Vegas Conventions Dead Through Mid-2021

How China Came to Control Vegas

To the surprise of no one sane, Democrat Nevada Governor Sisolak’s new Vegas convention rules have been as successful as his Soviet TB ward casino reopening orders in bringing tourism back to Las Vegas.

Vegas casinos have informed Sisolak that they have essentially lost all their convention business through the first two quarters of 2021.  Turns out no businesses want to hold or attend conventions where attendees have to form pods and refrain from mingling with new people.  In fact, it turns out people come to conventions expressly to mingle with new people.

But that can’t be allowed right now and here’s why.  If you’ve been paying attention to the news regarding Hunter Biden’s emails, you know Joe Biden laundered billions in payments from foreign criminals and corrupt foreign governments through his son.  The payments were essentially protection money. Joe sold our jobs to China, stopped investigations into foreign oligarchs’ crimes, stopped seizures of their assets, and much more.

But if you’re also paying attention to other material on Hunter’s laptop, including videos and photographs of other Biden family criminal acts, you understand that not only Biden, but the entire Democrat party is being blackmailed by China.  Sisolak works for the DNC, so Sisolak is controlled by China too. 

And China wants the U.S. economy destroyed, so Vegas must be destroyed.  Sisolak, who came to Vegas to be a boiler room operator here back when these operations were controlled by the mob, is a dutiful soldier.  He will never do what’s right for Vegas or Nevada.

Wall St has estimated that even a 10% reduction in Vegas convention business costs Nevada 40+% of its total tourism revenues.  As tourism is Nevada’s only industry, you can imagine what a total shutdown of convention business is doing to this state.

Sisolak has also issued new China Cootie orders for singers in lounges and restaurants.  There must now be a 25-foot distance between such entertainers and the nearest customer, but they no longer have to wear masks while singing.  All other entertainers on stage, even those distanced 25 feet from the audience, must now wear face masks.

The purpose of this new mandate is to destroy live entertainment in the few bars and restaurants that had started to bring it back.  And that, of course, will destroy the bars and restaurants themselves, which is exactly what Sisolak intends.

Democrat Antifa-BLM terrorism just never really got rolling in Vegas.  We had some arson and a handful of riots, but nothing like what we’ve seen in Seattle or Portland.  And there just isn’t enough of a criminal population in Vegas to pull off the type of destruction we’ve seen in NYC.  So Sisolak had to find new methods.

The only hope is that a court ruling here will end Sisolak’s unconstitutional mandates once and for all.  That’s what’s happened in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois and other Democrat-controlled states.  I asked a Nevada source what in the world is the delay with all the lawsuits that have been filed here against Sisolak’s orders.  He said the courts appear to be sitting on them, deliberately not hearing them.

I’ve written multiple times over the past 40 years about how corrupt Nevada’s courts are.  So we may have to wait for some U.S. Supreme Court order that overturns mandates like Sisolak’s for the entire country.

Once again, there is no evidence whatsoever that anyone in the U.S. has actually died of Bat Plague.

U.S. Total Deaths, All Causes

2020: 2,838,000 [on track for]
2019: 2,855,000
2018: 2,839,000
2017: 2,814,000

U.S. Total Deaths, All Causes, By Month

2020: 236,000
2019: 238,000
2018: 237,000
2017: 234,000

All data from hereherehere and here.

15 Responses to “Vegas Conventions Dead Through Mid-2021”

  1. jj solari

    600,000 “new cases” according to the cult reporters. how do they even know that? so that means doing more of what hasnt worked again. so that it wont work again. and there are actually people who think this is all legit? maybe we DESERVE this. maybe you really cant fix stupid.

  2. 808forever

    Again, just as I thought, the courts here are stalling until the election to hear the cases. This continues the economic destruction Shittylack wants. Then they’ll either get quietly swept away (Biden) or politically forced to be heard (Trump)

    The fallout from the October Surprise revelations needs to get people to move MUCH FASTER to save the state. Otherwise, the desert will reclaim the town, just like a scene in one of those shitty Resident Evil movies.

    • Arnold Snyder

      808, I thought of you the minute he told me that. Two weeks and two days to go.

      Trump will be declared winner on election day.

      In between now and then, SCOTUS will overturn all the Democrats election chaos/vote fraud laws.

      Then SCOTUS is set to rule on Bat Plague shutdowns and lots of other things. Trump wants to get us a lot more Coronabux before that ruling.

      • 808forever

        Pelosi just stated that there’s a 48 hour time limit to agree on a stimulus package, if the checks are to go out before election day. You wanna bet there’ll be no agreement, and that it’ll be blamed on the Repubs?

        • Arnold Snyder

          808, and Trump responded with a statement that he wants much bigger Coronabux checks for the citizenry.

          So now Pelosi would be blocking $2k checks to everyone with a Social Security number, plus trillions to small businesses and some money to state and local governments.

          He’ll get us the money. If not now, right after the election.

  3. 808forever

    As I type this, I’m at Little Darlings, and I can confirm:


    The marquee is still shut off, and the front entrance is still boarded up. Any rumors to the contrary are pure BS. We’ll have to wait for an official announcement from Deja Vu to see when/if they reopen.

    There were several other cars when I got here, so it looks like the BS rumor got some traction. I say again: LITTLE DARLINGS IS CLOSED.

  4. Suffering in Hawaii

    If you think Sisolak is bad you should check out what Hawaii Gov Ige has done to our state.

    • 808forever

      Oh believe me braddah/sistah, I keep up with da news from home, and Ige is, unbelievably, more incompetent than Shittylack. Same goes for LG Green too, and he’s allegedly a doctor!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Benny, thanks for the great news!

      Tootsie’s Cabaret beats Miami Bat Plague restrictions!

      Source just told me to prepare for seven years’ war, Benny. Seems you are right on that emergency food/water/ammo.

      • 808forever

        At last, he’s stopped being a Chicken Little! 😀

        I hope this spreads to Orlando too, in time for my vacation!



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