Today in Democrat Vote Fraud

Democrat Vote Fraud in Pennsylvania (Updated)

Ever wonder how you got stuck with Democrat lockdown governors and judges like Commie Tommy Wolf of Pennsylvania and his compliant state Supreme Court?

Former Democrat Party elections judge Domenick DeMuro in Philly has been charged and *has pleaded guilty* to illegally adding votes for Democrat candidates in judicial races in 2014, 2015 and 2016 as well as other Democrat candidates for federal, state, and local elective offices.

The DOJ charged him with stuffing the ballot box for Democrats in exchange for payments from an unnamed political consultant.  The political consultant was reimbursed for the bribes by the Democrat candidates involved, through “consulting fees.” The political consultant paid off multiple Election Board officials, so we’re going to be hearing about more indictments.

DeMuro literally stood in a voting booth and voted over and over, as fast as he could, while he thought the coast was clear.  DeMuro got $300 to $5000 per candidate.

Does it seem puzzling to you that the political consultant who transferred the bribes from Democrat candidates to multiple election judges remains unnamed?  I think odds are high that he’s turned witness.  And note what the DOJ doesn’t say:  That the multiple Election Board officials who received bribes were all from Philly.

I highly doubt that this type of fraud was committed only in Philly.  I think odds are good this Philly case will turn into a national RICO case before November.

Trump has said repeatedly that there was widespread Democrat vote fraud in the 2016 election, and that the number of fraudulent votes was in the millions.  Since taking office, Trump has only made serious allegations like that when he had the evidence to back it up.

Democrat Vote Fraud in New Jersey

Voters in New Jersey who never received their vote-by-mail ballots have recently been informed that Board of Election records show a ballot in their name was mailed in.

Ramona Javier of Passaic says eight relatives and immediate neighbors she knows that were listed as having voted say they never received ballots. The local councilman, Luis Velez, said that at least a dozen similar cases had taken place in his ward.

NBC has reported on hundreds of ballots left sitting out in stacks in building lobbies and hundreds of filled-out ballots found by postal workers in single mailboxes in Paterson, suggesting a vote bundling operation (a crime). In one case, officials said more than 300 Paterson city ballots were found in a single mailbox in an entirely different town.

These stacks of unclaimed ballots are the result of sending ballots to “inactive voters.”  In Nevada, at least, “inactive voters” are people who have moved, but failed to respond to an Election Department request for their new address.  The voter is considered “inactive” but remains eligible to vote.

So when the Election Department sends a ballot to an “inactive voter,” it’s sending a ballot to an address where it’s been documented that the voter no longer lives.

You simply grab a stack of empty ballots, fill them out, and mail them.  How many inactive voters are going to be checking to see whether someone else has voted in their names?

The 2020 Republican Response to Democrat Vote Fraud

Republicans have been recruiting 50,000 volunteers in 15 key states to monitor polling places, especially in inner cities, but also in rural counties that have had suspicious election results.  The volunteers will be trained to challenge ballots and voters likely to be illegal.  Military veterans have been especially targeted to serve as poll monitors.  Volunteers will be assisted by professional election monitoring directors and staff.

Wisconsin, for example, will have 100 paid GOP election monitors, in addition to thousands of volunteers.

That is part of a $20 million GOP plan that also budgets millions to challenge lawsuits by Democrats seeking to loosen voting safeguards, overturn Voter ID laws and the like. In one of these cases, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals just blocked a San Antonio judge’s vote-by-mail Democrat vote fraud assistance scheme.

The GOP is also mounting an unprecedented education effort on Democrat vote fraud.

Democrat vote fraud has escalated sharply since 1982 when Republicans naively entered into a consent decree barring them from challenging voter fraud by the left.  A 2018 court ruling ends those restrictions on Republicans fighting back against vote fraud.

This is the first serious response I’ve seen to Democrat vote fraud in my lifetime.

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