TVO’s Dancer of the Month: Meet Serenity from Little Darlings

little-darlings-vegas-dancer-serenity-smTVO’s June dancer of the month, Serenity, was born in California, but her family moved to Vegas when she was six years old, so she grew up here and considers herself a Las Vegas native.  She dances at Little Darlings, a nude club that admits customers age 18+ (club review / club website)

Her stage performances are riveting. At first glance, she comes off as a sweet young girl having fun; then she shifts into her seductive vamp mode. It’s quite the one-two punch.  Her style is a contrast between a devilish punky heartbreaker and a sophisticated Hollywood glamor girl. Somehow, she pulls it off.

She told me the first time she danced on stage wasn’t in a Vegas strip club, but in Albuquerque at the Fantasy World nude club. It was amateur night and she was excited about entering the contest. Needless to say, she took first place, and she was hooked. She also discovered she loved the stage and she loved performing for big crowds.

When I finally got to interview Serenity, I found talking to her just as sexy as watching her dance.  She’s smart, charming and witty, and she kept me laughing.

Q: You’re so confident and fluid on stage. Can I assume you’ve had gymnastic or dance training?

No, but I played a lot of soccer.

Q: Did you have training as a professional model?

Does it count if I take a lot of selfies?

Q: You know you don’t have to tell the truth in this interview. It’s for a website. What initially attracted you to dancing?

I wanted a flat-screen TV. Really. I was tired of being poor.

Q: Do you get to pick the music for your stage performances?

Yes. That’s a big factor in where I dance.

Q: What kind of music do you like to dance to?

Weeknd, Drake … And I hate to admit it, but I love dancing to Justin Bieber!

Q: When you perform on stage and you know you’re going to get naked in a room full of strangers, how do you prepare yourself?

I like to pretend I’m in a movie or a music video, so I want to make every performance perfect. I like being on stage, I like being naked, and I love the attention.

Q: What do you do on your time off?

I draw and I paint. I consider myself a serious artist. I save the money I make dancing, all of the money, because I’m planning to go to the Disney school in Florida and I don’t want to have to dance while I’m going to school. I want to focus. I really want to learn animation.

Q: What would you most like your audience to know about you?

That I’m funny and sweet and I love Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. Also, though I love dancing on stage, I really pride myself on my private dances. I love being sexual and when I do a dance for someone, I want to do a dance that they’ll remember forever.  I want them to want to come back for more.

(Photos by Hew Burney. To see and read about more dancers of the month, see our Gallery of All Dancers of the Month.)

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  1. AR-558

    I enjoy reading these articles. It’s a nice behind the scenes look at the dancers. Keep up the good work

  2. Arnold Snyder

    The dancers pay nothing. I pick the dancers. The clubs where they work pay the photographer(s) and allow me to publish the pics on TVO.

    I am proud of this website’s role in documenting and honoring these women as artists.

    I’m also proud of publishing the work of these photographic artists.



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