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sapphire las vegas is famous for high mileage lap dances

Jessica Dances at Sapphire –
(Club Review/Club website)
In a Class of its Own For High Mileage

In Vegas, it’s legal for customers to touch the dancers in strip clubs and many dancers make the most of that. It’s not unusual for a stage dancer to come over the rail to push her tits into a guy’s (or girl’s) face. Some stage dancers will even take the hands of a front row admirer and place them onto her breasts and hold them there for a few moments. Some dancers invite customers in the front row to spank them.

A more limber dancer may lean over the rail and put her head into a guy’s lap, then tumble completely off the stage, wrapping her thighs around his head, or do some other weird contortion that involves intimate (but often hilarious) physical contact with one or more members of the audience.

One of the things that makes Vegas strip clubs so much fun is the anything-goes attitude of so many dancers who are clearly having fun teasing the crowd. This attitude is also one of the reasons why so many men bring their wives and girlfriends to our strip clubs and why so many women discover they enjoy watching strippers. In addition to being crazy erotic, it’s simply fun with a capital F.

Guys who come to Vegas from other states are often surprised to find that the dancers not only touch the customers but that they allow the customers to touch them. In many jurisdictions outside Nevada, strip clubs have strict hands-off policies. If you like touching dancers and having dancers touch you, here are some of the Vegas ground rules.

The Lap Dance Mileage Concept

deja Vu Showgirls Las Vegas Dancer

Shelby Sparks Dances at
Deja Vu Showgirls
(Club review/ Club website)
Photo by Hew Burney

Lap dance aficionados use the term “mileage” to mean “hands on.” A “high mileage” lap dance is one where you can have your hands on the dancer a lot. A low mileage lap dance is one where the dancer frequently blocks your hands from exploring the areas you’re most interested in.

My wife keeps asking me why mileage is important. She doesn’t get it. She enjoys watching the stage dancers do their crazy antics, but she can’t comprehend why guys want to feel up dancers who are sitting in their laps.

I can’t explain this. It seems to me it’s just how guys are. We see tits and we want to hug ’em and kiss ’em and play with ’em and smother ourselves in them. What’s not to get?

To put it bluntly, in the Vegas strip clubs a high-mileage dance would be one where you can get your hands on the dancer’s tits and ass (and preferably bury your face in titties). A low mileage dance, by contrast, would be one where you could hold the dancer’s waist or hips, her sides, her legs, maybe even give her a back massage—but tits? Forget it.

Some dancers choose to perform only low-mileage lap dances. They tend to cluster at clubs where either the customers or club management prefer a low-mileage scene, often because most of the customers are tourists.

More dancers allow mileage on a case-by-case basis, permitting customers who are gentle and respectful more mileage than they allow customers who are grabby, rough, rude, or otherwise distasteful to them.

And other dancers not only allow, but encourage, a lot of mileage.  What’s more, these dancers tend to gravitate towards clubs that have high-mileage reputations.

If it’s mileage you’re looking for when you come to Vegas, here’s a quick and dirty guide to the best clubs at which to look for it. These are clubs where mileage is consistently high even for regular lap dances out on the main floor.

High-Mileage Vegas Strip Clubs

Sapphire: Sapphire is a babe bacchanal with 300 to 400+ dancers at peak hours and high-mileage laps even on the main floor.  I’m talking in-your-face, in-your-hands, in-your-lap high-contact dances and the wildest lap dance scene in town.  No worry about getting to second base here.  The club also has beautiful private rooms where you can close the door to be alone with a dancer, but if your budget is limited, you get a lot of lap dance for $20 here, and the hustle factor is low for a club of this caliber.  Men who like their women stacked will be happy here.  (Full club review/Club website) Call 1-702-869-0003 for the free club limo and get free admission (a $35 savings).

Deja Vu Showgirls: Deja Vu is a favorite of local mileage aficionado’s not only for its high-contact lap dances but for its full-body contact private bedroom shows starting at only $150 for 15 minutes.  (That’s roughly what most Vegas clubs charge for 10 minutes in the group VIP.)  Imagine closing the door behind you and stretching out in full privacy with the beautiful topless girl who’s climbing on top of you.  (Club review/ Club website)

Palomino Club:  Palomino offers the highest mileage of the nude clubs in Vegas, especially once you get to the VIP dance level.  Fully-nude VIP dances start at three songs for $100 and take place in private booths with an opaque curtain across the door for full privacy.  That extra privacy really loosens the girls up.  (Club review / Club website)

Cheetahs:  This club features all kinds of dark corners where you can sit in relative privacy with a dancer, even out on the main floor. Cheetahs’ lap dances are high mileage even during daylight hours, when lap dances are two songs for $20 until 7 pm. Cheetahs dancers have a wide variety of body types. (See full club review.)

Spearmint Rhino: You’ll often see high-mileage lap dances at Rhino out on the main floor.  This is a club with 150-200+ dancers at peak hours, most fine and very fine.  The club has a problem with a high hustle factor. (See full club review.)

Just remember that in all strip clubs the dancer has the final say on exactly what is permitted or not. She’s the boss. The bouncers are there for a reason.

22 Responses to “Vegas Strip Club Mileage”

  1. Andrew

    First of all, this site is awesome. You’ve really put a ton of info here for us guys that are new to this and it really helps.

    I’m coming to Vegas next week and looking for a good club where I can get as much mileage as possible. I see that you have Sapphire down as the #1 for high mileage but I’m wondering if that still stands true with the recent changes to Little Darlings (based on your review and comments about that club).

    I’m really looking forward to my visit as I’ll be there alone and can enjoy my time freely.

    Thanks for a great site!

  2. Arnold Snyder

    Andrew: Mileage at Little Darlings really depends on the dancer. Since the lap dances take place off the main floor, it can be hard to know in advance what you’ll be getting.

    At Sapphire, $20 lap dances take place out on the main floor, so you can SEE the mileage. If mileage is your main concern, go to Sapphire.

  3. Charlie

    Thanks for the post. We are heading to Vegas in November and was
    looking for clubs to go to for my buddy’s bachelor party. I will definitely
    ck both of these places out.

  4. Dicky

    Completely agree with Sapphire being a good place for a high mileage lap dances, but I’m not a big fan of the minimum drink spending in the private and VIP areas. They really add up to your spending significantly.
    I’ve just arrived in Vegas and will be checking out the other places recommended on this website

  5. Josh

    Maybe it’s just been my bad experience but my last trip to Vegas in August of this year yielded somewhat of a low-mileage experience at Sapphire. I’ve experienced much better experiences at the Rhino instead and even once at Treasures. Had VIP with one of the strippers at Sapphire and the rooms were still public, even less public than some of the seats on the main floor. Then the same dancer has to nerve to order drinks for herself and put it on my tab.

    • Arnold Snyder

      There are 400 dancers at Sapphire. If you spend two minutes looking around at what the dancers are doing in other guys’ laps, you can easily get one of the 398 dancers who are giving a high mileage dance at the club.

  6. Cancon

    A lot depends on the maturity, attitude and behaviour of the patron. If he’s arrogant (like suggesting on a public blog that someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about), grabby, rough, loud – then he may not get much mileage. I go with my wife, we’re both in our 50’s, and we both get as much mileage as we think is reasonable given that these girls are not hookers. Be polite, proceed slowly, don’t squeeze anything too tightly whether it’s a boob or a butt cheek, and you’ll be surprised at what you can get away with. Sapphires in a corner of the main room and Palomino behind a curtain work best for us. If she approaches my wife first to offer a dance, I know we’re in for a good time.

  7. PL

    Awesome site.

    Quick question – wife a I are going in 4 weeks. Wife wants high mileage from female dancers up to and including breast in mouth. She wants a dancer willing to dance for both of us together. However she’s not interested in full nude. Of course her final top request is cleanliness and classy.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please give me a couple of good options ranked in you opinion.


    • Arnold Snyder

      PL, Sapphire is clean, classy, and offers the highest mileage in town. I saw a couple getting what you’re looking for just the other day.

      At all clubs there’s some variability in what dancers will allow. Watch what’s going on around you, try a dancer out, and maybe go for the VIP with the dancer who works out best.

    • Fk

      Bella Chicas…I believe you are referring to Chicas Bonitas.

      The mileage there is ULTRA HIGH. I’m not a grabby patron but the ladies there allow alot of freedom with ‘los manos’. Many of the dancers there took control of my hands and placed them….everywhere, lol. This was my experience for both floor and backroom dances. But as this site suggest, when in doubt, always ask the dancers what the limits are just to be on the safe side.

      I’ve gone there recently during happy hours and the experience was excellent for the price ($10 floor dances, $25 backroom dances, $5 pitcher beer of the day and $4 shots). Do note that many of the dancers there tend to be on the “thicker” and/or older side, but many do go the extra mile (especially in the back room). As well there are a few bombshells in there that, in my opinion, should probably be working at some of the bigger clubs near the strip.

      I can’t speak for the night hours but I assume there would be more talent and higher prices for dances and drinks.

  8. Jw

    I don’t see the OG really anywhere on your website, but i’ve heard good things about it. I’m looking for a combo experience for my girlfriend and myself. She wants the guy experience, and I enjoy watching and/or participating. Afterwards, it’ll be my turn with the girls. So with that in mind. I’ve heard OG is good for the combo and a decent amount of mileage. I’m guessing your response, Arnold, will be to try to push Sapphire on me, but Sapphire doesn’t seem to be as male friendly with the male shows. Even though they have a couples package, their website states that their male revue is a ladies-only showroom. OG encourages couples as long as the male is accompanied by a female. I’m not there for the guys, but i’m there to watch my gf enjoy herself. So what’s your take on the combo and mileage for both of us?

  9. Rob

    My fiancé and I will be coming for a visit in November. We will be looking for a couples friendly, high mileage club. It sounds like Sapphire or Palominos will fit that bill. I wanted a little more clarification on wives and girlfriends though, are they exposed when the dancers do lap dances or when tipping on the rail. I find it much more erotic when they are partially stripped by the performers and basically become part of the show.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rob, to get the kind of thing you’re talking about you would have to go to the VIP.

      Dancers at Palomino will come over the edge of the stage to tease a woman who is tipping–putting her breasts in the woman’s face, kissing her lap, things like that–but she’s not going to do any undressing or even unbuttoning of the customer out in the main room of the club. Or at least, I haven’t seen it.

      I have seen female customers really get into the scene and pull up their shirts to flash their titties at dancers on stage, but it’s not the norm.

  10. alex

    Sapphire is a nice club and it’s really up to the girl what you can or can not do. But keep in mind that you WILL be hussled, there will be tons of extra fees, tips, so that the final bill for some very basic action might end up $1000, while quoted $400 at first. So be careful

    • Arnold Snyder

      Alex, it’s $375 for a half hour VIP dance at Sapphire, and that includes booze. I can see a tip for the VIP bouncer and the dancer if you get a good dance.

      No way it should cost $1000 unless you’re paying for an hour in the Skybox, you’re ordering some very special booze, and/or you’re tipping the dancer and host huge–unless the services you’re getting are WAY beyond the norm (like a blowjob with your dance).

      Pick a dancer who is giving great $20 lap dances in the main room and you shouldn’t get hustled much.

  11. lederlack

    Hi, I am planning to go with wife next may. We already attended a stripclub in Miami (we live in South America). Was wondering what high contact means in your article. My wife really wants to get to third base with a girl and I still don’t understand if a stripclub is the place to find a girl for real sex (there or outside) with her at least
    PS: your site is awesome

    • Arnold Snyder

      lederlack, high contact in the Vegas strip clubs generally means 2nd base–feeling up breasts, ass, hips, waist, legs, but not pussy.

      Your wife probably won’t get to third base in a Vegas strip club, but you could always try to negotiate with a dancer. If I were looking for this, I’d go to Palomino and negotiate for a bedroom dance that included this.

      Another option is to go to one of the Vegas-area brothels. If you’re not looking for intercourse or a blow job but your wife just wants to touch the girl, the price may be a couple hundred to five hundred dollars (depending on the girl you choose and exactly what you want and how much time) and you should have no trouble negotiating that. If you want to go further for your wife or both of you, the price will be higher.

      If you click on the “Brothels” button in the main menu, you will find our guide to brothels & escorts, plus reviews for Love Ranch South, Sheri’s Ranch, or Alien Cathouse brothels, all within about an hour of Vegas.



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