Vegas Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Honor All States’ Med Cards

Essence Marijuana Dispensary Las Vegas

Vegas Marijuana Dispensaries
are Like the Tiffany’s of Weed

(Photo of Essence Cannabis Dispensary)

Today is April 20, a day known to all fans of marijuana as National Weed Day. Let me take this opportunity to enlighten those of you who don’t live in Nevada about our pot laws.

If you’ve got a valid medical marijuana card from any state in the U.S. – and 24 states plus the District of Columbia now issue these cards – you can legally purchase weed at any Nevada medical marijuana dispensary. All you need is your card and state ID.

Most states do not honor cards from out-of-state, but Nevada is one of the few that does. This is good news because so many people travel to Nevada from out of state to enjoy our casinos, shows, strip clubs, topless pools, brothels, and 24/7 party atmosphere. And what’s a party without medication?

No Need to Risk Traveling with Your Meds

When you come to Vegas you don’t have to risk traveling with your meds, which can get you in big trouble with the federal government if you get caught with pot on a flight or even driving through a state where pot is not yet recognized as a legitimate medicine, even when prescribed by a physician.

If you’re coming to Vegas and you want to medicate while you’re here, you can drive or fly into town risk-free, legally purchase just enough product in Vegas for use while you’re here, then return home risk-free. There are about a dozen medical marijuana dispensaries in the greater Las Vegas area. I’ve started to scope them out.

The Vegas dispensaries look nothing like the illegal dispensaries we had a few years ago, which were more like the mom-and-pop dispensaries in California. The Vegas dispensaries are elegant, like the Tiffany’s of weed.  The selection is outstanding.  And the sales staffs in these shops are friendly and professional, able to provide knowledgeable advice on the products if needed.

My Dispensary Picks

Here are a couple of the best places I’ve found so far for price, selection, and convenience:

Reef Dispensaries

Reef Dispensaries Offers Wholesale Prices
3400 Western Ave, Las Vegas

Reef Dispensaries is far and away the best venue for price. Whereas most dispensaries’ lowest price on their primo bud is in the $12- $15/gram range (depending on the strain), and in the $300/oz range (rarely below $265), Reef offers half a dozen strains at $8/gram and $200/0z.

Have I personally tested their product? Not yet. I learned to grow my own back when we didn’t have dispensaries. But I asked one customer if he’d tried the $8 product. He said, “Dank.”

Reef grows its own product on site. The facility is huge – it takes up a whole city block – so you get more of a wholesale rate. Reef also carries edibles, extracts, concentrates, vape products and gear. Reef is located at 3400 Western Ave, just south of Desert Inn (right around the block from Spearmint Rhino). Hours: 6 am – 10 pm daily.

Essence Cannabis Dispensary has three locations in the Vegas area, including the only dispensary on the Strip. This place has a huge selection and generous discounts that change daily all this month (April), in honor of National Weed Day. Today’s special is a gram for $1 with any marijuana purchase. I asked if I could get the gram for $1 if all I purchased was a preroll for $10. Yes, I could.

Grams are $15-$18, ounces $270-$320, shake $110-$125/oz.

If you’re an out-of-state first time patient, you get an automatic 10% off your purchase. Senior citizens get 10% off. Military gets 10% – 30% off, based on level of disability. Nevada residents get 20% off their first purchase.

Essence has three locations:

2307 Las Vegas Blvd S (the Strip), a half-block north of Sahara (next door to the big Walgreens), a couple blocks south of the Stratosphere. Parking lot in back. 10 am – 9 pm daily.

5765 W Tropicana Ave. 10 am – 10 pm daily.

4300 E Sunset Rd Ste A3, Henderson. 10 am – 8 pm daily.

Recreational Marijuana Coming to Vegas Soon

In November, recreational marijuana use for adults will be on the ballot and all surveys indicate the measure will be passed with ease. Until 2017, however, patience, patients.


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