Las Vegas Topless Clubs Overview

If You Like Boobs, You’ll Love Vegas

At the top of each club review you’ll find the three most important ratings: Club Rating, Grade of Dancer, and SPW. To understand these ratings and exactly how I arrived at them, read my Guide to Strip Club Ratings first. As a quick refresher, Club Ratings A, B, and C mean, respectively: good every night, good on the weekends, and, essentially, good luck. The Grade of Dancer is pretty self-explanatory. The SPW is the Statistical Probability of Wood. The complex mathematical formula used to determine this number is also explained in the Guide to Strip Club Ratings.

Vegas Topless Clubs are About Lap Dances

CH3 LegsThe first thing you should know about the topless clubs in Las Vegas is that the dancers’ primary way of making money is not dancing on the stage. Stage tips are often meager and the dancers have to pay the clubs a “stage fee” just to work there. They make their money before and after dancing on stage by selling lap dances and VIP room shows.

So if you’re going to a Vegas topless club for the evening, you should be thinking in terms of enjoying a lap dance or two.

But if you’re going to be investing in a lap dance, you want to be discerning about the likely quality of the dance you’ll be getting.  At some clubs, lap dances are basically “air dances,” meaning you’ll have little to no contact with the dancer.  At other clubs, the dancing is more intimate (or high mileage, meaning high contact, with touching allowed) than in others.  High mileage clubs are identified in my reviews, or check out our page Where to Get High Mileage in Vegas.

Also, you’d think that the dancers in topless clubs would all be expert lap dancers, but even in the Vegas high mileage clubs it just ain’t so. Take your time and be selective.  Lap-dancing is an evolving art form. Some dancers are good at it, some are great, and some just don’t get it. The best lap dancers are the ones who treat it like an art form and put their hearts into it.

Some dancers are pretty cynical about lap dancing. I once referred to lap dancing as an art form in a conversation with a dancer in San Francisco and she said, “An art form? You think humping guys off is an art form?” She made me laugh, but of course it’s an art form. It’s the creation of a fantasy for an audience of one. It’s an art form I happen to appreciate.

Not All Vegas Topless Clubs Are Created Equal

The amenities, shows, prices and dancer quality vary widely from club to club in Vegas.

For example, the regular (evening) price of a domestic beer ranges from $5.50 (at Babes, a locals’ club out in Henderson) to $15 (at Sapphire, the world’s largest gentlemen’s club and Vegas high-mileage star).

And the dancer quality ranges from ready-to-retire (Girls of Glitter Gulch) to ready-for-Hollywood (Sapphire or Rhino). Some Vegas topless clubs feature porn star appearances or free buffets, while others are reminiscent of a high school make-out party.

So read the body of each review to get the inside scoop on prices, amenities and special events, as well as first-hand accounts and descriptions.

You must be 21 to enter any topless club in Las Vegas, as all of these clubs serve alcoholic beverages.

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