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These are the Vegas strip club dancers that have caught my eye and kindled my imagination since I started this series.  You can click on each dancer’s name to see her full photo gallery and read more about her.


Palomino Club Las Vegas stripper Octavia

Octavia of Palomino Club (December 2019)

No one has more fun than Octavia teasing the boys at Palomino. “Octavia is awesome,” the club manager says. “A very sweet and cool girl.”  (Photos by Matt Lotter.)


Mandi of Palomino Club (January 2019)

Mandi is a smoldering Latina bombshell with a mischievous smile.  She says she was born to dance.   (Photos by Matt Lotter)


Ashley of Palomino Club (September 2018)

Beautiful blonde Ashley is a California girl who makes you laugh as she turns you on.  She spends every spare moment surfing all around the world.   (Photos by Matt Lotter)


Elektra of Palomino Club (April 2018)

Good things come in small packages and Elektra is as good as they come. She’s so cute and adorable, you can’t take your eyes off her when she’s on stage. She’s dancing at Palomino Club to work her way through college, so take her into the VIP to show your support for her higher eduction. (Photos by Michael Maze.)


Little Darlings Las Vegas stripper Kendra

Kendra of Little Darlings (March 2018)

On stage, she moves like a ballet dancer, so feline and feminine, with her shining black hair pouring down her back. Then she starts pulling at the hip-band of her g-string and it dawns on you that dancers at Little Darlings take everything off.


Las Vegas stripper Tiffany of Deja Vu Showgirls

Tiffany of Deja Vu Showgirls (February 2018)

With her tousled mane, pouting lips, flawless skin, and thick-lashed blue bedroom eyes, Tiffany seems born to arouse fantasies.  Then she puts her hand on your shoulder and says in a husky voice, “Hi, I’m Tiff. You wanna party?”


Krystal of Palomino Club (January 2018)

Beautiful blue-eyed Krystal started dancing when she was still in her senior year of high school, and loves it.  Krystal is not only stunningly beautiful, she’s a real dancer.  She can do full splits in all directions, kick her leg straight up to the ceiling, and arch her back like a ballerina, all with that long hair swinging in the spotlights.   (Photos by Michael Maze)


Lily of Palomino Club (December 2017)

Warm and sparkling Lily is green-eyed, 5’2″ and loves to tease. She’s a Vegas born and raised girl who loves pizza, hiking in the mountains and snowboarding.  She dances exclusively at Palomino Club in Las Vegas and guys, that smile is real.  (Photos by Michael Maze)


Brenna Sparks at Legends Room Las Vegas

Brenna Sparks of Legends Room (November 2017)

Beautiful Brenna Sparks is a 25-year-old professional model, popular cam girl, and adult star who hails from Connecticut. She dances exclusively at Legends Room in Las Vegas. She’s charming, she’s adorable, she’s hot, and she’s well on her way to being a cryptocurrency millionaire. (Photos by Hew Burney)


Red Rose La Cubana

Red Rose La Cubana of Girl Collection (October 2017)

Deleted: Red Rose La Cubana thinks a lot about the best ways to turn men on. She’s from Cuba via Miami. She uses her web cam experience in her private dances and says she loves to make men fantasize. (Photos by Hew Burney)


Palomino Club Las Vegas dancer Sunny

Sunny of Palomino Club (September 2017)

Sunny is a redhead with glowing skin, a girl-next-door smile, bright eyes and 100% natural beauty. She’s all curves on a 5’2″ frame.  She keeps in shape by training as an MMA fighter.  (Photos by Michael Maze)


Sophie Montana of Girl Collection (August 2017)

Sophie Montana is all curves and a long-legged Puerto Rican beauty.  She’s the kind of dancer who will start a topless cha-cha and then collapse laughing in your lap.  Sophie says she loves men and she loves entertaining men. (Photos by Hew Burney)


Red of Palomino Club (July 2017)

Red is an island girl from Hawaii, the kind of Polynesian love goddess Gauguin abandoned Europe for and Fletcher Christian jumped ship for in Mutiny on the Bounty.  She says:  “I’ve got all these moves for when I get you alone — I like it. It gives me a rush.”


Capri of Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection (June 2017)

Capri combines platinum glam, a killer bod, and freckled-face charm.  A former tomboy, she says dancing helped unlock her sexy side. (Photos by Hew Burney)


Jade of Deja Vu Showgirls (May 2017)

Jade’s exotic looks come from her Hawaiian / Filipino / Vietnamese / Puerto Rican heritage, but she is an all-American girl who loves to play softball and touch football. (Photos by Hew Burney)


Renee of Palomino Club (March 2017)

Renee hails from Florida and when she’s not dancing, she’s either working out or playing with her puppy.  (Photos by Michael Maze)


Palomino Club Dancer

Bambi of Palomino Club (October 2016)

Bambi wants to travel and see the world. She became a dancer because she “wanted to have fun while making money.” Bambi likes dancing to slow and sexy R & B. (Photos by Michael Maze)


Little Darlings Las Vegas Dancer Roxi

Roxi of Little Darlings (October 2015)

Roxi has a playful kittenish quality, like a cheerleader who likes raising hell.  She says she really gets into her job and most likes dancing to “slow fuck music.” (Photos by Hew Burney)



Scarlett of Palomino Club (September 2015)

Scarlett’s dream is to be a professional model, and although she’s got the long showgirl legs, and she’s drop-dead gorgeous, she’s only 5’1″. The fashion industry’s loss is the strip club industry’s gain. (Photos by Hew Burney)


Deja Vu Showgirls Las Vefas Dancer Shelby Sparks

Shelby Sparks of Deja Vu Showgirls (August 2015)

Shelby started dancing to pay her way through college. She earned her degree at Penn State, and she’s still dancing. She’s into yoga and she’s a serious rock climber. (Photos by Hew Burney)



LaDonna of Palomino Club (July 2015)

LaDonna, who models professionally under the name Kaymarie, was attracted to the thrill of dancing nude because, she says, “Everyday I get to dress up like a pretty little stripper.” (Photos by Hew Burney)


little darlings vegas dancer

Serenity of Little Darlings (Jun 2015)

In addition to being a serious dancer, Serenity is an artist who’s saving her money to go to the Disney school in Florida to study animation. (Photos by Hew Burney)



Savannah of Deja Vu Showgirls (May 2015)

You never feel like Savannah’s trying to hustle you.  She exudes sexiness that draws you in and makes you want to get closer to her. How can a girl so sweet be so damn hot? (Photos by Hew Burney)


palomino club las vegas dancer

Lilith and Fiona of Palomino Club (Apr 2015)

Lilith and Fiona were web cam girls prior to becoming dancers. The stage show at Palomino has been first-rate for a long time, but Lilith and Fiona take it to the level of a naked Cirque show. (Photos by Hew Burney)


Deja Vu Showgitls Las Vegas Dancer Kaz Monet

Kaz Monet of Deja Vu Showgirls (Feb 2015)

You can tell that some dancers were born to dance, and Kaz is one of them. She has a repertoire of achingly beautiful gestures and balletic moves that she seems to adjust to the reactions of her audience. (Photos by Hew Burney)



Reagan Reilly of Palomino Club (Jan 2015)

When I first saw Reagan Reilly flying around a stripper pole, I was struck by the ecstatic expression on her face. Reagan is a Las Vegas treasure who is in the process of launching a singing career. (Photos by Hew Burney)


Palomino Club Las Vegas Dancer Kimmy

Kimmy of Palomino Club (Dec 2014)

Kimmy is one of the best of the erotic pole dancers in Vegas. Her ambition is to someday own her own island. (Photos by Miles Long)


Club Lacy's Las Vegas Dancer Seduction

Seduction of Club Lacy’s (Nov 2014)

Seduction was born and raised in Las Vegas and is one of the regular dancers at Club Lacy’s Urban Women Night. She writes poetry and would someday like to travel to Africa. (Photos by Miles Long)


Little darlings Las Vegas Dancer Liza

Liza of Little Darlings (Oct 2014)

Liza hails from Michigan and has been dancing professionally for 2 years. She says:  “I can be every man’s wonder woman.”


Palomino Club Las Vegas Dancer Riley

Riley of Palomino Club (Aug 2014)

Riley is a free spirit who says the best thing about being a dancer is that she doesn’t have to work out anymore. She’d someday like to visit New York. (Photos by Miles Long)

How to Find Your Favorite Dancer in a Vegas Strip Club

One of the questions I’m frequently asked by readers of this site is how they can find out if a specific dancer is working. Dancers in Vegas strip clubs do not have regular schedules. They have flexible hours and flexible days off.

If there’s a specific dancer you’re hoping to see, you can always call the club and ask if she’s working that night. Your success at getting an answer will depend on who’s answering the phone. At a small club, you might be speaking to a host or manager who would have the information. At a big club the phone receptionist may not know.

If you’re already in the club, and you want to know if your favorite dancer is on duty, your best bet would be to ask the DJ. The DJ not only has a list of all the dancers scheduled to perform, but also the order in which they perform. If the dancer you’re looking for is in the club and on the list, he’ll know how long it will be before she’s on stage again. If it’s a multi-stage club, he’ll know which stage(s) she’ll be on and when.

If you’re interested in getting a dance from a specific dancer, the DJ may even page her for you and ask her to come to the DJ booth. If he does this, tip him.

In some clubs you can’t easily talk to the DJ as the DJ booth isn’t easily accessible to the customers. In this case, ask a host or manager.

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