TVO’s October Dancer of the Month – Meet Liza from Little Darlings

Liza hails from Michigan and has been dancing professionally for 2 years.  You can find her at Little Darlings (club review / club website).

She says:  “I can be every man’s wonder woman.”

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3 Responses to “TVO’s October Dancer of the Month – Meet Liza from Little Darlings”

  1. 702_Clubman

    Hey how come these pictures don’t look anywhere near as good as the last ones? Did you use a different photographer this time? Whoever the first photographer is you should go back to them. These pictures really don’t make me want to go to this club LOL

  2. Arnold Snyder

    Stop and look at that adorable cutie with that sweet smile and then tell me again you don’t want to see her flying around the poles on Little Darlings’ stage without her Wonder Woman costume on.

    • 702_Clubman

      Eh… I see you already went back to the original photographer! Great job….. guess I didn’t have to say anything, the results speak for themselves LOL


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