TVO’s Dancer of the Month: Meet Bambi from Palomino Club

Palomino Club Dancer

Bambi  –  TVO’s Dancer of the Month
Breaking Men’s Hearts Nightly at Palomino Club

19-year-old Bambi dances nightly at Palomino Club (club review / club website). She’s got a little-girl sweetness with a va-va-voom body.

She laughs and her eyes sparkle as she teases you on stage or flirts with you across your table.  She’s got spectacular showgirl legs as long as a foal’s.  She’s all long legs and smooth curves, big eyes and dazzling smile.

Bambi has an itch to travel, so there’s no telling where she might be some months down the road. For now, she’s at Palomino Club, so don’t miss her.

I interviewed Bambi at Palomino, where all of the photos in Michael Maze‘s gallery (click “Read More” below) were taken.

Q:  Where are you from?

Bambi:  I’m originally from Detroit, but I grew up here in Vegas. We moved here when I was eight.

Q:  How did you decide to go into dancing as a profession?

Bambi:  I wanted to have fun while making money. And I wanted to express myself as a woman, being sexy.

Q:  What was it like the first time you danced on stage naked?

Bambi:  Terrifying. I was so nervous I almost threw up when I got off stage. I don’t even remember being on the stage. I just remember coming off. It was an amateur night and I won.

Q:  How long have you been dancing in Vegas strip clubs?

Bambi:  About a year and a half. I’ve been dancing at Palomino for over a year now. I like it here. It’s fun. They treat us good here.

Q:  What do you like most about dancing?

Bambi:  You learn a lot.

Q:  Have you worked at any other jobs?

Bambi:  I’ve been working since I was fifteen. Waitressing. Babysitting. Animal sitting. I always just had to be sure I had my own money. But I’m a free spirit. I like having fun all the time.

Q:  How do you feel about stage dancing as opposed to lap dancing and private shows?

Bambi:  Stage dancing is how I initially attract people’s attention. For dancing on stage I like R & B — slow and sexy. I like lap dancing because I get to meet a lot of new people. It’s definitely more down to business.

Q:  Do you see yourself staying here in Vegas?

Bambi:  I want to travel. I want to spend at least six months going all across Europe. Italy and Greece are at the top of my list. In the U.S., New Orleans is at the top for me—for both the culture and the food. I definitely want to travel just to eat.

Q:  Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

Bambi:  Ten years from now I see myself owning my own business. I could see myself opening some kind of café. Maybe one day I’ll come up with a really cool idea. I definitely plan to go to school first.

Click on Read More to see our photo gallery of Bambi on stage and in one of Palomino’s private theme rooms. 


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  1. Limon

    I have to admit, the lady is breathtaking and beautifully. Will check her up close when I’m in Vegas next time. Thanks Arnold



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