ToplessVegas Forum #1 – “Palomino Record Holder”

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ToplessVegas Forum #1 – “Palomino Record Holder”

Guys my age remember fondly a little piece of history called the Playboy Forum. The forum was a place that readers sent tales of their true-life sexual exploits. Most often they were exciting stories of anonymous sex with hot women who were out of reach in normal circumstances. The letters were a good barometer of our sexual desires in the post WWII generations. The early letters were about forbidden sex before marriage, then they morphed into steamy sex with a stranger, later they reflected our fantasies about playing with multiple partners, and eventually they changed to spouse swapping orgies.

Playboy had an upstart imitator, Penthouse Magazine. Penthouse was a successful “me to” publication that always stretched the boundaries further than Playboy. Bob Guccione always had to ‘one-up’ the pioneer, Hugh Hefner. Guccione even started publishing his own steamier “Penthouse Letters” to shock the readers accustomed to the “Playboy Forum.”

Recently, TVO published a very well received post written by a reader who enjoyed an expensive VIP Suite session at the Peppermint Hippo. In past years we’ve published stories from customers at Sheri’s Ranch, an undercover report on patronizing a Las Vegas Strip escort, and a couple who explored the woman’s bi-sexual curiosity at the Palomino Club.

All of these reader accounts are among our most requested from the TVO archives. (LINKS take you to those articles)

In this new series from ToplessVegasOnline (TVO) we’ll bring you real customer accounts of strip club visits, massage parlor sessions, experiences at lifestyle events and stories from Nevada’s legal brothels. It all starts with our readers … truth is sexier than fiction!

VIP Suites in Vegas

Recently I spent time talking to a man who owns the record for “Longest VIP Session” in the history of the Palomino Club. That’s a legacy that traces back to the founding of the northside club in 1969! Of course, the Palomino has had a handful of customers marry dancers from the fabled club … I don’t count those relationships as “VIP Sessions” for the purpose of record keeping. Some of those marriages have lasted more than a few months!

Our Palomino Club record holder is a very successful professional from the East. He frequents Las Vegas enough to own an apartment here. Before the dreaded Covid lockdowns he visited Nevada several times per year. He’s sampled the Vegas clubs enough to know what he prefers, and it includes nude dancing and liquor. He finds the staff and talent at Palomino to be his favorite, and at the club he’s considered a regular.

This Palomino ‘regular’ became a Palomino ‘celebrity’ on the night he enjoyed the company of one regular club dancer, and one well known adult film star feature dancer … for more than FIVE HOURS!

When he told me about that party my thoughts ran to two places simultaneously … stamina and bankroll.

I asked him if he had just had a windfall at the tables. He modestly said, “no, I’m an attorney. I do pretty well with my practice.” I asked him how much did you spend in that session … and he was discrete. The best I could do was get him to put it in a range; it as above $10K, but not more than $15K.

When I broached the ‘staying power’ challenge, he reminded me that it was a few years ago. However, he denied taking any naps. He delicately explained to me that the two women had a certain advantage and chose to use that special advantage on each other. He had no complaints about that.


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How Far Can You Go in a Vegas VIP Suite?

I asked him how far they went to please him. He would only same they we excellent ’employees.’ He allowed me to correct him that they are independent contractors, not employees of the club, or even his. He was very well versed on these laws and laughed at the clarification. My discretion prevented me from asking every detail of his level of satisfaction … but I took away from him that it was complete and total. He chuckled when I asked him if the two ladies set any boundaries in the beginning. “No, no boundaries.”

He even added that they took a break for pizza at some point in the party!

That reminded me of the joke: What’s a perfect date? 

She sucks and fucks, and at midnight she turns into a pizza and a six pack!  

I inquired whether he had any buyer’s remorse, at all. Without hesitation he said, “Hell no!”

That’s when I knew he had plenty of budget to play this game.

The AVN Awards in Las Vegas

In the years since he’s been asked back to the club to serve as a celebrity judge in some of the Palomino dancer contests. He’s become friends with the adult star from that marathon session, and several of the film directors and producers in that industry. For the past ten years he has regularly escorted this star, and adult industry other stars, to the AVN Awards in Las Vegas in January.

Mr. and Mrs. TVO have met the film star in Las Vegas, but that was before we knew that she was the palomino Club record holder. We look forward to getting her perspective on the party at next year’s AVN at Resorts World.  The other woman, a longtime dancer at Palomino, is reported to be enjoying her retirement at the ‘moment.’

If anyone asks me to name the dancers, I’ll immediately ask you to prove that you are a TVO Subscriber in good standing (free).

Next ToplessVegas Forum

In our next episode of ToplessVegas Forum, I’ll introduce you to the doctor, and his friends, that have been enjoying “recess” in Las Vegas for the last twenty years …


PUBLISHER NOTE: If anyone would like to write an account, or provide an interview, anonymously, simply send me a private note in the ‘comments’ box.  Comments are private and are not displayed until I moderate the comment. 


The End

The End


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