Thunder from Down Under

This is a funny show and I think any guy would find it as entertaining as most women do, because so much of the show is just watching the women in the audience respond. I took my wife to this one because I wanted her comments from the female perspective. Men are a tiny minority of the audience. The theater seats 364 guests and it was packed. I’ll estimate there were a total of five or six guys in the crowd. You’ll notice this as you’re standing in line waiting to enter. Lots of women are there in groups. The ones you see wearing tiaras are the brides-to-be who are being taken to this show as part of a bachelorette party. My wife told me that. How does she know? Don’t ask. There are lots of bachelorette parties here.

Usually in my show reviews I describe the musical selections in detail, but not in this one. You can hardly hear the music in this show because the women are screaming so loudly throughout. Guys today do not act in strip clubs the way women act at Thunder. These women are totally out of control. Before the show even starts, during the seating process, three large video screens show continuous footage of shirtless hunky dudes in jeans and swim suits and jockey shorts, and when the shirtless hunky dudes suddenly drop trou to show their butt cheeks, the screamers go nuts. It’s just a video. No frontal nudity. The MC hasn’t even come onto the stage yet. Women are still trying to find their seats and they’re already going nuts.

This is flat-floor seating, which is usually a poor setup for a production show, though it’s necessary for this one, because the dancers continually come down into the audience and dance on the long tables.

The dancers strip out of business suits and cowboy outfits and pirate costumes and come out for one number dressed as an Australian SWAT team. Each number focuses on one dancer who gets a solo and who picks a girl from the audience to bring on stage. When they come out into the audience looking for a girl, every girl in the crowd is waving her hand to say pick me, pick me.

The women they pick range from young hot babes to middle-aged women and for one number they even brought a granny onto the stage. In one routine they picked three girls to come on stage for a fake orgasm contest. This is a comedy show.

The dancers go out into the audience frequently, sometimes wearing nothing more than their banana slings, hugging women, lap-dancing for them and the women get totally into it, way wilder than guys in any strip club I’ve ever seen. In fact, the only show I could compare it to is the old burlesque shows I used to go to in Detroit, fifty years ago, when the audience was comprised of mostly high-school boys, aged 14, 15, 16, before porno existed and you couldn’t see nudity on TV or in the movies or even in magazines, and it was just male hormones gone wild to be in a room with naked women.

I asked my wife to write up a few comments on the show for me. She says:

What gets the women screaming at Thunder are the classic romantic/sexual moves … Women can see guys’ bare chests all over the place. Men’s chests, to women, are not like women’s are to men and never will be. But the women screamed when the guys would suddenly rip their shirts off. What’s exciting was the way they were ripping them off … after a smooth move, like a hip gyration, and an “I’m going to fuck you” look worthy of George Clooney … then rip off the shirt like it’s the start. The whole show is a series of pre-fuck looks and moves. It’s psychological foreplay, which women can never get enough of.

And I have to say the guys in Thunder were particularly good at this. They are gorgeous guys, but it’s not their gorgeousness that’s really doing it. It’s more that they had a kind of gorgeous-guy-next-door look, very sweet, kind of tousled, with lots of personality. They’re good dancers, but when they’re not in sync or whatever, I couldn’t have cared less. I was totally into the fantasy of this great neighborhood guy putting a move on me.

Notice too how strong the feeling between the women in the audience was. They were screaming before the guys even hit the stage, and it was partly to encourage and nurture the guys and make them feel appreciated (as women tend to try to do), and partly to encourage each other. The biggest laugh of the night was the girl simulating orgasm and saying, “Fuck me, baby.” It’s women supporting the sexuality of other women—a very warm and wonderful atmosphere.

On the music, I seem to remember Big & Rich’s “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” during the country number. And I think I heard “Live and Let Die” during the pirate strip. And the firefighter routine used MC Hammer’s “You Can’t Touch This.” The main firefighter finishes this dance by turning his back to the audience, pulling his thong down over his butt, then making his bare cheeks dance in time to the music.

The MC was very funny, did a lot of back-and-forth banter with the audience and was quick with comebacks.

My wife was very vocal herself (I’ve never heard her scream like that when I take off my shirt), but to be honest, I could hardly stop laughing. Guys, this is my new recommendation for a show to take your wife or girlfriend to on a date. She’ll love you for it.


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    I’m looking for a male strip-o-gram to come to our hotel to surprise my wife, (maybe with a full monte flash at the end). Not sure if you can point me in the right direction? Your website is extremely informative so I figured I’d see what thoughts/ideas you may have. Thanks in advance.



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