Vegas Topless Pools Open to the Public, 2019

Sapphire Topless Pool Las Vegas

Sapphire’s Transparent Lounging Pool

Changes in the Vegas Topless Pool Scene for 2019

In working on updating our Vegas topless pools listings, I found some changes in Las Vegas’ topless pool options for 2019. These pools remain or are newly top-optional:

Sapphire Pool and Day Club
Artisan (European Pool)
Mandalay Bay (Moorea Beach Club)
Mirage (Bare Pool Lounge)
SLS (European Pool)
Stratosphere (Radius)
Venetian (TAO Beach)
Wynn (European Pool — hotel guests only)

So Venetian’s TAO pool is topless again after two years of requiring tops.  We’ll have to see if they can get a real topless scene going.  On my last visit there before they started requiring tops, there were 12 guys for every female and the women were all “mature.”

The SLS European Pool has gone topless for the first time this year as well. I will visit and get a review up soon.

Unfortunately, a wave of prudery has struck a number of Vegas hotel management teams this year, and a number of formerly great topless pools have switched to tops required. Pools that are no longer topless include Venus Pool at Caesar’s (now Cove Beach), Encore Beach Club (formerly Encore European Pool), Cosmopolitan’s Marquee Day Club, M Resort’s Daydream Pool (no one ever went topless there anyway) and Golden Nugget’s Tank (still worth going to for the sharks).

Wynn’s Sunset Pool is still topless, but is now called the Wynn European Pool.  Wynn’s European Pool is the only one on the list above that doesn’t admit the public.  The only official way around this it to rent a cabana for the day.  The unofficial way, for the bold, is to show up in your swimsuit and flash a Wynn player’s card (it looks like a room key).  But if you’re that bold, you’ll probably have a better time at other pools.

Most of the other casino hotel pools require an entry fee if you are not a guest at the hotel.  Some allow locals in free on specific days (check our reviews through the links).

Best Bets For Vegas Topless Pools 2019

Stratosphere’s Radius Pool and Mandalay Bay’s Moorea Beach are the best bets among the hotel party pools for not only seeing multiple cute girls topless, but also dancing with cute topless girls on the pool deck and batting beach balls around with cute topless girls.

Wynn’s European Pool is the best bet for a quiet, elegant scene with beautiful topless women sunbathing in peace.

Also worth checking out is Sea Mountain’s One Love Temple, which is a nudist and lifestyle resort (also an official church) with many pools and spas, waterfalls, a nightclub, and party rooms.

But for my money, Sapphire’s pool, which is stocked with the club’s uninhibited dancers, is the best for ogling beautiful topless women in the sunshine, and admission is free as long as you arrive by your own car or the free club limo.  Call 702-869-0003 to reserve your ride.

11 Responses to “Vegas Topless Pools Open to the Public, 2019”

  1. Mike

    Venus is no longer topless. Now called Cove Beach on weekends, weekdays it’s just a regular pool. Effective 6/1/19.

  2. Brian

    It doesn’t seem Caesars Palace (Venus Pool) is topless anymore. It is now called Cove Beach with a Mediterranean theme. What a terrible decision by Caesars, we really enjoyed that topless pool. Usually a good crowd and very fun.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Brian, friends saw titties out there just three weeks ago and we just reconfirmed last week. Caesars said they’d still be topless. But Caesars and Mirage have been going back and forth on this.

      If you’ve been there in the last few days and found tops required, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll check again this weekend.

  3. Nunya

    If you take a dancer from the pool to VIP, do you just roll into the VIP in your bathing suit and bare feet? Same price – $100 for 3 songs + $50 for two drinks? Does the pool have happy hour drink prices, like the $6 beers in the club? Thanks!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Nunya, yes, you can go into the VIP in your bathing suit and flip-flops, or whatever you’re wearing on your feet at the pool.

      The pool has a completely different price schedule for drinks and food than the club. It’s not the same happy hour prices as inside the club, but also not as expensive as the club’s evening prices. Plus the pool has its own drink specials every day. For example, there may be 2 for 1 shots of a particular liquor, or even a free round.

  4. Matt

    Hey Arnold,

    Any idea what’s going on with Moorea Beach Club? Something about a grand opening on May 28?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Matt, so did I but when I called to check directly with them, they said they’d changed their minds. As of today, it’s topless again.



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