Las Vegas Topless Casino Shows Overview

So Many Ways to See Women Undressed

Let’s say you decide not to spend your every waking Vegas moment getting fleeced in either a casino or a strip club. You decide to branch out in your quest for entertainment. You’ve hit that point where you know if you’re in a strip club, you’re going to start shelling out twenties and you don’t want to blow all your mad money yet. You don’t want to be tempted by lap dancers—you know you can’t resist—but is it possible to see tits without having to tip dancers?

Buddy, you are in luck, because you are in Vegas, Tit Capital of the Western Hemisphere.

The Topless Casino Shows

Fantasy 058aSome of the topless casino shows are pretty damn sexy and the casino showrooms do not allow lap dancing. Plus, nobody tips the dancers in a casino showroom. The price of admission is all you need pay and drinks are always available.

Many shows in Las Vegas are billed as “adults only,” but these are mostly comedy/variety performances. I don’t review Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club at MGM Grand, or Menopause: The Musical at Luxor, or The Rat Pack is Back at the Rio or any of the dozens of other adult-entertainment options this town has to offer that wouldn’t fill the bill for a guy who’s seeking something that’s gonna produce wood. If a casino show has no dancers (or other suitable females) taking their clothes off, don’t look for my review.

I’m not going to review casino shows from the perspective of theatrical brilliance or gripping plot or special effects or any other common criteria you might find in the local papers or travel guides. I judge casino shows primarily by how much you get to see nearly naked dancers that can do splits and back-bends in high heels and g-strings and who the fuck cares what the plot is?

Ever since the “family-entertainment” scare of the 1990s, when casinos canned most of their topless shows in favor of amusements for the baby boomers with kiddies, the casinos have been losing entertainment dollars to the strip clubs. Now, the casinos are fighting to get these revenues back. To keep their customers on property, they’re offering a new assortment of topless revues, advertised as delivering some pretty steamy entertainment.

Bear in mind that all topless casino shows are not created equal. For example, both Jubilee! at Bally’s and X Burlesque at the Flamingo feature topless dancers.  Jubilee! has a cast of 100 and some of the most astonishing special effects you’ll ever see in a stage production. If I were rating shows on production values, X Burlesque wouldn’t even be in the same league as Jubilee!


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But in my rating system, special effects don’t count. The six female dancers who comprise the entire cast of X Burlesque are so much sexier and spend so much more time on stage in little more than g-strings and heels than the 50 Jubilee! showgirls that X Burlesque beats Jubilee! hands down for any guy looking for something resembling a strip-club experience in a casino showroom.

Topless Casino Shows vs. Topless Strip Clubs

ZumanitySplit2Let me explain what I mean by “something resembling a strip-club experience in a casino showroom.” If you’re a tourist looking for a more risqué Vegas show where you get to see some beautiful nearly-naked dancers, you’ll enjoy a show like X Burlesque. But if you’re a guy who likes watching strippers and you think X Burlesque might provide an actual strip-club experience, you’ll likely be disappointed, even though X Burlesque is one of the sexier casino shows in town.

Watching a stripper is one thing: A striptease is personal and a stripper plays with and reacts to the crowd. Watching a dancer in a casino show imitate a stripper is something else again. A striptease-like dance number is impersonal. A dancer in a casino show just goes through her choreographed routine.

In the 1980s, Tina Turner recorded a popular song called “Private Dancer,” the lament of a woman who worked as a stripper. The lyrics described her feelings while dancing and included lines like, “You don’t look at their faces” and “You keep your eyes on the wall.” It’s the lament of a woman who stripped out of desperation, who felt shame for having sunk so low—a dancer who had no feeling for her dancing as an art form, but only as a source of survival in misery and isolation. You will sometimes see dancers in strip clubs who could be singing that song. But they rarely last long in the business.

XBurlesque5The whole art of stripping is about eye contact with the audience. This was always true even in the old days of burlesque, but it’s especially true in the age of lap-dancing, when personal contact is precisely how the money is made.

A stripper makes individual guys watching her feel like she’s dancing for them alone, and she does it with her eyes. She’s a girl flirting with her clothes off. As a popular art form, stripping has been driving men wild since Salome danced for King Herod. If you watch the same stripper on 10 different occasions, her routine will be different every time. It all depends on which guys she picks out to tease and how she proceeds based on each guy’s responses to her. There’s always a playfulness and spontaneity to stripping and the stripper’s creativity and improvisations make her exciting to watch.

A stripper on stage is always living in the moment and you never know what she’s going to do next. The best strippers have fun on stage and you can’t fake having fun. It’s not the bare boobs that make a stripper exciting so much as the lively, intelligent, teasing woman behind them.

I had a great seat for X Burlesque, right on the center aisle, three feet from the mini-stage. During the course of the show, every dancer had a turn or two on that stage, but not once did one of them look at me. The X Burlesque dancers do a lot of the classic stripper moves and they do them very well, but there isn’t an improvised moment in the show. The overall effect is rehearsed rather than spontaneous. Also, if I had put a tip on that mini-stage, even a twenty, the dancer would likely have been insulted, not complimented. Even if she’s swinging topless on a pole in naught but a g-string, she’s not a stripper, she’s a showgirl.

Still, I like casino shows. In fact, I love casino shows. You can’t see shows like Vegas shows anywhere else but Vegas. Plus you could take your wife or girlfriend to any casino show I review without making her feel uncomfortable, even though they feature topless dancers. (I’m assuming your wife or girlfriend isn’t a total prude.) So if you’re in Vegas with your significant other and you can’t get away to a strip club, these shows might be your next best bet. A few of the shows I’d recommend to any strip club devotee just to see the bodies on the dancers. Gorgeous naked dancers? What’s not to like?

Pinup3aBut no matter what a critic may say in a review about a casino show, no matter how much he raves about how “over the top” he found it, trust me, in most cases he’s just trying to maintain the ad revenue stream for whatever publication he works for. No one with any concept of what goes on in the strip clubs would ever view casino production shows as highly erotic. The dancers in casino shows can dance—in most cases a hell of a lot better than most strippers—but when it comes to pole and floor work and the stripper moves that make the boys go nuts with lust, most Vegas showgirls could take lessons from the 18-year-olds over at Little Darlings.

How to Get Better Seats for Less at Vegas Topless Shows

Most of the casino shows I review have a minimum-age requirement of either 18 or 21. These shows are generally expensive, with ticket prices ranging from $35 to $100+. Locals are often given a price break, so if you’ve got Nevada ID it’s always smart to ask at the box office. Guests of the hotel-casino are also sometimes given a special rate. Be sure to check in-room extras, or even look for packages that include show tickets when you’re searching out a hotel in the first place.

Casino shows are sometimes promoted through discount coupons distributed through local motels, rental-car offices, visitor centers, or in the freebie visitor magazines, and even if you don’t have a coupon, the box-office cashier may be able to supply you with one. A good thing to remember in Vegas is that there’s often a discount available on anything the casinos have to offer, so always ask. And, of course, this will be an area we pay close attention to on Twitter @ToplessVegas.

One way to get into a show free is to gamble in the casino. Showroom comps are among the easier freebies for gamblers at the table games to obtain. Unfortunately, this usually requires bets of $25 or more, sometimes for a number of hours, and this could make the cost of the show far more expensive than just buying a ticket. If you do play table games at this level, or if you play high-end slots or video poker, you’ll often find that you can get show tickets comped just by asking your host.


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My general approach to tickets for casino shows with assigned seating is to buy the cheap seats, then tip the maître d’ or usher for a better seat. This usually works when the show isn’t sold out. In my reviews of the shows, I tell you which shows are your best bets for this ploy.

The show prices I quote in my reviews are the full prices you’d pay at the casino showroom box office, online at the casino’s website, or over the phone, though there may be additional fees.

Las Vegas Burlesque and Topless Show Ratings

I rate the casino shows according to the same SPW scale I use to rate strip clubs, with 100% being the most arousing and 0% being about as sexy as Spongebob Squarepants. (SPW stands for “Statistical Probability of Wood.” For a full explanation of the scale, see my Guide to Strip Club Ratings.)

Here’s a quick rundown of the show ratings from top to bottom on the SPW Scale:

Sexxy Westgate 20%
Crazy Girls Riviera 20%
X Burlesque Flamingo 20%
Fantasy Luxor 18%
Zumanity New York New York 15%
Pin Up Stratosphere 13%
X Rocks Rio 12%
Zombie Burlesque Planet Hollywood 11%
Sin City Comedy Planet Hollywood 11%
Absinthe Caesars 5.874%
Jubilee! Bally’s 2%

Las Vegas Burlesque and Bar Shows Overview

The burlesque renaissance, sometimes called the neo-burlesque movement, is alive and well in Las Vegas, even though we do not have a full-time neo-burlesque venue yet. All of the current neo-burlesque shows take place in bars and nightclubs on specified nights, some monthly, some weekly, some a couple nights a week.

A few of the casino shows, like X Burlesque and Zombie Burlesque, are choreographed production shows, a far cry from the typical (more improvisational) neo-burlesque shows. So they’re listed above under topless casino shows.

All of the topless casino shows, in fact, could be loosely categorized under burlesque, as all of these shows grew out of the old Vegas burlesque shows. The first topless show in Vegas was Minsky’s Follies, a traditional 1950s burlesque show with strippers and comedians that opened at the Dunes in 1958. Since then, the casino shows have simply gotten more elaborate, but they really are nothing more than what burlesque turned into in Vegas.

Wild and Sexy Bar Shows

Also included in this group are some of the shows that wouldn’t qualify as burlesque, but because of their more improvisational (amateur or just unusual) character, they fit better in this category than they do with casino shows. The bikini bull-riding contest at Gilley’s, the Puppetry of the Penis show at Erotic Heritage Museum, etc., are all reviewed here.

The bar shows are generally free or a low cover charge. Some of these shows are pretty wild. Most have a roughly equal male/female customer ratio, but offer some kind of entertainment where you might expect to see female performers (sometimes customers) in skimpy outfits or some state of undress. Most of these shows don’t last very long or have lots of break time in between acts, but some are a lot of fun and worth going to anyway.

Go to: Casino/Bar ShowsEndGirl0



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25 Responses to “Las Vegas Topless Casino Shows Overview”

  1. Mike

    Any reviews on the hustler show ‘sexy after dark? Didn’t see it listed above. Is your list the same post oandemic?

  2. Tim

    Hi Arnold,

    Do you know of any shows opened yet? I’ll be in Vegas next weekend. I’m planning on spending time at the pool. I’m open to any suggestions you might have from pool to shows to night life. It seems as if all shows are still closed? Is that true? Any suggestions for a pool, preferably topless or best pool to sight seeing some good looking women. Also, I know the night clubs are shut down. Whats the best or closest to a party atmosphere that you know of? I think the virus is way over blown and was hoping to find a night clubs or something with music and dancing even if its off strip. ANY suggestions on what to do in vegas with this stupid virus crap going on would be much appreciated!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tim, all shows are still banned. Same with topless pools and nightclubs.

      You can get a topless lap dance or private show at Deja Vu, at least as of today. The other Vegas strip clubs are closed. Weekend nights have gotten a bit of a crowd on Fremont Street, though bands are still banned.

      It’s slim pickings right now. Moorea Beach will usually have attractive women, though they won’t be topless right now, and masks are required even at pools unless you’re actually swimming.

  3. Bill

    Is it awkward to go to any of these shows alone? It seems like most of the reviews are from couples. Which show or shows would be best for a solo male?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill, I went to all of these shows alone and I never felt awkward.

      So all of the reviews reflect my enjoyment of the show as a solo male.

      Take a look here at the shows I put stars on (all of them are at the top of the page). Those were the shows I liked best as a solo male. I liked them because they were the sexiest shows and also the most entertaining with the hottest dancers.

      Since I posted the review of Little Miss Nasty, it has moved to the Rio but the show is still terrific. Little Miss Nasty and Sexxy were my absolute favorites.

  4. Tim

    Hi Arnold,

    What is your suggestion for a Burlesque / Adult show if you are going as a couple? I’m going to Vegas with a girlfriend who wants to see Burlesque but I also don’t want to take her to a show that is pretty much targeted for males. Would be nice if it was something that got us both turned on, but not necessarily a requirement. haha!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tim, your girlfriend will enjoy the casino burlesque shows as much as you, though maybe for different reasons.

      I think the best shows are Little Miss Nasty at Hooters, Sexxy at the Westgate, and X Burlesque at the Flamingo. All have sexy dancers who can really move and who have striptease moves down, great costumes and sets, plus good music and a sense of humor.

      It’s the sense of humor and glitz that keep it fun for women instead of threatening. It’s the beautiful women and sexy moves that make it a turn-on for you both. Definitely go! I think you’ll have a great time.

  5. Tim

    Any chance if you know if Little Miss Nasty closed? or are they just on tour? I don’t see shows for Vegas available. Not even anything several weeks or months out.

    Kinda bummed, I just booked a flight to head back out to Vegas. I was going to check it out!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tim, they appear to be on tour through August 10 (in California). Hooters still has the show on their website, and the Little Miss Nasty website says new Vegas ticket sales will be announced soon.

  6. tim

    Thanks for the info Arnold. What would be your second choice for a topless show? Fantasy?

    Do all of the topless show have the women wearing tassels or nipple shields? or do they actually show nipples too? (seems like all the videos online show tassels)

    Lastly, for Sexxy. I do NOT want to be pulled up on stage. Would you suggest asking for a seat in the back or do you think it doesn’t matter and they pull a guy from anywhere in the crowd?

    Thanks again!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tim, Fantasy or X Burlesque would be my second choice. Like Sexxy, both are fully topless. Think gorgeous topless girls in a Roger Vadim fantasy.

      If you don’t require fully topless, and can live with pasties, Little Miss Nasty at Hooters would be my second favorite. Really sexy show with a strip club attitude. Maybe even tied for first place with Sexxy.

      If you want to avoid being pulled up on stage at any show in Vegas, avoid the first row. If you want the first row for the good view, just make sure you don’t make eye contact with the performer when she comes into the crowd to pull someone up on stage.

      They understand the signal if you’re deliberately looking down and they won’t try to force you on stage. They’ll look for someone eager to go on stage–there are always plenty of people like that.

      • Tim


        Thanks for the advice! I went to both Sexxy and Fantasy this past week and had a great time. Both shows were great, but for very different reasons. I went to Sexxy first and was a little concerned that it was a Friday night but the room was half empty. I didn’t have to worry about being pulled up on stage because I was told that they will only take a male that is part of a couple. It was a great show. When one of the girls performed “Diamonds are a girls best friend” I was surprised to see that she was wearing sparkling pasties. I assume it was because she was about to get up close and personal. She walked right down the stage, straight up to me leaned over and whispered into my ear to unzip the corset that she was wearing. Of course I unzipped in nice and slow. 🙂 Towards the end of the show, the girls tore off their shirts and threw them into the crowd and one landed in my lap. The show was exactly what the name is… Sexxy. The way they were moving on stage, I thought, that even though they were wearing thongs that we were going to get a peak of a whole lot more if they weren’t careful. The girls were great, but their breast size was on the smaller size and were not as cute in the face as the Fantasy girls. One thing I thought would have been a nice touch, and I know I sound like a perv for saying it, but they should spray those shirts they throw into the crowd with a little perfume first. It was an excellent show, I just wish it was longer.

        I went to Fantasy the next night and wow! All of the girls looked spectacular! They all had really cute smiles and their busts were all medium to larger. Mariah Rivera performed that night too and she is a notch above the rest. I’m pretty sure that I fell in love (well maybe fell in lust) right then and there. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her all night! They don’t do as many of the risqué moves like they did in Sexxy but the beauty of the girls makes up for it. The one big turn off for me is, although the comedian was funny, the time spent with the comedian and the couple that they picked from the crowd took up way too much time in the show. I came to see the girls perform, not listen to some idiot from the crowd talk with the comedian. I get that the girls need time to change outfits and sets but they need to cut this way back. Again this show could be longer. If it was closer to a hour and half and they got rid of the long couple seen, this would be the best topless show in Vegas as the girls are that attractive!

        So now that you’ve helped wet my appetite, I have a couple more questions for you. First, are you aware of anywhere that these shows post who is dancing each night? Obviously they all don’t perform 7 nights a week. I’ve already seen Fantasy, but if I new Mariah was performing a particular night next time I’m in town, I’d for sure go back and buy a ticket for that night just to see her perform.

        Secondly, now this is going to sound contradictory, but what the topless show in Vegas that has the most interaction with the audience? Is it still sexy or would you suggest X burlesque, Crazy or Little Miss Nasty? I’m trying to figure out what I want to go and see next time I’m in town, but right now I just want to go back to see Sexxy and Fantasy again! LOL.

        Thanks again for all of the advice!

        • John

          Hi, you could do what I do. I ask Mariah which nights she is working, she is very good at replying on social media and can answer schedule questions.

          • Tim

            Thanks for the advice! Which site do you used to contact on social media? I already sent an email on her website but that was a week ago and I didn’t get a response. I think on instagram she has to follow you to get a message??? Im not really sure.

          • Arnold Snyder

            Tim, the show is on twitter at @fantasyluxor but I don’t see a way to direct message them there. On Facebook you can direct message the show at @FantasyLuxor.

        • Arnold Snyder

          Tim, Little Miss Nasty by far. No comedian to eat up time and the girls come out into the audience a LOT and get dirty on table tops and in audience members’ laps. Very sexy show.

          Usually the shows are dark for a night or two each week so the performers are the same every night the show runs. Obviously with Fantasy that’s different as it runs every night. But I can’t find anyplace that tells you who will be dancing. John’s advice is likely best–look for Mariah on social media and ask her directly. Or ask the show directly on social media.

          • Tim

            Thanks again Arnold! You advice is highly appreciated! It helped make for a great time in Vegas!

          • John

            Tim, I use Facebook messenger or Instagram to ask. She has replied to me before, sometimes you can get quick reply others can take a while. They get a lot of spam.

  7. Tim

    I’m headed to Vegas for work soon and have 2 questions for you. First, what is currently the best topless show in Vegas that isn’t a strip club? If you were going to pick one show, what would it be. I’m a single male looking for lots of eye candy without having to go to a strip club.

    Secondly, what do you suggest for pools if I am looking for a European pool that is topless but where I can still “lay out” and tan? I’ll be by myself and don’t want to be stuck standing all day in a crowded pool, but again, wouldn’t mind some eye candy.

    I know you have reviews for both, but was hoping to get your suggestions for 2019!


    • Arnold Snyder

      Tim, the best topless show that isn’t a strip club is Sexxxy. For your type of topless pool, I hit Wynn/Encore, Mirage, or Moorea Beach Club at Manadalay Bay (probably your best bet).

  8. Chris

    Do any of the casinos have party pits left? Last time I was in Vegas, I didn’t see one.



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