Vegas Brothel Prices from an Escort’s Perspective

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Kourtney Chase Gives Insider Tips on What to Expect to Pay and Why


Kourtney Chase

Kourtney Chase recently caught my attention with her comment on Vegas-area brothel prices from a courtesan’s perspective.  Kourtney is a delectable Las Vegas escort who has worked at all of the Vegas-area legal brothels.  Here’s what she had to say on our post about Las Vegas brothel vs escort prices:

Awesome guide! I’m a legal courtesan who has worked at every brothel in Nye County (which is as close to Vegas as brothels get) and your advice is spot on. From the average rate, to the fact that if it’s been busy or there is a convention in town, to that lady being a porn star or brothel veteran, it makes a big difference in what you could pay. 

The only thing we cannot change is the minimum to use the VIP rooms. [Ed. note: The VIP rooms in brothels are larger, more luxurious rooms or even bungalows, sometimes with jacuzzis or specially-appointed “dungeons” or other features, favored by celebrities and wealthy clients.] The house sets that minimum and it’s usually $2500-3000 depending on the brothel.

What are you going to get for that minimum? Again, different for every lady. I’d say typically multiple hours / orgasms, but every lady is different . . .

But I love the power of being able to negotiate. If someone is respectful and kind, I’m more likely to work with him and his budget. I know not everyone can afford thousands, so I try to be as reasonable as possible. Most of the time I’m able to work out something we are both comfortable with.

But I always add Asshole tax, so don’t be rude (lol)! I just don’t understand guys who come in expecting to pay $200-300. You couldn’t even get away with that at a strip club in Vegas with no sexual contact. Why would I do full service for less than strippers dance for when I only get half?  Does not make sense.  [Ed. note:  The brothel takes half the fee for your party.]

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world, thus the brothels near Vegas get more tourists than the other rural Nevada brothels.  That means we pay $150 for our sheriff’s card every three months, while courtesans in more rural counties pay only $60-80 for the entire year.

Our other expenses are also much higher at the brothels near Vegas.  For example, we pay higher rent — the brothel charges us $45 a night — whereas at rural brothels the rents are closer to $20/night. Our doctor fee is $120 weekly; theirs is $85, and so on.


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I appreciate hearing from the women who work at the Las Vegas-area strip clubs, topless shows, and brothels.  Kourtney’s comments were unsolicited and this is not paid advertising, though I imagine she may pick up a few customers from this post.  You can contact Kourtney through the Slixa website or her Chicken Ranch page here, where you can also view more of her photos.

Kourtney has also recently started making XXX flicks.  You can find some of her videos on Pornhub.

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