immortal Nice Girls Swallow.

Now you have an opportunity to not only see Penny performing live on stage, but to let her try out her most uninhibited porn moves on you in Sapphire’s VIP rooms or luxurious Skyboxes. (See Porn Stars with Awesome Pokies in the Vegas Strip Clubs  for more on Penny Pax.)

To get to the front of the line for Penny’s services, I recommend reserving a seat at her private tables for only $135. The price includes a two-hour open bar that includes the good stuff and assures you a seat in the private area where Penny parties with her fans when she comes down from the stage. Be there. Bring bucks. You’re in.

If, on the other hand, you’re more in the mood to dive into an ocean of titties, Sapphire has a $65 solo package for guys who want a reserved VIP table right in the middle of the club’s lap dance orgy. Dedicated breast men swear by this only-in-Vegas babe bacchanal, where 400+ stacked 9s and 10s are looking for empty laps to snuggle down into. If you like tits, this will be the highlight of your Vegas vacation.

That $65 package comes with a $50 drink voucher and a free shot, in addition to that seat in the midst of the action.  Sapphire also offers other packages for bottle service, groups and couples, all available through that same link.  All packages include a free limo ride to the club, free admission, a line pass, and the royalty treatment at one of Vegas’ premiere strip clubs.

Sapphire gets packed at peak hours, so I recommend a package here not only for the drink discount, but for the reserved seat.

For your future Vegas trips, check out Sapphire’s upcoming porn star calendar. We keep that page updated, so bookmark it. Topless, full bar, 21+

Tip: Do not take a cab, Lyft, or a casino house limo to Sapphire or you will be charged a $50 entry fee. Drive yourself or call for the free club limo to get in free.

Skillz Hudson Headlines Sapphire’s Comedy Hour

  If you’ve been wanting to get your significant other into one of Vegas’ finest strip clubs, the Sapphire Comedy Hour is an easy way to do it. This is a standup comedy show that takes place in Sapphire’s 300-seat Showroom, separate from the big main room where the strippers perform.

Skillz Hudson is headlining tonight, with Bruce Purcell and “extreme” comic The Shocker, plus classy magician Mon Dre and burlesque cutie Kalani Kokonuts taking the stage between comics.

Vegas locals vote the Sapphire Comedy Hour the best standup comedy show deal in town year after year. The cover charge is only $40. If you want a 90-minute open bar, it’s $65 more. There’s also a dinner option for gourmet Mexican fare from the El Dorado Cantina.

When the show’s over, you exit right into Sapphire’s main room, where you can enjoy the strippers at no extra charge.

The Showroom doors open at 7 pm. The comedy starts at 8 pm. Call 702-869-0003 for the free club limo – the $15 reservations fee will be waived if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon. Full bar, 21+

Richelle Ryan’s Final Night at Hustler Club

  This is the last night to see Richelle Ryan at the Hustler Club. She’ll be performing on stage after 11 pm. $50 cover, locals free with Vu Card. Topless, full bar, 21+

Sunday, November 24

The Sunday Night Football Bash at Palomino Club

  Watch the Green Bay Packers take on the San Francisco 49ers tonight at Palomino Club, the only fully-nude strip club in Vegas screening NFL games this season.

Palomino’s football parties feature free taco-truck tacos, grilled fresh and hot on the spot, plus drink deals and the club’s beautiful naked dancers.  For more information, see our post on NFL football in the Vegas strip clubs 2019.

Call Palomino at 702-642-2984 to reserve your free round-trip limo ride or book a package at the club’s website. They offer a Game Day package with two 375 ml bottles for only $169, plus an additional 10% off if you pre-pay.  There is nothing like the endless free mixers that come with a bottle package here to serve as a magnet for thirsty dancers.

If you arrive via your own vehicle (not a cab or rideshare) admission is free before 8 pm. Nude, full bar, 21+

Treasures Screens Sunday Night Football with Premium Drink Deal

  Treasures’ features happy hour drink prices during all Sunday, Monday and Thursday night football games — the best deal for premium liquor you’ll find at any Vegas strip club. From 4 pm to 7 pm, domestic beers are $2; wells and imports are $3; call drinks are $4; and premium liquors are $5. Then, from 7 to 8 pm, all drinks are sold at half their regular price.

If you prefer the good stuff while you watch football, this is the place. See our post on football in the Las Vegas strip clubs for complete info.

If you’re planning to stay after the game for the club’s smokin’ hot lap dance scene, check out the drink deals in Treasures’ packages online here.  Topless, full bar, 21+

Other Vegas Strip Clubs Screening Sunday Night Football

  Cheetahs, Crazy Horse 3, Hustler Club, Spearmint Rhino and Minks are all screening the Sunday night games. See our post on Vegas strip club football screening parties for full details. All of these clubs are topless, full bar, 21+

Bikini Bull-Riding Contest at Gilley’s

  If you like cheap beer, shit-kickin’ country music, and girls in their underwear, Sunday night is always fun at Gilley’s (inside Treasure Island).  Gilley’s offers Vegas’ only amateur bikini bull-riding contest. It’s actually pretty sexy—local girls and tourists, mostly in their skivvies, trying to stay on that mechanical bull to win real money. No cover charge. You must be 21+.


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