U.S. Strip Clubs Open, Close, Open, Close…

Where to Find an Open Strip Club Tonight

Little Darlings Las Vegas stripper

Serenity at Little Darlings,
a Deja Vu Club in Vegas

If you’re looking for open strip clubs in the U.S., it’s hard to find dependable information that lasts more than a few days.  I get emails daily from TVO readers all over the country in shutdown states telling me their favorite strip club has reopened with lap dances and mileage to the max.  They beg me not to post the info on TVO because publishing it might get the club shut down.

Then a few days later they write me again and say the club got shut down anyway.

I figure if you’re a regular at your local strip club, you already know whether it’s reopened and whether masks are required and lap dances are allowed.  But it’s hard to recommend you travel to go to any strip club, because by the time you get there it might be shut down again.  You need to travel by private jet to get to an open strip club these days.

I asked Ryan Carlson, General Manager of the Deja Vu strip clubs in Las Vegas, which are still closed, what was happening with the Deja Vu clubs around the country.

Carlson says Deja Vu now has 30-40 strip clubs open in states other than Nevada. (Deja Vu often owns multiple clubs in a single city.) Because of the pent-up demand, clubs in Lexington, Kentucky,  Oklahoma City and Smithville, Texas were so busy their second week that they broke their all-time records.

Unfortunately, Texas just shut down all strip clubs in the state again this morning. Carlson says some Deja Vu clubs in other states “have been very slow or tanked,” but most are somewhere in the middle or close to normal.  Deja Vu’s Florida strip clubs were doing well, but they also got shutdown again this morning, not by the governor or mayors but by Halsey Beshears, the cabinet secretary in charge of bars.  Beshears’ family business is growing weed, so I expect someone with a brain to call out the conflict of interest fast.  I do not expect this second Florida shutdown to last.

Carlson says all of the open clubs in other states require masks on staff, some require them on guests and/or dancers, but “lap dancing is happening at all clubs.” He says the best states right now for strip clubs are Arizona, Oklahoma, Alabama and Tennessee.

Carlson also says some clubs in California are “producing close to normal numbers,” though they have mandatory masks for all employees, dancers, and guests, and his lobbyist informs him that California strip clubs may be shut down again soon.

The Bat Plague Hoaxes are Getting Debunked Faster

A Sign the End of the Hoax May Be Near

The latest “reason” for reclosing strip clubs or delaying reopening is supposedly rising numbers of Bat Plague cases and hospitalizations.  However, this data, like most widely-reported Bat Plague data, is based on a scam.  The “rising numbers of Covid-19 cases” are actually rising numbers of positive test results on tests that measure for antibodies to any coronavirus.  The common cold is a coronavirus.

A new study to be published in Cell found that 50% of blood donations between 2015 and 2018 test positive for Covid-19 as well, even though Covid-19 didn’t exist at the time.

Then, when too many people got hip to the antibodies scam, the Bat Plague hoaxers took care to create “rising hospitalizations in Texas.”  The way it works is that everyone admitted to a hospital for any reason gets tested for Covid.  If you have coronavirus antibodies, you are suddenly listed as a “new case” whether you have symptoms/an active infection or not.

And at one hospital in Texas, anyone who tested positive was listed as a Covid admission to the hospital, even if they were admitted to the hospital for a facelift or lumpectomy and didn’t in fact have an active Covid infection.  That’s how the latest Bat Plague hoax was born.  Bat Plague hoaxers are tireless!

The good thing is that this particular hoax was debunked in less than 24 hours.  CEOs at other Texas hospitals were the first to call it out, and I doubt they’re going to allow their institutions to sink into bankruptcy over this hoax.  None of them are full; there is no danger of running out of hospital space.  I’m sure the Texas governor’s phone is ringing off the hook as I type this.  So I expect Texas strip clubs to reopen soon as well, after enough time for the governor to save face.

When the Bat Plague hoax first got going, it took many weeks to debunk the fake claims.

In the meantime, I’d welcome info from any TVO readers that care to share reports on open strip clubs anywhere.  You can share it either by email or in the comments. Please tell us the mask policy, whether the dancers can dance topless or nude, how the social distancing works, and whether or not lap dancing and private shows are allowed.  Info you know from your own visit to a club is more helpful than news reports, because I’ve found news reports on strip club reopenings right now are mostly wrong.

I was planning to make a trip to Tijuana to check out some of the strip clubs south of the border, but Carlson informs me that strip clubs in Tijuana are also shut down.

Right now, Palomino Club is the only open strip club in Las Vegas.  I will get into Palomino Club on Saturday night and see how they’re doing under the Nevada governor’s new masks-for-all mandate.

12 Responses to “U.S. Strip Clubs Open, Close, Open, Close…”

  1. BennyHill

    Was planning a PHX run, but they have masks and now we have masks so meh….

    Convenience me to drive 5 hours to PHX or 20 minutes to Palamino. I need to see some big fake titties.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Benny, here’s the play. Go to Palomino Club. Tell them you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask.

      Or wait a couple of days because I’ll be going there this weekend and breaking the mask ice. I’ll have a post up tomorrow about using the ADA to go mask free.

  2. Arnold Snyder

    Casino execs getting laid off left & right and now Rio and Cromwell guests are being shuffled to other hotels. They had been taking reservations for the 4th of July weekend.

    Rio and Cromwell won’t be reopening. Same as Mirage and Park (formerly Monte Carlo).

    Wynn execs just took a 5% pay cut. Food and Bev VP at Strat gone. Social media VP at MGM gone. Many others.

    After 4th of July, more hotels will close.

  3. Bill

    This could be bad if casinos close back down. Vegas is built on the full experience, so not having some casinos open will lessen tourism and could hurt other casinos.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill, exactly. There’s no reason to come here just to play slots. Everyone can do that at home. It was the whole experience, and Sisolak is killing it.

  4. Davehat

    > everyone admitted to a hospital for any reason gets tested for Covid

    That’s ridiculous. My brother was diagnosed with cancer & got admitted to the hospital. They probably counted him as a “covid” even though he has kept himself quarantined (and covid-free) for months.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Davehat, exactly. My mother-in-law lives in assisted living where all visits were shut down in late January and all staff had to get tested and then temp checked everyday.

      But when she went to the hospital with a heart failure related issue, she was listed as a Covid admission even though her Covid test was negative.

  5. Bill

    Went to local strip club last night back to normal most not wearing masks, dancers or customers, private dances available. Just have to wear mask to enter. Note this club is in a wooded area so not in a city.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill, thanks for the report. Confirms what I’m hearing from Colorado, Michigan, elsewhere in PA. There’s a stealth strip club industry thriving. We’re back in Prohibition days.

  6. Bill

    Let’s think about this for a second, elective surgeries put on hold, now they aren’t, so they are gonna be higher, now if anyone who tested positive for bat plague gets one of course it is gonna look worse.



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