Vegas Slot Payback Percentages

Vegas Slot Payback Percentages for FY 2019

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The Vegas slot payback percentage data below cover the paybacks for July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020, so they don’t reflect much of the possible change since the Bat Plague downturn. With half of Vegas slots removed from play due to distancing requirements, the payback percentages may have dropped.  All data is from the American Casino Guide.

The “payback percentage” is the percentage of money returned to players on each dollar they put into a machine.  It’s the amount the machines pay back over an infinite number of spins.  Your own return over a much shorter number of spins can be much better, if you win a jackpot, or more likely, much worse.  The data below include all electronic gaming machines, including slots, video poker, and video keno.

In 2017, Michael Shackleford did a survey of all video poker and video keno games at all the major casinos in Vegas.  The average Strip payback percentage for video poker was 97.01%, for video keno 89.97%.  Total slot payback percentages hadn’t changed much between 2017 and fiscal year 2019, so video poker likely continued propping up the average for all electronic games in the 2020 data below.

So if you’re plunking away at $3 a spin, 600 spins an hour, at Jerry’s Nugget in North Las Vegas, it’ll cost you about $92 an hour to play if you mix it up randomly between video poker and slots.  Same play on the Vegas Strip will cost you about $144 an hour, based on last year’s payback percentages.  You’ll spend about $17.50 an hour to play 25 lines a spin at 1¢ per line on the Heidi’s Bier Haus slot on the Strip.

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1¢ Slot Paybacks

Vegas Strip 88.38%
Downtown 88.97%
Boulder Strip 90.49%
North Vegas 90.51%

5¢ Slot Paybacks

Vegas Strip 91.62%
Downtown 93.14%
Boulder Strip 96.32%
North Vegas 96.10%

25¢ Slot Paybacks

Vegas Strip 89.06%
Downtown 93.52%
Boulder Strip 95.18%
North Vegas 96.21%

$1 Slot Paybacks

Vegas Strip 92%
Downtown 93.72%
Boulder Strip 94.93%
North Vegas 94.88%

$1 Megabucks Paybacks

Vegas Strip 86.01%
Downtown 86.48%
Boulder Strip 86.96%
North Vegas 85.36%

Pro Gambler Heads Up

Caesars Entertainment has sold the Bally’s brand to hedge fund investor Soon Kim.

So far, Caesars still owns Bally’s on the Strip and has kept the rights to the name for that one casino.  But they’ve been saying since the El Dorado takeover that they want to sell a Strip property and the rumor is that Bally’s will be it.

It will be nice to see the monopoly of Caesars and MGM on the Strip further busted up.

8 Responses to “Vegas Slot Payback Percentages”

  1. Arnold Snyder

    Now Caesars is charging for parking again.

    But Caesars is not charging locals or hotel guests.

    Apparently the new restrictions on parking are a security policy aimed at the recent shootings and brawls.

  2. Arnold Snyder

    I’m going to be reupping my story on the Real Biden Family Business tomorrow because new info has come out on the Biden protection racket for foreign criminal oligarchs.

    After Hunter Biden began receiving his Burisma bux, Burisma wrote him asking him for “advice on how you could use your influence” on the company’s behalf.

    Hunter arranged an intro for Burisma execs with his VP father Joe, who then proceeded to get the guy prosecuting Burisma corruption fired.

    Biden then got $1.8 billion in U.S. aid to Ukraine approved and whacked it up with Ukraine’s President Poroshenko.

    Nice photo of Hunter Biden smoking crack is also making the rounds.

    The photo and email correspondence were found on Hunter Biden’s laptop after he dropped it off for repairs. The service guy repaired it, then called Hunter repeatedly to come pick it up and pay for the service.

    But you know how crackheads are. Hunter never picked it up and the FBI got it. Note: The FBI got it right before the Democrats started their impeachment proceedings over the Ukraine hoax. The impeachment was obviously to try to cover up Biden’s crimes in Ukraine.

    Rudy Giuliani says there are 1000s of photos on the laptop of illegal acts. Looks like possibly blackmail files.

    Facebook is suppressing posts with links to this story, so I include the link below. Twitter is interfering with clicks on the link with a warning label. Just Big Tech radicals censoring again.

  3. Aaron

    Arnold, if one wanted to spend winnings on what you mentioned above, have the house prices changed much if any from what they were pre lockdown?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Aaron, only change I’ve noticed is that you can’t get dances out on the floor. So no $20 dances (or $10 at Chicas Bonitas).

      I haven’t noticed any change in what I’ve been charged otherwise. The girls can’t really raise prices because most customers right now are locals and locals can’t pay what guys at a convention can afford.

      You may see differences in other costs. For example, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, at peak hours you may have to buy a bottle to get in because without that, lines have been long because occupancy is limited.

      If you don’t want a bottle, you have to get in before 10 pm and that time may get earlier.

  4. Arnold Snyder

    Now Planet Hollywood and the Miracle Mile shops have announced they’re returning to charging for parking, not because they’re so busy but because they need the money that much.

    Parking fees to resume there in 2021.

  5. 808forever

    Just as I thought, Cheapo Carl is already getting rid of assets to bring costs down. I know it’s just the name right now, but properties will get sold too, and it’ll be more than just Ballys on the chopping block.



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