Vegas Casino Party Pits — Dancing Girls in Their Underwear Make Gambling More Fun

Here’s Where to Find Vegas Casino Party Pits in Fall 2017

Party Pit at Planet Hollywood

Party Pit at Planet Hollywood

I think the first “party pit” I ever saw in a Vegas casino was the Pussycat Dolls party pit at Caesars Palace somewhere around ten years ago. The Pussycat Dolls, a singing/dancing group, had their own showroom at Caesars, so the casino set up a blackjack pit outside their venue where the dealers were all hot babes in Pussycat Dolls style lingerie (cleavage-emphasizing corsets, stockings and garter belts).

Plus, there were go-go dancers in similar outfits in cages at each end of the pit. That party pit disappeared a few years ago when the Pussycat Dolls disappeared from Caesars, but many other party pits have come and gone in dozens of Vegas casinos since.

Bevertainer at Rio Casino

Bevertainer at The Rio

A few casinos have party pits that feature dealers in low-cut outfits but, to me, if a party pit doesn’t have dancing girls, it’s not a party pit. I want to see shimmying titties and twerking booties, or I’m cashing out. For example, the Horseshoe in downtown Vegas has a so-called party pit, but that just means the female dealers wear cowboy hats, low-cut tops, and sequined vests. Stratosphere has a pit Thursday through Saturday nights where the young female dealers wear corsets, but there are no dancing girls.  I’m not complaining, but it’s not quite a party in my book.

I recently did a survey of the Vegas casino party pits. To my dismay, many have disappeared. One thing I can tell you is that blackjack is a lot more fun when your dealer is gorgeous and standing there in her underwear, and if you look over her shoulder, there’s a girl in stockings and garter belt bending over and shaking her ass. You can almost forgive the dealer for taking your money. 

If you’re gambling for any serious amount of money, the party pits may not appeal to you as Vegas casinos often use bad blackjack rules (for players) in party pits. If you’re only making $10 bets and playing for fun, don’t worry about it. The extra cost per hour will be negligible. Essentially you’d be paying $5 to $10 bucks an hour extra for the female entertainment.

Here are the seven remaining real party pits in Vegas as of September 2017:

Downtown, the Golden Gate has had a party pit for years and it ain’t going anywhere. Outside the casino entry doors on Fremont Street, as night falls, go-go dancers in lingerie with long black fringe dance on pedestals at each end of the Golden Gate’s outdoor bar and get that fringe swinging. Inside, three more dancers in similar outfits dance on pedestals inside the blackjack pit where the dealers too wear lingerie. The dealers, in fact, take their turns dancing.

Go-Go Dancer at the D on Fremont Street

Go-Go Dancer at the D on Fremont Street

Also downtown, the D has dancers in lingerie outside on the bar top, as well as inside the casino in their party pit. These two casinos, the Golden Gate and the D, are the only two remaining party pits in downtown Vegas with real go-go dancers in the gambling pits.

I found three casinos in the mid-Strip area with party pits. The Flamingo’s “X-pit” (to promote the casino’s  topless show, X Burlesque) has a runway inside the pit where dancers in lingerie perform Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights only. The Paris casino also has a party pit with dancers in lingerie, stockings and garter belts. And Planet Hollywood has two “Pleasure Pits,” both stocked with lingerie-clad dancers.

Off-Strip, the Hard Rock casino has sexy acrobats doing aerial stunts over the gaming pits on hoops, trapezes, and ribbons of silk. These girls flying around overhead add an element of erotic danger to your gambling fun. At any moment one of them could slip and come crashing down onto your table.

Also, the Rio has “bevertainers” — cocktail servers who double as dancers (mostly), performing on pedestal stages throughout the casino. Some of these dancers are pretty damn hot in their skimpy little lingerie outfits. But watch out: the Rio also has male bevertainers, and one of these dudes might just grab a microphone and start belting out a song for you.

Party Pits at Live Casinos Online

Beautiful Dealer at Live Casino OnlineIf you live in a benighted city, state or even country without casino party pits, and you can’t fly into Vegas tonight, a growing number of online casino sites have launched a product called live casino which allows you to play at a real gaming table, with real cards and chips, manned by sexy female dealers.  And these aren’t the animated dealers you see on some blackjack machines now in Vegas.  They’re real live humans, dealing the game in real time, and they look great.

The tables are located in a purpose-built studio that has been designed to look like a Vegas casino floor.  There are clusters of tables offering different games and managers (pit bosses) move between them to make sure everything is being run fairly.

With online live casino gambling, you can hear the roulette ball rattle around the wheel and the sound of cards being swiped across the felt.  More important, you can hear your pretty dealer complimenting you on your blackjack and respond by typing a message into the chat box.

The dealers themselves are beautiful and sexy, dressed in figure-hugging, low-cut evening dresses. They chat and flirt with you as you play, addressing you by name.  And they work the tables on shifts, allowing regular players to form bonds over time. The ones I’ve played have been charming and funny.

All these live online casinos need are some go-go girls in lingerie, maybe an aerial act or two in the background, and you can practically be playing in a Vegas Strip party pit from your smartphone.  No wonder these casinos are becoming so popular with gamblers around the world (particularly in Europe).

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