Vegas Strip Club Dancer Talks About Getting a Boob Job

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Vegas Strip Club Dancer Talks About Getting a Boob Job

Reagan Reilly Palomino Club Vegas

Reagan Reilly at Palomino Club Vegas

In January 2015, Reagan Reilly was our Dancer of the Month. A phenomenal pole dancer, she was fresh off of winning a trophy as Miss Nude Wisconsin 2014.

Since then, she’s continued dancing in Vegas clubs, but has also been appearing as a feature dancer all over the U.S. and won numerous other awards in dance competitions.

After being in Las Vegas for about a year Reagan decided to get breast enhancement surgery. Barely two weeks after surgery, she competed in the Feature Dancer National Championships in New York.

Reagan took 2nd Runner Up Award in the Masters Division, plus the Vayda Kiss Pole Angel Award, the Best Costume Award, the Audience Favorite Award, and to top it off the Best Breasts Award!

Reagan Reilly Talks to TVO

Reagan was kind enough to talk to TVO about her decision to get a boob job.

reagan reilly las vegas dancer

Reagan Reilly Before, January 2015

Q: Since getting the operation, have you noticed a difference in your ability to earn money in the strip clubs?

It has been easier to make money!

Q: Have you noticed whether people in general–men, women, friends, strangers, strip club customers–react differently to you?

Reagan:  Yes, I’ve noticed men looking at me more on the street.

Q: Was it a difficult decision to get breast enhancement surgery?

Reagan:  It wasn’t a difficult decision. I was very happy with my natural athletic body, and then suddenly I wanted boobs. So when I knew I was ready, I started visiting doctors.

Q: Now that you’ve done it, what do you see as the pros and cons of getting a boob job?

Reagan:  Pros- bigger boobs! Loving them, trying on new clothes, the way they look.  Cons- now that I have them, none, but at first, I was worried about the risks of deforming my breasts. Some of the recovery process was uncomfortable, like sleeping in an upright position for a week. And I hated having to take time off from lifting!


Reagan Took the “Best Breasts” Award in a National Competition 17 days after surgery!

Q: Did you discuss your decision with other dancers before you did it?

Reagan:  Yes, I talked to other dancers. Especially girls I met who had boobs I liked.

Q: Were you put to sleep for the operation? And how long did the operation take?

Reagan:  Yes, I was put asleep. The operation took about an hour and a half.

Q: What was the healing process like?

Reagan:  When I came home from surgery it really did hurt. And I couldn’t lay down or curl up and sleep. The healing process takes a different amount of time for different things.

I did a competition in New York, but I didn’t really do much, just the bare minimum.

The first two weeks I couldn’t wear deodorant because my incision is in the armpit. My boobs were still sitting up high. One thing people don’t know is boobs need to go through a process where they “drop.” At first the body pushes the muscle upward, and it looks awkward. I got 590ccs of silicone gel, under the muscle, inserted through the armpit.

Q: Where did you get the surgery done?

Reagan:  In Las Vegas. Dr. Pancholi did the operation.

Q: Would you do it again?

Reagan:  Meaning am I happy I did it? I’m thrilled! I’m thrilled with everything. The size, the look, the feel.

Q: If another dancer asked for your opinion on getting a boob job, would you encourage her to do it?

Reagan:  I would suggest it to someone who felt ready. There was always pressure to have bigger boobs since I’m a feature entertainer and it would help me get bookings, but I’m happy I didn’t do it for that reason. I competed and featured without fake boobs, and I really embraced my athletic body.

When I did decide I wanted them, I went to three different doctors to ask a lot of questions. I like being thorough in my decision-making process. I usually have a positive result when I do my homework.

See More of Reagan Reilly

Reagan Reilly at Palomino

Reagan is one of the most popular dancers at The Palomino Club.

For more pictures of Reagan Reilly, you can connect to her on Facebook here,  or Instagram here.



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  1. Erik d

    About 13 years ago I worked for a company that set up financing and consultations for plastic surgery, dancer after dancer always referenced how their friends who had the surgery changed their incomes dramatically. I’m not pretending to be a surgeon or anything like that I was a call center employee who talked about it and learned a lot, my one key piece of advice for anyone who does it, is find a board certified plastic surgeon to do it and explore the different options. There are above the muscle, the cheapest ones we sold and the price we quoted, there was the usually preferred below the muscle and some even offered what was called high profile. Figure out between you and your doctor what works best and again any board certified surgeon can do the procedure but you are best of finding a board certified plastic surgeon.

    Interesting to read this article thanks

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      You have a long and noteworthy association with beautiful breast Erik. I’m sure that is not an accident.



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