Treasures Late Night Parties & Bar Menu Review – Part 2 of 2

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Treasures Late Night Menu & The Time of Your Life

Last month TVO reviewed the outstanding Steakhouse at Treasures. Link here in case you missed that July 17th post.

Since Las Vegas strip clubs are just starting to get crowded as the Steakhouse closes for the evening, we thought it would be helpful to extend the review into the Bar Menu that goes until the kitchen closes around 3am. Additionally, it’s not lost on us what Treasures’ customers are primarily looking for … extremely hot dancers from around the world.

So, with focus on food, and eye towards gorgeous women, let’s explore the scene at Treasures from midnight until the sun comes up.

Nothing wards off a massive morning after hangover like a belly full of savory food. Treasures expert nutritionists are fully aware of what young men and young women need to stay alert and rambunctious as the morning light makes it’s way over the mountains east of Las Vegas. They recommend burgers, wings, pot stickers … even bacon and eggs! Treasures late night menu is from the same kitchen, and same team, that puts out the Steakhouse fare. Importantly, it’s the same quality ingredients as The Steakhouse include the 100% Prime American beef and fresh seafood!

TVO thinks that the best value for your dollar in the strip club world is the Bar Menu at Treasures. Believe it or not, a BLT wrap only costs $13! That same menu price buys you a Crispy Chicken Sandwich with Swiss cheese and bacon, or a grilled chicken sandwich.

The late-night items include chicken wings, fish & chips, veggie wraps, chicken fingers, chicken Caesar salad, and my favorite, the Treasure Bar Menu steak sandwich.

Late night seafood favorites include a shrimp basket, calamari, shrimp cocktail or a shrimp & fish combo.

The sides include a plate of steak fries and onion rings for only $10.

The deserts change daily but you can always find Treasures famous cheesecake.


I could try and come up with the words to describe the dancers … but I’d rather show them to you. Meet some of the sexiest companions in Las Vegas at Treasures .



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Treasures is at 280-1 Westwood Drive in Las Vegas.

Call them at (702)257-3030 for Reservations and Transportation

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