Vegas Strip Club Survival Guide

For the best Vegas strip club experience, you might want to check out our articles on cover charges (and how to avoid paying them), Vegas strip club law, and Vegas strip club culture.

Strip Club Cover Charges: Our 2017 update on club cover charges with complete info on how to get in free or for a discount.

How Much to Tip: From how much to tip the valet and cocktail waitress, to tips for strip club stage dancers, private-room shows, and exceptional host service. Includes a section on how to use tips to get better seats at shows.

Vegas Bitcoin Strip Clubs: A bitcoin strip club is coming to Vegas where you can spend some of your profits.

Strip Club Law: Vegas doesn’t have a no-touching law because our Supreme Court has ruled that physical contact during a lap dance is covered by the First Amendment. See this article for more info on what’s legal in our strip clubs and brothels.

Club Etiquette: Our complete guide to Vegas strip club etiquette covers local mores on lap dance and tipping etiquette.

Hustles and Scams

Dealing with the Strip Club Hustle: Low-hustle clubs, high hustle clubs, and how to deal with a dancer who won’t take no for an answer.

Strip Club Vultures: Predators lurk at even the finest Vegas gentlemen’s clubs. Here’s how to easily spot them, avoid them, and deal with them if they manage to get you cornered.

A Scam to Watch Out For: This is a scam that’s been going around strip clubs nationwide, including at Centerfolds in Vegas (formerly Club Paradise), where a group of dancers and employees colluded to spike drinks and max out customers’ credit cards.

Vegas Strip Club Transport

Free Club Limo, No Strings Attached: The key to getting the best deal at any Vegas strip club is to avoid arriving by cab, Uber, Lyft or casino limo.  Instead take the free strip club limo, no strings attached.

Parking Safety: Guide to Vegas strip club parking and valet service.  Driving yourself will save you money.

The Taxi Wars: The main reason Vegas strip clubs are expensive is the huge bribes clubs are paying to cabbies for bringing customers. Here’s how you can use the cabbie bribe system to your advantage.