Vegas Strip Club Bachelor Parties, Divorce Parties, and Other Private Parties

Bachelor Party Package Deals in the Vegas Strip Clubs: Better Value and More Fun

Vegas is bachelor/divorce party Mecca and the demand for strip club private parties has done nothing but grow since the 2009 Hangover flick.

You can always just gather your buddies in a cab, head over to a club, and have fun.  But you can get more fun for less money by taking advantage of one of the many packages the Vegas strip clubs offer for private parties.

All Vegas strip club bachelor party packages include free limo transport for your group to the club (my favorite packages include free round-trip transport so you don’t need a designated driver).  When you and your group take the free club limo, the club will also throw in free admission for all, with a line pass so you get waved right into the club, usually to a reserved VIP table, booth or party room so you won’t have trouble finding seats together.

Almost every Vegas strip club party package offers a discount on booze, ranging from deals on multiple pitchers of beer to multiple bottles of top shelf liquor and champagne.  Not only does that save you money, but with prepaid bottle or beer service you avoid having to dig into your wallet all the time, while your guest of honor need never dig into his wallet at all.

In addition, some party packages include fun amenities, like private dance packages (Hustler Club).

The Vegas strip clubs provide a safe environment for partying complete with music, more strippers than you could possibly fit in a hotel room, and as much booze as any group of dedicated partiers could conceivably consume in one night of drunken debauchery, all without the risk of hotel security showing up at your door.

And because touching is allowed during lap dances in the Vegas strip clubs, you will know in advance that your party will be enjoying in full the talents of some of Vegas’ best. Advise all in your party to bring twenties, as many as you can comfortably part with, and settle in for a night of fun.

My Picks for the Best Bachelor Party Packages

Because there are so many bachelor party packages available at the Vegas strip clubs, it’s impossible to list them all here.  And some of the packages advertised on the club web sites sound like fun, but they’re charging too much for what you get.

So here are my picks for the best package deals I’ve found for value and fun, at a range of price options. The packages I include are the ones I’ll be thinking about for my own friends the next time I set up a private strip club party in Vegas.

All of the packages listed here include free limo transport to the club and free admission.  I’ll specify which clubs include free round-trip limo transport.

Best Nude Club with Booze Package Deals – Palomino Club

Palomino Club Las Vegas Dancer

Scarlett Dances at Palomino Club

Palomino Club has party package deals starting at $250 for 4 people.  But my favorite package at this club is their King of Clubs package at $999 for up to 15 guests or $1999 for unlimited guests.  (Use the club’s custom VIP package form to get this package at roughly $65 each for fewer people.)

The packages includes free limo transport for your group, free admission and a VIP line pass.  They also include premium bottles and/or pitchers at a good discount from the usual club price.

Most important, the packages get your group the best VIP seating in the house–a real value, because this club gets packed.

VIP seating at this club not only keeps your group together for your party, it gets you close to the stage for what may be the best strip club stage show in Vegas. Plus it keeps you in the center of the high-mileage lap dance scene, where you will be lavished with attention by the club’s beautiful dancers.

You can book a package deal at Palomino Club’s website. You will also find a tab there for arranging a custom VIP party package deal.  (Club review)

Best Vegas Strip Club Party Packages for the Rock Star Treatment – Sapphire

Sapphire rockstar1

Sapphire’s Rockstar Lounge
(inside the lavender curtains)

Sapphire’s got good deals on party packages starting at only $65 a guest (check them out online to get the best value for your money).

But my favorite Sapphire group deal is the $99 per guest “Rockstar Status Package” that lives up to its name. In addition to your limo transport to the club and VIP line pass, your group of up to 15 guests will be escorted to Sapphire’s Rockstar Lounge, a reserved VIP area beneath the main stage.

If you’re unfamiliar with Sapphire, the main room is humungous and it gets packed at peak hours, when there are 400 gorgeous dancers wandering the floor and snuggling topless in laps and dancing on the club’s three stages. The main stage is in the very center of the room, raised about 20 feet from the floor. The stage is transparent Plexiglas, and the Rockstar Lounge is beneath the stage, giving you an out-of-the-ordinary view of the stage dancer (who always does a lot of floor work at this club).

Sapphire Rockstar Lounge - Interior

Sapphire Rockstar Lounge – Interior

This is a roomy and elegant place to hold a private party at this club.  In addition, this room places your group dead center in Sapphire’s lap dancer traffic on the main floor.  Every dancer in the club will be paying attention to you and giving you the royalty treatment.

The Rockstar Status Package gives you 3 hours in the Rockstar Lounge, a DJ shout-out to the guest of honor, a champagne toast to start the night, and three premium bottles of liquor (wide selection) with mixers and Red Bull.  Plus, if you book online Sapphire will throw in your first round of shots for free.  For 15 guests, you get $1750+ in value for only $1485.

Advise all in your party to bring a lot twenties for the famous high-contact laps in this topless club. (Club review / Club website)  Call 1.702.869.0003 with questions or book online to get the free round of shots.

And For Guys Who Are Really Into Premium Booze – Crazy Horse III

louis-xiii-cognac-optCrazy Horse III has a “Double Eagle Platinum Package” that includes a bottle of Louis XIII, one Magnum Cristal, and $5000 in dance dollars for $10,000.

Savor with a topless girl in your lap. (Club review)  Call (702) 675-8033 with questions or to book.

16 Responses to “Vegas Strip Club Bachelor Parties, Divorce Parties, and Other Private Parties”

  1. Seth

    I am planning a bachelor party for 12-13 guys. Can you suggest a good value club with a good mix of dancers and booze ?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Seth, I’d go to Palomino if you want fully-nude dancers (130+ 8s, 9s and 10s) with high-mileage private booth or private bedroom dances and the best stage show in Las Vegas, fully nude. They’ve got a bachelor party package where you actually get your own stage in addition to an excellent view of the main stage. Their booze prices are some of the friendliest in town, especially for a club of this caliber.

      I’d go to Sapphire if you want 400+ 9s and 10s and the highest-mileage lap dance orgy in Vegas. They also have three stages and, if you go on a Friday or Saturday night, they have porn star feature dancers who also do private dances with fans. Those shows are a lot of fun. You can check out their bachelor party booze packages here.

      Both clubs are great about custom packages if you don’t see exactly what you want at the club website. Both clubs have private areas for groups like yours (the Owners Booth at Palomino or the Rockstar Lounge at Sapphire) if that’s what you prefer, or they can set you up in premiere seating on the main floor.

      Either club will set you up with a host and treat you like royalty. You’ll be whisked to the club in your own private limo. You’ll be greeted at the door by your host, who will escort you past the line to your premiere VIP tables. He’ll ask if you’d like introductions to any special types of girls. The cocktail waitress will appear as soon as you sit down and make sure you’re well looked after all night. And the dancers will lavish attention on you.

      These are two of the top strip clubs in the world. I think your group will have a great time.

  2. Forrest Kelly

    We have a group of 6, 3 couples, going this weekend. I think the treasures vip package 1 would be a good value fit. Do you have any other suggestions, it will be one of the couples first time.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Forrest, I think you’d have a great time at Treasures. When you reserve, be sure to tell them that it is the first time for one of your couples. Also let them know that you’re a group of couples. They will take special care of you. The elegance of the club makes it especially pleasing to women.

      Another good option for couples, especially first-time couples, is always Palomino Club with its wild erotic stage show. Just be sure if you go there to get a package for a weekend for a group of your size so you get reserved VIP seating for the night.

  3. Montgomery Burns

    I need to plan a 12 man Bachelor Party for September. How does the Three Horses package sound for Crazy Horse?

    Also, what’s the difference if I book direct from the club versus me going through a third party and them handling everything?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Montgomery, Palomino is a better club and has excellent packages for 10 here starting at $599 for 10 people. I’d contact them on the price for 12, it won’t be much more. Or for $100 more than the Crazy Horse package, Palomino gives you the best seats in the house and much more booze–for 12 people, they’d likely match the Crazy Horse deal, and again, it’s a much better club.

      If you’re more into a heavy lap dance scene than Palomino’s nude stage show, I’d ask Sapphire to match the Crazy Horse package here. It’s got roughly 3x as many dancers and it’s an only-in-Vegas kind of experience.

      You’ll usually get a better deal by going directly to the club–some extra free booze or a lower price and/or better seating. You become the club’s guest rather than someone else’s.

  4. Jack

    I am trying to plan a bachelor party for a buddy of mine towards the end of this month. We are considering Rhino as he has already been to Sapphire and Little darlings. How do you think Rhino compares to Sapphire in terms of the quality of the package (where we sit etc.)? We will be a group of 5 guys. Last time I was at a different bachelor party at Sapphire, we took the Jacks and Tens package (I think) for a group of 10 guys. It was mostly fine except that we got a table that was way in the back so there were not many girls near us.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jack, the key to getting the best table in Vegas, at any strip club or night club or show, is to slip the host who is seating you a tip.

      Give the guy a $20 bill and tell him you want a great table because this is your buddy’s bachelor party. Then tell him you want him to keep sending over the best-looking dancers in the house–your buddy needs a lot of hot lap dances that night.

      If a girl is seating you, she’s not a host. Ask for a host.

  5. Brandon

    Looking to plan a bachelor party for March 19 at a club that has a some what decent amount of curvy ethnic girls (that’s what he likes lol) Which club do you recommend that has packages with pickup and drop off from our strip hotel and VIP bottle service?

    • Arnold Snyder

      I’d go to Palomino Club. They have gorgeous ethnic girls, many curvy. If what your friend really likes is thicker girls, especially black, you can go right next door from Palomino to Club Lacy’s–on a Saturday they will be jumping. It’s a terrific party.

      If your friend likes thick and curvy Latina girls, you can walk half a block from Palomino to Chicas Bonitas.

  6. Arnold Snyder

    Rhino would be the preferred club if your definition of “smokin'” meant a selection of dancers that emulated the skinny, white, blond, big tits, lots of silicone, style of sexiness. A very popular style these days, which is why a lot of dancers do that style.

    But I prefer the more diverse selection of dancers at Palomino. The stage show is way beyond “a quick glimpse.” Go look at our Dancers of the Month for April:

    Those pics were shot inside Palomino. The stage show is as wild as you’ll see in Vegas and the dancers are gorgeous. Our Dancer of the Month for July will be LaDonna, another Palomino dancer.

    In my opinion Palomino’s dancers are on a whole other level of “smokin'” when they get on stage. You will not see a stage show at Rhino that compares to Palomino’s. Ask if you can reserve the “on-stage” seats for your party for an incredible close-up view of the Palomino dancers.

  7. Chris

    I’m trying to plan a bachelor party for July and am debating between packages at a place like Rhino where the girls are smoking hot and the place is kinda flashy, and Palomino with the full nudity but perhaps slightly less hot girls and a less flashy place. We have a group of 12 guys all around 30-32 yrs old professionals. Some have been to Rhino already. Is Palomino worth sacrificing hotness for glimpses of crotch? Is the full nudity just a quick glimpse or are we talking sustained visibility? I am leaning towards full nudity since it is a bachelor party after all but am a little worried about the full nudity will not quite “wow” people the way the perfect 10s at rhino would, and that people may see palomino as too old school. Any advice?

  8. Tony

    I’m planning a party for June. Does Deja Vu still offer the $350 “Silver Package” in Vegas? I don’t see it on the website. Thank you for this site! It’s an amazing resource.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tony, yes, the club manager says you can still get the silver package for $350. The only reason it’s not listed on the club website anymore is because they can’t guarantee a photo with the dancers. The dancers have to agree.

      But you’d get all other items in the package. If you see a dancer you’d like a photo with, just ask her. The club will be happy to do it if she says yes.

      All you have to do to lock in the package at this price is book online now. Just order the $300 package. There’s a field for special instructions. Just tell them there that you want the silver package (two bottles of Skyy, etc.–everything listed in it–that they used to have for $350 and that you saw at They will then get your order in writing and email you back and work out all the details.

      If you have any problems ordering, let me know, because the manager has already agreed.

      Anyone who wants a custom package at Deja Vu Showgirls can do the same thing. Order the package that’s closest to what you want and in the special instructions field, enter what adjustments you want. Then the club will get back to you and work it out.

      I think you’ll have a great time.



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