Tips for Couples Going to a Strip Club Together for the First Time

Palomino Club Dancer Crystal Dances for Couples

Palomino Club is a Great Erotic Evening for Couples
(This is Cristal Dancing)

It’s Valentine’s Day and suddenly TVO’s article on couples- and female-friendly Vegas strip clubs is the most popular page on this site.

If you’re considering going as a couple to a Las Vegas strip club tonight, and you’ve never done this before, here are a few tips to make the experience one you’ll both remember fondly.

Choose a Strip Club with a Great Stage Show

First, pick the right club. Not only should you pick a club that’s welcoming to couples and female guests, you should pick a club with a great stage show.

A strip club with an excellent stage show is like a nightclub with risque entertainment–an easy transition for most women. A club that is focused predominantly on lap dancing may make your wife or girlfriend feel uncomfortable if it’s her first time to a strip club, and will usually have few (if any) females or couples in the audience.

Connect with the Dancers as a Couple

Always Couples Friendly at Little Darlings Strip Club

A Great Stage Show Tends to Make for a Great Experience for a First-Time Couple
(This is feature dancer
Reagan Reilly)

Start by sitting on the rail and tipping the dancers. Split up your tip money so that both of you can show your appreciation for the stage dancers. Right away, my wife loved tipping the dancers for beautiful and sexy performances. The stage dancers will come over to give you extra attention, and that’s not only fun, but can be a bridge to a couple’s lap dance later.

After sitting at the stage and tipping for a while, try going to a table to enjoy a drink with each other and make it easy for dancers to approach you. If a dancer sits down to talk with you, and you’re enjoying the conversation, offer her a drink.  It’s a great way to break the ice and increase your wife’s comfort level with dancers.

Most Las Vegas strip club dancers are easy conversationalists, and will go out of their way to be warm and friendly with your wife or girlfriend.

If the dancer offers a lap dance or private show, let your wife be the one to decide. If your wife encourages you to get a lap dance or offers to buy you one, ask her to accompany you for a couple’s dance.

Couples’ Lap Dances and Private Shows

Many Vegas Strip Club Dancers Enjoy Entertaining Couples

Many Vegas Strip Club Dancers Enjoy Entertaining Couples

If your wife is anything like mine, and you invite her to join you for a lap dance or private show, she’ll say “No, no, no, I want you to enjoy a dance. I’ll wait here and watch the show.” If you explain to her that a private dance is just another kind of show, she’ll be more likely to come with you and enjoy the experience.

Dancers who approach couples to offer private dances are good at taking control of the situation. Most of their early attention will likely be focused on your wife or girlfriend. The dancer will want to make her feel comfortable, and get her enjoying the dance, before she starts paying any attention to you. She will likely do anything to avoid any situation where your wife is sitting there feeling left out.

When the dancer moves her attention from your wife to you, she’ll keep checking in on your wife, or talking to her and joking with her. In my experience, most dancers are people who really care about making the people they’re entertaining happy.

The first time my wife and I enjoyed a couple’s dance together, my wife thought she was buying me a private dance. When I asked her to come with, she assumed she’d be sitting on the sidelines watching the dancer entertain me. But the minute we sat down in the private room, the dancer went straight to my wife. That surprised my wife so much that she laughed.  The three of us spent a lot of our time in that room laughing.

I enjoyed watching the dancer give attention to my wife. It was a combination of erotic and amusing. I enjoyed watching my wife’s reactions. When the dancer moved to caress my wife’s face with her titties, the look on my wife’s face made me laugh.

The dancer was so sweet and smiling that my wife gave up trying to resist. She told me after that she had never realized before how soft a woman’s skin is. She said the dancer’s touch had felt genuinely affectionate and moving. She said she felt gratitude to the dancer. I told her it feels the same for guys.

My wife also told me that the parts of the dance that had turned her on most were the moves and moments that she knew, as my wife, were most turning me on. She said she got turned on most vicariously through me.

It was an excellent experience, and each time since has been different and special.  I highly recommend it as a romantic, erotic experience for couples.

Vegas Strip Club Lap Dance Prices for Couples

The norm in Vegas is that the price of a lap dance or private show for a couple is the same as a lap dance or private show for a single customer.

The idea is that you’re paying for the dancer’s time. You’re not paying per person.

However, strip club dancers have recently won a lot of lawsuits that clarify their status as independent contractors. The rulings mean that it’s the dancer, rather than the club, that sets the price of a lap dance or private show.

That means, in theory, that every dancer can set whatever price she wants, including a different price for couples than for a single customer. But in practice, the competition between dancers tends to keep prices from veering too far from the norm.

The best way to avoid either overpaying or getting into extended negotiations with dancers is to ward off negotiations in the first place. See How to Negotiate Prices in a Vegas Strip Club for tips that work.

I believe in being generous with dancers. It isn’t easy to perform at a top level night after night. And erotic dance is a high-level art form. So be generous, but also be informed.

I think you’ll have a great time.

[You may also be interested in I Took My Wife to a Strip Club (and Lived to Tell About It). It’s a his-and-hers perspective on the first time I took my wife to a Vegas strip club.]

Vegas Strip Club Couples’ Packages

Be sure to check out the special couples packages offered by some of the couples-friendly Vegas strip clubs. For example, Sapphire’s couples packages start at $165 and include $169 in liquor if you buy online plus the club’s royalty treatment–free limo transport to the club, free admission, a line pass and a reserved VIP table. These features have real value at this club where the lines can get long at peak hours and it can be impossible to find a seat without a reserved table.

My wife enjoys this elegant club with its shows on three stages and erotic lap dance scene.

Palomino Club is another excellent strip club for couples (and my wife’s other favorite), with a stage show like a naked Cirque show. Palomino offers a package for two for $170 with your choice of a half bottle or champagne plus a pitcher of beer, free limo transport, free admission, a line pass and a reserved VIP table. Again, these features have real value at this popular club, which gets packed at peak hours.]

With Three Stages and an Erotic Lap Dance Scene, Sapphire is an Excellent Strip Club for Couples

With Three Stages and an Erotic Lap Dance Scene, Sapphire is an Excellent Strip Club for Couples

[Photos by Hew Burney]

98 Responses to “Tips for Couples Going to a Strip Club Together for the First Time”

  1. Ellie

    First and foremost, thank you for your incredible website, Arnold! Being strip club newbies, this website has been a immensely helpful for my husband and me.

    I apologize in advance for the ridiculous amount of questions. I fully understand if you don’t have an answer for everything, but any additional info would be much appreciated.

    First, a little background on what we’re looking for…
    My husband, a Vegas first timer, and I are looking to visit a club or two during our trip at the end of March, Sunday – Wednesday night. We are both looking for natural girls, great stage shows, high mileage lap dances, low hustle, within 10-15 min ride from the south end of the strip, and reasonable drink prices for mixed drinks/wine (but drinking is not a necessity). We won’t be looking for a VIP room experience, primarily due to the $100+ cost. Also, as a bisexual woman, any club with girls who enjoy performing with other dancers, or who particularly enjoy female customers is a big plus!

    So these are the questions I have after looking through your site and the clubs’ websites…

    1. Club Choice
    So I’ve narrowed it down to Deja Vu and Little Darlings based on your reviews and our interests. Do those sound like a good fit? Are there any others you’d highly recommend us taking a second look at?

    2. Couples Using Coupons/Deals
    If we’re using the clubs’ free limo + free admission deal, will both my husband and I both receive free admission? Also, when using your coupons for Deja Vu (free admission + drink) and Little Darlings (free admission + 2-for-1 lap dances) will both of us be able to use these? If so, do we both need to show the coupon on each of our phones?

    3. Little Darlings Lap Dances
    You’ve mentioned these occur in private rooms, which brings up a few questions about room size/occupancy. If he or I get a lap dance, can we go into a private room together? If so, does this count as 1 lap dance or 2 if it’s with one dancer? Would we each be able to get a lap dance from 2 different girls in one room together?

    4. Hookah at the Club
    I see Little Darlings has hookah! My husband is a fan, and I figure Vegas is a good place for my first time. You haven’t mentioned it in the posts I’ve seen, so I figure you don’t partake, but do you happen to know the typical costs?

    5. Food
    Deja Vu’s review mentions “snacks” in the food section. What kinds of snacks do they typically offer? Any particular price range? Also, I don’t see the Little Darlings happy hour you mentioned in your afternoon post (1-3pm free lunch: wings + fixings) on their website. Is this still happening? I only see Happy Hour 4pm – 7pm with “dollar dances” (lap dances?) and $25 hookah + VIP booth.

    6. Time Frame
    I know it probably varies greatly, but about how long should we expect to be in each club? We’ll want to watch a few stage shows on the rail, have a couple drinks/hookah at a table, and each get a lap dance or two. Maybe 2 or 3 hours? Also, are there normally long lines to enter these particular clubs, say around 10pm or 11pm?

    7. Photography
    Are strip clubs considered to be “no photography” zones? I see a lot of professional photos, but not a lot of personal. I’d love to be able to take pictures with my phone of/with performers or of my first hookah experience, but I also want to be respectful of the rules and/or customs, if there are any.

    Thank you so much in advance, Arnold! You site has been indispensable in planning our first strip club experience.

  2. Arnold Snyder

    1. Club Choice: With regards for your personal hope of seeing two-girl shows on stage, I’d have to recommend Palomino Club (a nude club with a full bar). The stage show is fully nude.

    2. Free limo: Both of you will get free transportation and free admission with the club limo.

    3. If he or I get a lap dance, can we go into a private room together? Yes.
    If so, does this count as 1 lap dance or 2 if it’s with one dancer? You pay the same for one dancer’s time, whether it’s for one customer or both of you.

    Would we each be able to get a lap dance from 2 different girls in one room together? Yes, and this would count as two separate dances.

    Also, I don’t see the Little Darlings happy hour you mentioned in your afternoon post. I took Little Darlings Happy Hour down today, as I just learned today that Little Darlings no longer has the half-price dances from 4 – 7 pm.

    6. How long should we expect to be in each club? Stay as long as you’re enjoying it, and don’t feel compelled to stay any strict length of time. If you’re here weekdays and going out early (before 11 pm), the clubs may not be in full swing. Early in the evening, with fewer dancers, you might start cycling through the lineup after an hour or less. Later, when a full crew is on, you might not see the same dancer twice in many hours.

    You can get a free limo from one club to another.

    Also, are there normally long lines to enter these particular clubs, say around 10pm or 11pm? There won’t be a line at most of the Vegas strip clubs, but at Sapphire and Palomino, there will often be a line at peak hours. A package is nice at these clubs, because the packages include a line pass and reserved table for the night.

    7. Are strip clubs considered to be “no photography” zones? Yes.

    I’d love to be able to take pictures with my phone of/with performers or of my first hookah experience, but I also want to be respectful of the rules and/or customs. If you want pictures of yourself and/or your husband in a booth, with or without dancers, talk to a host or manager. Strip clubs are concerned with privacy issues (for their customers, staff and dancers), so don’t just take out your camera and start taking pics.

    • Ellie

      Wow! That was an incredibly fast and detailed response. Thank you!

      We will definitely report back after our trip. Palomino and Sapphire were two of my other contenders I wasn’t sure about, so I’ll definitely revisit those reviews/websites and take a closer look.

      Thank you again!

  3. Upforit

    Incredible website with so much info! Thank you so much!

    Ok, here’s the deal… Taking my wife to Vegas and ultimately a strip club for the first time beginning of April. We’ve never been to a strip club together and she’s never been to one period, so she’s a little apprehensive.

    I’m trying to determine the best club to take her to. I’ve read your reviews and it seems the best bang for the buck is the Palamino. I’m just concerned about making her feel as comfortable as possible. In your experience is the totally nude club a little too heavy handed for a first time shy wife?

    I know after a few drinks she’ll be fine and totally open up but it’s getting to that point. The strip club visit will be all about her. She’s concerned the strippers are going to force themselves on me and I’ve tried to explain that I will not let them touch me and that the couple friendly clubs cater more attention to the females than the males. Is there any advise you can lend that will make her feel more at ease?

    Also, should I have any concern about a##hole drunk patrons trying to say and do inappropriate things that will make my wife uncomfortable or do the individual clubs have this under control?

    Like I’ve mentioned, this visit is all about her and ultimately I’m looking for a club where I can get a private dance with high mileage that will cater pretty much only to my wife where I can sit back and enjoy the show.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Upforit, I’ve asked my wife to answer your question. Here is her response:

      Palomino Club is a good choice even for a wife going to a strip club for the first time. The show is exceptional and beautiful and erotic. You can have a drink together and just relax and enjoy it. If you’re going at a busy time, there will usually be multiple dancers on stage, many doing amazing acrobatics on the stripper pole. It’s a lot of fun to watch.

      The first time I went to the club with Arnold, it felt like a friendly, erotic circus or Cirque show to me.

      I have found dancers in Vegas to be very careful about approaching couples, especially if the woman in the couple looks scared or shy (which I’m sure I did for a long time). They’ll smile and be warm, but very gentle. Nobody will push herself on you or your wife.

      And Palomino is a well-run club. We’ve never run into any kind of inappropriate behavior there. There will be other women in the audience, and the other customers seem to be aware of them and respectful of them, and respectful of the dancers too.

      The first time I went to a nude club with Arnold, I was nervous about it too. I tended to avert my eyes from critical areas and focus on how gracefully a dancer was pointing her toe.

      But I quickly got used to it. For me, the nudity became a kind of costume. I enjoy a different aspect of the performance than Arnold does. I’m not as focused on body parts as he is. But I enjoy the dancing a lot, and I’ll bet your wife will too.

      If you sit right on the stage, and your wife is tipping and looking like she’s enjoying the show, the dancers will come over to your wife. They will come because they want to express gratitude for the tips. They will be smiling, and they may do special kicks, or give close-up views of titties, embraces, or the like. If this feels too scary to your wife, just sit a row back until she feels ready to sit on the rail.

      The first time a dancer on stage moved to caress my face with her breasts, I accidentally screamed. I pushed my chair back so hard that I almost knocked into another table. Everyone in the club turned their head, but the dancer was so sweet and nobody was mean to me.

      We later got a private show with that dancer. It was wonderful and warm, and I think of her fondly still.

      If your wife has any other questions, let me know.

      Best regards,
      Karen (Arnold’s wife)

  4. Steve

    A great perspective from Karen. My girlfriend has never been approached in any way or the subject of any unruly behavior or comments. Of course it could happen, there are jerks everywhere. Unless you are going early in the evening or in the afternoon the chances are there will be several women/couples in the club.

  5. Upforit2

    Hi Karen, thank you for responding to my husbands post. A couple questions for either you or your husband. We noticed that you mention in a number of your articles that the places are better later in the evenings with more women. We live on the east coast and the time change will be difficult to adjust out in Vegas. I’m not a night person to begin with so late for me will be around 8 Vegas time. Is Palomino still a good choice for around this time?

    The private three song for $100 show they have… What can I expect from that? Will they be naked? Will they touch me? Can I touch them?

    As you can imagine I’m very nervous about going for my first time. I think we read on Yelp that the private shows at Palomino are not very private because of remodeling? I would like to experience a truly private show with what you refer to as “high mileage” without breaking the bank and Palomino seems like that would be just the ticket.

    Are there any other clubs you would recommend for what we are looking for?(Private, high mileage and affordable) I’m concerned going out that early in the evening we might stick out like sore thumbs with me being the only woman in the club! Nothing a few drinks can’t solve I guess Lol!

    Thank you so much for your help!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Hi Upforit2, we’ve gone to Palomino Club as early as 5 pm and had a great time. I’m not a night person either (this is Karen writing)–I have to be up by 5:30 am most days.

      There were only six dancers there at 5 pm, but they were first rate and friendly and did a primetime quality stage show–the fancy pole work, everything. More dancers were arriving by the time we had seen the first six dancers perform.

      So, you won’t see 60-70 dancers wandering around, but there should be enough dancers to thoroughly entertain you.

      It’s possible the crowd will be light and it’s possible you’ll be the only woman in the club, but I wouldn’t worry about that. People at this club are used to seeing women in the audience–both the club personnel/dancers and the guests. I don’t think you’ll attract any negative looks or attention. If anything, I think you’ll find the dancers going out of their way to be nice to you.

      The area where the smaller curtained rooms are is a big separate VIP room on the first floor. That is not where they are doing the construction. They’re doing the construction upstairs in a completely unused area of the club.

      Plus they don’t have guys upstairs running power tools while the club is open. I doubt very much that you’ll see any sign that there’s construction going on up there.

      The curtained rooms have small but comfy sofas and the curtains are opaque and cover the entire opening. For me, it felt very private. I felt we were truly alone with the dancer, not on display.

      If you get a lap dance out on the main floor, the dance will be topless. If you get a private show in one of the curtained rooms (like the 3/$100 show you’re thinking about) the dancer will be naked. They will touch you and you may touch them, at least in my experience at the club.

      Sit on the rail (at the stage) when you arrive and you tip the dancers (don’t just leave the tipping to your husband) and see how they respond to you. A number of dancers will probably be physically warm to you even from the stage. If they are caressing you on stage, and encouraging you to caress them, you know that your private show will be very close-up and personal. With the right dancer, the caressing feels like a genuine gift.

      I think you will find it easy to choose.

      I used to be very uncomfortable with the idea of going to a strip club. Now it’s my favorite thing to do with my husband to unwind. The show is beautiful. The dancers are warm and kind.

      One thing I would urge you to do is, if you are enjoying a dancer’s performance, tell her. Most of the guys don’t seem to give very much praise, and the dancers seem to really appreciate it.

      I’ve also had good experiences early at Little Darlings. Sometimes there have been other women in the audience early, sometimes not. Honestly, though, once you’re there, I don’t think that will matter to you at all.

      You seem to be drawn to this. You should go for it. I think you’ll enjoy it, and I think it will also be a good experience between you and your husband.

  6. Bgjoe

    If I go to a male strip club and want to get her a nude private dance. Where should I go and can I watch?

  7. Arnold Snyder

    Bgjoe, The only nude male strip club in Vegas–Lacy’s Lounge on Sunday nights–has ceased performing. Lacy’s on Sunday nights is now an Urban Women Night–mostly black dancers with an emphasis on big booties–just like Thur-Fri-Sat.

  8. Dan

    This last weekend my wife and I had our first couples trip to a strip club. I pretty much used the bulk of the info on this site as my research and to start off so far everything on here is bang on.

    We ended up going with a couples VIP package at Sapphire. It’s $150 and that gets you the limo (note only the way there), cover $140 in drinks and two shooters. The facility is top notch and the staff was super friendly. Despite being a newbie my wife was super comfortable.

    We didn’t think that we would end up using the entire bar tab but we ended up having 7-8 beers out of it (we lost track) with I think $25 left at the end.

    The place was overflowing with an endless variety of women of every type, size etc. imaginable. At first you get bombarded by anyone you make eye contact with so be prepared for that. We actually found that the best way was to just sit back for a bit and get an idea of which dancers did what. Some were very timid and seems to just wander around, most were very friendly and approachable and a few are down right aggressive.

    As for touching there is a wide range of contact that they will allow. Some were clearly no tits and some will take your hands and make it clear as day ;). After a while you could tell from how they danced how far you could go. This is where sitting back and watching for a while pays off. Some dancers clearly didn’t want to be there and others either enjoyed the work or put on a good show.

    When you arrive the first thing you should ask is the private / VIP rates. We almost ended up in a cat fight between two dancers. We found two that we liked and wanted 15 minutes with both in the private room. One of them was trying to push the VIP room on us and the other was calling bullshit. We’re were both half baked and my wife was almost ready to bail. I ended up getting the attention of these two dancers that popped our cherries at the start of the evening. They were super friendly and it was a no brainer. We got our 15 minutes for $100 each (plus 4 drinks) then negotiated another 15 for the same price minus the drinks.

    The only other thing I can suggest is take more cash then you need. The ATMs have a $30 service fee 🙂

  9. Cancon

    Sapphire and Palomino – I’m thinking that my wife and I, in our 50’s, get to do more touching than a single aggressive 20 year old male. I tell the stripper right away that my wife is included in the lap dance and she doesn’t need to sit in my lap too much. My hands get to roam all over, my wife dresses in something really low cut and the stripper gives my wife’s boobs a few feels. Either the $100/10 minute at Palomino behind the curtain where my wife can expose her boobs a bit or lap dances in the dark corner at Sapphire’s where the stripper will reach in for a squeeze if you tell her to.

  10. Jimmy

    Dancers do love couples. They get tired of guys asking for their numbers and treating them like crap. Couples are (usually) more respectful and fun.

  11. J. J.

    What do you recommend the women wear if they are looking to get a lap dance as well? We are going to Palomino.


      • John

        Is it inappropriate for my wife to wear a dress or skirt if she is going to join me for a VIP lap dance?

        • Cancon

          My wife always wears a skirt and something with easy access on top when we go for the 3 song couples dance in the curtained cubicles at Palomino. Ask the dancer up front if she likes couples dances and you’ll get a private show of the dancer and your wife getting friendly while you get hands on experience.

  12. Maureen

    Hi, this site is excellent for a first timer – thank you.
    I am taking my husband to Vegas for his 50th Birthday next month, we are from Scotland, UK and have never ventured into a strip club as a couple (my husband has visited a few but I have never fancied them until I started planning this trip to Vegas)
    My questions would be:-
    1. I am trying to decide between Palaminos and Sapphire – but reading your latest suggestions perhaps Little darlings would be more my thing. Where, in your opinion, is best for couples looking for food, drinks and entertainment without feeling pressurised?
    2. Can you explain the various price options, eg. we would prefer to take the transfer option from our hotel but are not sure what the cost includes.

    i appreciate your help x

  13. Maureen

    looking forward to receiving a reply to my previous email today, I forgot to tick the ‘notify me’ box

  14. Lorenzo

    Good night
    My wife and myself wants to go to Palomino after the Show Chippendales on Monday 7th of December. So we want to rent a Limo and buy a bottle of Ciroc (Vodka)
    Could you pick us up from the show at around 10:30 pm?
    And could you tell me the price?

  15. J.J.

    Maureen, I just went to palomino with my girlfriend last week. We ordered the Two of a Kind package and got a great table with a great view of the stage. The girls were not pushy and gave us space. One or two approached us every once in a while and we had a great time talking without any mention of dances. Once we did commit to the $100/3 songs dance, they were quite intimate and the girls were very open and understanding. They gave us a really hot time in the private area. It was my girlfriend’s first time and she totally loved it.

    Lorenzo, you need to contact the club directly.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much JJ, i think you may now have persuaded me to opt for Palamino’s xx

  16. Jake

    First of all, great website! I’m somewhat of a topless pool and topless casino show aficionado myself, and find myself agreeing with your reviews almost entirely. I do miss La Femme at MGM – superb, erotic essentially full nude casino show.

    Anyway, I’m thinking of surprising my wife and taking her to a male strip club in Vegas in a few weeks. We’ve never been to a strip club together, but she has had lap dances from male strippers at private parties, and she enjoys looking at naked men. I’m thinking of going for OG, and spending as much time there as she wants – I like watching her get into other men, because her wild/freaky side tends to come out, which I love. So I’m going to let her go crazy at OG (or another club), and then suggest stopping at the female club on the way out to see what she thinks. If she isn’t interested, I’m not going to push it.

    So my questions are: 1. What is the best combo club where she can have a crazy time with hot guys, and where she will feel welcome in the female section, and 2. What are your suggestions on male strip clubs for women in general, and any tips we should know before hand.

    Thanks, and again compliments on the site.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jake: I’d vote for Sapphire. I think she’ll be more likely to enjoy the female show there afterwards. It’s a more elegant place and you’ll probably see more couples there.

  17. Maureen

    Hi, can you tell me if the Two of a Kind package at Palamino is $170 per couple or per person?

  18. Maureen

    We finally visited Palamino last night after reading the various reviews on here. Thank you all so much for the info and advice – we had the time of our life. My husband and I were treated like Royalty and enjoyed an incredible VIP room with 2 of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. Trip of a lifetime, wouldn’t have had the confidence to book it if it wasn’t for this page – I hope you guys get some ackowledgement from these clubs xx

  19. Troy

    Great site! We will be staying on the strip and looking for advice on which club to take my girlfriend. She has been to them a few times here in the midwest and enjoys watching and conversation with the dancers but little in the way lap dances. So my question is.. where is the best place to get drinks ..maybe tip at the stage… but in general sit back, drink and watch without a great deal of sales pressure. She would probably be more interested in late afternoon or early evening .. Thanks again for the great information.

  20. Maureen

    Palamino without a doubt. Just visited with my husband $170 Two of a Kind package which included pick up and drop off to your hotel, bottle if champagne for me and a pitcher of beer for hubby. No hustle at all, great show, tipped some girls at the stage then had a 3 song $100 private dance with a beautiful girl to share xx

    • Kimberly Boles

      My husband and I are considering going to a Vegas strip club. We have been to strip clubs near us and always enjoy ourself. But we have never done a private dance. Question for you, what was the situation like in the private dance room? She danced with you both of you?

      • Arnold Snyder

        Kimberly, the dancer will usually start out by making extra sure that the woman in the couple feels comfortable and happy with what’s going on.

        If you’re sitting there smiling and complimenting her, telling her how much you enjoy her dancing, she’ll probably reach out and start with physical contact with you, maybe caressing you with her hands or other parts of her body. Then maybe she’ll move to your husband, or try to include you both in some way.

        If touching her is important to you, and you’ve chosen a dancer who is comfortable with that, she may literally take your hand and your husband’s hand and put each hand on a breast. She may wiggle her butt and encourage both of you to caress her.

        If you’re sitting there looking uncomfortable, she may start by joking with you, asking about your family, doing a sweet striptease for both of you.

        If you two are caressing each other as well as her, it’s about as close as you can get to a threesome without actually taking that final step.

        Dancers here entertain a wide variety of people every day–people from around the world. They tend to be sensitive to what’s making you happy or scaring you.

  21. Smith


    Me and my wife were planning on visiting a few strip clubs while in vegas this December. I think the main thing we were wondering was, is it necessary to get a package at the Palamino club or Sapphire or can we just go and get a table instead? I’m only asking because it seems many people are opting for the package deal in the comments.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Smith, I agree with Maureen. Palomino Club and Sapphire are popular clubs, and at peak hours it can be impossible to get a seat without a reserved table, especially for two or more people who are together.

      Packages at Palomino and Sapphire include a reserved table for the entire evening until you leave the club. That means you can go get a private dance and not lose your table. It also means you’ll be in a good location in the center of things, not off in a corner somewhere.

      The packages also save you money. They all include some kind of discount on drinks, free transport by the club limo (saving you cab fare), and free admission to the club (saving you $30 at Palomino or $35 at Sapphire).

      The packages are also nice because they get you the royalty treatment. Lines can be long at these clubs, but you won’t wait in line–the package includes a line pass so you’re whisked to your table as soon as you arrive. You’ll be VIPs at the club the entire time you’re there, getting extra attention from the dancers, cocktail servers, and hosts.

      It’s a terrific way to take your wife for an erotic date.

      • CantWait

        Arnold, your information is so helpful. i’ve been to a male strip club and have always wanted to try a female club. I’ve just been hesitant because I didn’t know what to expect. Our 25th wedding anniversary is coming up and I think a couples package at Sapphire or Palimino sounds awesome! I’m relieved to know couples are welcomed and women are treated nicely by the dancers. Now my husband and I are in our early 50’s (but really don’t look or act like it), are we too old to do this, will we look ridiculous there?

        • Arnold Snyder

          CantWait: My wife and I have a lot of fun when we go to strip clubs and we’re older than you guys. Unlike some popular nightclubs, strip clubs are not ageist, or at least not in Vegas. If you connect with the right dancer(s), you’ll have a blast.

  22. Maureen

    Take the couples package, it lasts you all night and gets you home safely.
    My husband and I were treated luke royalty by the staff and dancers

  23. Mike

    Pretty much set on taking my wife to the Palamino based on all the info. The only question I haven’t seen asked is how smokey the Palamino is. My wife is super sensitive to smoke and it would be a deal breaker if it’s smokey. Thanks for all the info.

    • Arnold Snyder

      I’ve never been bothered by smoke in Palomino, but as smoking is allowed in all Vegas bars and nightclubs, including strip clubs, people who are super sensitive might be bothered in any strip club when there are big crowds, especially if you’re seated next to smokers and because of the crowd you can’t just get up and move to another seat. My wife is sensitive to smoke, so she usually likes to go to clubs early–like 7 – 8 pm and leave by 10 pm–when the crowds start showing up. At Palomino you will find high-end dancers there at that time.

      Your best bet when it’s late and crowds are big all over may be Sapphire, because the main room of the club has a very high ceiling–like 30 feet. It’s also one of the newer clubs and the circulation is better.

  24. Maureen

    Not smokey at all, my husband and I are non smokers and were very relieved at how fresh the venue was

  25. Uncle dave

    I am planning on a trip to the Palomino with my girlfriend (her idea!) And I realize the package deals are the best value. I am not familiar with the liquor laws; if I buy a package that includes a bottle, can we take any unused portion with us?
    Thanks and great site!

  26. Maureen

    Hi, the private dance area was lovely. We choose two girls and they danced with us both, wonderful experience x

  27. Jen

    Hi, Thank you so much for the information! I am considering a package at Palomino with my husband. My question is this – You table is yours all evening, and you can both get up, leave, get a lap dance or private dance, and then come back to your table, right? So how do I know my drinks are safe? They could be spiked, or they could be stolen. Is there someone watching the tables to make sure this doesnt happen?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jen, with a package, the table is yours for the night at Palomino. You do not have to worry about a spiked drink at Palomino Club, but most customers take their drinks with them to the VIP.

  28. Jen

    Welll then what do you do with all the alcohol that comes with the package? If it comes with a half bottle and a pitcher of beer, I cant take all of that with me. Do people stay put until they are down to the last drink? Or do people just leave it there and assume its safe? besides spiking, someone could also take the bottle, no?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jen: If you have a reserved table with alcohol on it, there will be a host watching over it for you if you leave. I’ve never heard of any strip club customer in Vegas having a bottle or any drink stolen from them in a strip club.

  29. Brian

    Where in Vegas can I get a guy to play with my wife she has a stripper fantasy we would love to find hung stud to penetrate her during a lap dance

    • Arnold Snyder

      Brian, if you look under the “Brothels” button, you’ll find a page about male escorts for women. That’s your best bet.

  30. RaiderMan32

    Went to sapphire with the wife in Jan, it was OK. The dancers were nice and gave good dances but were too skinny with bolt on boobs. My wife wants a high mileage dance from a curvy girl with big natural boobs, or at least a curvy girl with big fake tits. Just not a skinny girl. We are looking at the nicer clubs preferably. Where do you recommend for thicker, curvy girls.

    • Arnold Snyder

      RaiderMan32, the best places for thicker, curvy girls are Club Lacy’s (a predominantly black strip club) and Chicas Bonitas (a friendly, popular Hispanic club).

      Little Darlings is about half skinny girls and half thick girls, but no alcohol is served there, if that is important to you.

      There’s a small percentage of attractive thick dancers at other middle-to-higher-end clubs, but it’s about the same as at Sapphire.

      • RaiderMan32

        SO here is how it went down, Monday the 23rd we decided to try Palomino, did the couples Limo and Champagne package for $170. We understood being a Monday it might be slow and not the best talent. Many cute small boobed girls with impressive pole skills. We watched for 2 hours and there was one “thicker” girl with a nice rack that my wife liked. So I got her a 2 dance test drive and she was very disappointed. The dancer was very talkative and not spending a lot on contact time on the dance. When they came back to the table I asked my wife it she wanted a VIP with her and she declined. We decided to walk over to Chicas Bonitas and see what it was like. On first appearance it was a bit scary for my wife, it is a dumpy small dive bar looking place. We got 2 beers and sat down. Within 5 minutes we had 2 nice latin ladies asking if we wanted a VIP dance with them, $20 each, one was curvy and my wife liked her so we said yes.I prepaid for 3 songs as I knew this was they last chance of the night. Damn were we happy with the outcome. The “VIP” is a dark back room with other people in it but so dark you can see what anyone else is doing. The girls were full contact the 4 of us were all mixed together touching all over. Both girls had their hands down my wife’s top playing with her boobs while one of them took my wifes hand and both of them rubbed me together. The one spent a lot of time “stroking” me from over my pants. Luckily I had loose fitting shorts as she had a chance to really grab on. We ended up buying 2 more songs it was going so well. SO if you can get over the appeance of the clubs there are at least 2 girls there that will work very hard for their 20 dance.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ty, for a male/female couple the $100 includes both of you.

      If you were at the club with another guy, you’d have to pay $100 each.

  31. Ray

    We are a married couple from England, neither of us ever been to a strip club before.
    My wife is bi-curious and wants to fulfil her fantasy. So what is the best club for us. Your tipping guild is very useful especially that we come from the UK.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ray, I strongly recommend Palomino Club for couples. The nude stage show is the best and most erotic in town, the club is great with couples, prices are a deal, and the nude private shows are great fun for couples.

      If you two think you’d be more into the high-mileage lap dance scene, I’d recommend Sapphire, a topless club. It’s the most elegant club in town, with three stages and uncountable hundreds of dancers to keep you entertained. The club is like a wild lap dance orgy.

      Both clubs have full bars.

      • Ray

        Thank you very much for your advice. Palomino Club will do for us first timers.

  32. Saul

    So, I’ve read around 15-20 of your articles and I just have one question. It’s not clear but I just want to ask to make sure I know. When we talk about tipping, are we talking about with singles, or is that too low now? I’m assuming with the price of lap dances that singles are still appropriate (perhaps not just one at a time of course), but I wouldn’t want to be the only one there not handing out $5 bills because I didn’t know any better.

    My wife and I will be making our first visit in a couple of months and I just want to make sure we’re planning correctly.

    • Saul

      Stage dancer tipping, to be exact. I would obviously tip more for a lap dance or otherwise.

      • Arnold Snyder

        Saul: Tips to stage dancers are typically made in one-dollar increments in Las Vegas. Putting two or three dollars down isn’t uncommon and there are some customers who may tip with a five (or more) at times, especially if trying to get a stage dancer’s attention on a busy night when you want to ask her about getting a lap dance or VIP dance when she comes off stage.But tipping stage dancers with $5 bills is not common.

  33. Badger


    My wife and I will be visiting in September for our 5 year anniversary, and my wife has expressed an interest (for the first time) in seeing a good stage show. She is also interested in watching me get a lapdance (although she admitted she will probably want one of her own by the night’s end). I’ve read almost all of your awesome site to be prepared have narrowed it down to Palomino or Sapphire (although I have personally always gone to the Rhino), but I have a few questions:

    1) For the Couples deal at Sapphire, is the $150 drink card given as a credit on the tab at the end of the night or actually a drink card? Can it be used to tip the bartender?

    2) The Palomino sounds fantastic — for the stage show, private VIP booths etc. For the couples deal — does the half bottle include mixers? Also, looking online (and reading your reviews), it appears that Palomino will have a lot of body art. My wife is not the biggest fan of full sleeves/backs/etc — is there a good selection of non-tatted women? Or should we hit up Sapphire for that?

    Anyway, thank you very much for the website — you’re making us get very excited!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Badger, the $150 drink card at Sapphire is actually a drink card, so it can’t be used to tip the bartender.

      The half bottle at Palomino includes mixers. Palomino has a good selection of non-tatted women–it’s about the standard Vegas mix of tats/non-tatted/few tats. I’m not much of an ink fan, and I’ve never felt overwhelmed by tats.

      Still, Sapphire is, overall, less tatted than other clubs.

      My wife loves both clubs. I think you two will have a great time.

  34. jimmy

    Arnold, My girlfriend and I usually go to Little Darlings and Sapphire and maybe one other. Next week when we’re in town she wants to try Palomino. I’ve driven by it a few times and I don’t recall seeing a parking lot. The area is sketchy and we’ll be driving, can you tell me where the parking lot is for that club? I don’t want to park on the street.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jimmy, the parking lot is well-lit, complete fenced, and guarded. You won’t run into anyone sketchy there.

      The entrance to the lot is the driveway to the immediate right of the club as you face the club–between the club’s brass doors and the pawn shop next door to the south of the club. The pawn shop will be closed when you’re there.

      There’s a valet right after you enter the club’s driveway.

      I’ve parked here a million times into the wee hours of the morning and never had a problem or felt unsafe parking there or walking to my car. Or use the valet–there’s no fee, just tip him a few bucks when you leave.

  35. Jimmy

    Arnold, if you park in the back is there a back entrance to the club or do you walk around to the front on LV BLVD?

  36. John


    I want to go to a club where I can get my wife a lap dance from a male stripper. Do they have any of those, similar to what is offered at clubs like Palomino or Saphire?

    • Arnold Snyder

      John, according to my wife the best male strip show where the guys sell lap dances and vip dances is Men of Sapphire. It’s on Fridays 9 pm to midnight and Saturday 10 pm to 1 am.

      Just click on the Men of Sapphire banner on this page and scroll down a bit to see the packages.

      I believe you can accompany your wife. I’m double checking on that.

  37. Travis

    Arnold, just FYI, Palomino is redoing their website a bit, and the link targets are moving around, so you may need to fix some broken links (the package link on this page for example).

  38. Anonymous

    Hi I have a question Arnold

    I’m going to Vegas with my boyfriend for my birthday and I wanted to go to a strip club. I am bisexual and I am into women that have a hourglass figure, with good sized boobs with small waists and bigger butts, which strip club(s) do you recommend? Since it’s my birthday I kind of wanted to maybe try to have a little extra fun with another woman and my boyfriend haha let me know your thoughts!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Anonymous, Sapphire has so many dancers that there will always be a good selection of your type.

      But you might want to consider Palomino. Although the predominant type is more slender dancers’ body, there are hourglass girls there. And the girls there tend to be comfortable with the kind of private experience you want.

      Plus, if you’re at Palomino and you don’t find your perfect type, you can walk half a block to Chicas Bonitas. It’s more of a locals club, but there are lots of dancers with your preferred body type.

      That way you get both the great stage show at Palomino and easy access to extra dancers with your body type.

  39. Martin

    Question…In New Orleans my wife and I spent some quality time in a VIP room and the dancer left us alone for several minutes so we could have some time alone, is this practiced in Las Vegas?

  40. TwiZtedCook

    Hello and thank you for this article. I am visiting Vegas for my birthday soon and was checking out strip clubs for couples or women. Where I am from so many cater to men only I feel like a third wheel. After hearing about the Palomino from somewhere else and now reading this, I feel comfortable now going to either place you mentioned. THANK YOU!!!! The ladies like a lap dance from the ladies once in a while.

  41. Arnold Snyder

    TsiZtedCook, you would have a great time at Palomino. Be sure to tip the dancers on stage to show you’re enjoying them and not uncomfortable with the strip club scene. If you want lap dances but find that dancers are unsure about approaching you, talk to a host and he will get the word out.

  42. Jack

    Lots of great information here. Thank you for the website!
    I am considering going to a strip club in Vegas with my wife for the first time. I must say I do not have much experience at strip clubs myself, only a few many years ago when in my 20’s (am in my mid 40’s now). What I would like to know is if we go and just sit to watch, without requesting any dances, will we be OK or will we be pushed to get a dance? I want to know if we will be left comfortable if we just sit and watch, without “pitching in”, other than one or two drink orders.
    I am considering either Palomino, Sapphire or Crazy Horse. Any recommendation out of these 3 for first timers?
    Thank you.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jack, what I’d recommend is going to Palomino and getting a seat on the rail (next to the stage) with your wife. If you’re sitting on the rail, watching the show and tipping the dancers on stage, you “belong” to the dancers on stage and will get approached less by dancers looking for VIP customers.

      You should not take up seats on the stage without tipping the dancers on stage though. The general rule is at least $2 per dancer. If a performer is especially good or gives you extra attention, it’s nice to tip a bit more.

      Palomino has the best stage show in town and lots of seats on the rail. The other clubs are more lap dance clubs. I think you’ll have a great time.

      • Jack

        Thank you for your response Arnold. I will consider your suggestion, although, I am not sure that my wife will agree to be so close to the stage and be tipping every girl. If we decide to go for a seat far back in the corner, mainly with the intention of just watching and with no intention of requesting a lap dance, will we be harassed for not putting down any $, except for the 1 or 2 drinks that we order?
        Again, this is a first time and I my intention is to just go in and have both of us see what it is like, without any uncomfortable situations.
        Thank you.

        • Arnold Snyder

          Jack, yeah, sure, you can sit out of the way and not be bothered. There will probably be dancers who approach you to try and sell you dances, because that’s their job, but you’re unlikely to get a hard sell from them.

  43. Tred

    Arnold: I don’t drink. At all. What can I do with the drink credit? Since at Sapphire, it’s a card, can I sell it on craigslist?

    Can I sell it in the club?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tred: Keep in mind that Vegas topless clubs make their money from the bar. Most of what you spend on the dancers goes directly to the dancers. This is why strip clubs always have drink specials in their package deals. My suggestion is that you call the club and explain your situation. You might be able to negotiate for unlimited soft drinks and Red Bulls for the night or something like that. All of the clubs are willing to design packages for individual needs, but somehow, it’s got to work out to them getting their money. I don’t think you’ll be able to get anything you can sell to someone else, but you can alwys ask.

  44. Bea

    Thank you for all good and high quality information!
    I am going to Vegas with my boyfriend and we decided to go to Saphire because there are female and male shows.
    But I have one doubt, I visited saphire’s website and I didn’t understand if I have to pay to watch the male AND female show they will happen in the same day… How work this? I’ll enter into the club and there will exist a female section and a male section? There’s one day that will happen both shows at the same time ?? (I think so based what I saw in website)

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bea, the male show is in the Showroom–a large separate room within Sapphire. Once you pay for the male show, you’re in the club and can go anywhere you want. After the male show, you simply exit the Showroom into the rest of the club where the female dancers are.

      The female dancers are always there, and they’re in their greatest numbers starting about the time the male show lets out. The male dancers are only there for the male show.

      So you and your boyfriend should go to the club for the start of the male show. He can accompany you into that show or wait for you in the main room, where the female dancers are, and you can join him after for no additional charge.

  45. Amber

    Hi! Great website!!
    Me and hubby are planning our first strip club in Vegas (and in general) and my hubby really wants me to get a lap dance – and I’m totally onboard! After reading through most of your comments I think we have decided on the Palomino, the couples package.
    Question: the couples pack only says “preferred seating” is that different from the other clubs “VIP” seating?
    Also, I read the tip advice (thanks!) but what is the general tip for a private lap dance? I just want to be ready.
    Out of the few clubs you mentioned what one has the best couples deal, most bang for ya buck?
    Thank you!!!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Amber, the preferred seating at Palomino is the same thing as VIP seating at other clubs. It’s the VIP tables that the dancers and staff and hosts pay special attention to.

      There’s no need to tip for a lap dance unless it’s really spectacular. Maybe buy the dancer a drink. If you get a private couples’ VIP show for $100, and you get a great show, you might want to tip an extra $20.

      Palomino Club is the best club for couples, no matter what package you choose. Between the stage show and the dancers’ comfort and experience with women and couples, you’ll have a great time.

  46. Big Guy

    My wife and I are coming to Vegas in a couple months and she wants us to go to a male strip club and a female strip club and get couples dances at both places. Are there any male clubs that do couples dances?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Big Guy, there are no male clubs in Vegas, but the dancers in the Men of Sapphire show will do couples dances, and after the show you can exit into the main room at Sapphire where the female dancers are and get couples’ dances there.

  47. Aziz

    Hi Arnold, thank you for all your information and candid analysis. I’ve read through a number of your articles/responses to figure out where my wife and I will go next weekend. You seem to think very highly of Palomino and Sapphire, but what about CH3? In looking at Google/Yelp/Trip Advisor, it seems that CH3 is rated very highly, but I’m not sure how couples friendly CH3 is. I’m also confused about the large number of negative reviews for Sapphire based on the high opinion that you have.

    My wife is really picky about bodies and is only into **fit athletic and busty** ladies. I like seeing athletic/graceful moves on the stage and am not that impressed by the typical stripper strut and bump. Do you have a recommendation for where we should go? Thanks in advance!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Aziz, the reason Sapphire gets negative reviews is because casinos/cabbies/hosts talk a number of tourists into the club without telling them what to expect. They get there by cab, pay a $45 admission, find out a beer is $15, can’t find a place to sit down, and they’re unhappy and don’t stay long.

      Sapphire is terrific if you want a high-mileage lap dance orgy with the largest selection of first-rate dancers in town and you don’t mind paying $15 for a beer to get the selection, elegance, and high standards of service.

      The best way to do Sapphire is to get a package. That gives you a reserved table, which is very important at this club because it may be the only way you can get a seat. It also gives you a break on drinks, with free admission, free limo transport to the club, and a line pass thrown in. If you want an introduction to a particular dancer you’ve seen across the room, or if you want a steady succession of curvy blondes sent your way, just talk to a host and he’ll take care of you.

      CH3 gets high ratings from locals because locals pay a lot less than out-of-towners do for drinks. But they don’t have the lap dance scene of Sapphire and they don’t have the outstanding stage show of Palomino Club. Their dancers are about one notch down from Sapphire and Palomino. And I find the hustle factor higher at CH3.

      CH3 shines for UFC events–it’s where the locals go to watch. Sapphire and Palomino shine for Monday Night Football parties. There’s a battle going on this year to see who will get the March Madness crowds.

      Sapphire and CH3 are more typical stripper strut and bump on stage. They are primarily lap dance clubs. Palomino is like an erotic Cirque show, with incredible acrobatics and pole dancing. Because Palomino attracts dancers who can actually dance, they are all fit and athletic, with boob size ranging from small to double D (see Renee, this month’s TVO Dancer of the Month).

      Sapphire and CH3 have a range of body types. At Sapphire, with uncountable hundreds of dancers at peak hours, your wife would see plenty of her type.

      It really comes down to whether you’re more into watching a great show with young, graceful, naked dancers (Palomino Club) or whether both you and your wife are fantasizing about getting physical with lap dancers (for that, my recommendation would be Sapphire).

      • Aziz

        Wow, Arnold, thank you so much for such a thorough and well reasoned response. I apologize for the late reply. Do you have any sort of affiliate code with either Sapphire or Palomino that I could reference when I buy a package so that they know you’re sending them business?

        • Arnold Snyder

          Aziz, you’re welcome. No affiliate code for Palomino. At Sapphire, any TVO link to their web site will tell them you clicked over from here.



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