TVO’s Dancer of the Month: Meet LaDonna from Palomino Club

Palomino Club Las Vegas DancerLaDonna, who models professionally under the name Kaymarie, was born in Colorado but moved to Las Vegas with her family as a child and considers herself a native Las Vegan. She’s been dancing professionally for about 18 months, and can be found many nights and almost always on the weekends at Palomino Club (club review / club website).

LaDonna has an exotic look and an hourglass figure with a tiny waist. On stage, she reminds me of a dancing gypsy. I interviewed her a few nights after Hew Burney did her Dancer of the Month photo shoot.

Q: What attracted you to dancing?

I always wanted to be a dancer. I was drawn to the thrill of it. I was into gymnastics as a kid, but I never had formal dance training. I just wanted to dance.

Q: What was it like the first time you danced nude on stage?

It was a piece of cake. It came naturally to me.

Q: What do you like best about your job?

Everyday I get to dress up like a pretty little stripper. And I love being on stage–all eyes on me.

Q: What do you like least about it?

My sleeping schedule is always fucked up.

Q: How do you feel about lap dancing and doing private shows compared to dancing on stage?

In private shows I get to show my more sexual side. I take private dances very seriously. I want the men I dance for to feel honored that I’m dancing for them.

Q: Why do you choose to work at Palomino?

This is the best club in Vegas.

Q: What’s your ultimate goal as a performer?

I want to be the one dancer that all the new girls want to learn from.

Q: What do you do on your time off?

I’m a professional model.

Hew Burney’s photos of LaDonna on stage and in one of Palomino Club’s private rooms are below. To see and read about TVO’s other dancers of the month, see our Gallery of Las Vegas Strip Club Dancers of the Month.

You can follow LaDonna/Kaymarie on twitter @Kaaaaymarie or on instagram @Kaymarie_d.

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