Vegas Strip Club Tips

Check out our Vegas strip club tips, from the best time to go to a Vegas strip club to getting the most out of our high-mileage lap dance scene and more.

Lap Dance Aficionado

What to Wear for a Lap Dance – The Debate:  I know it’s different in Detroit and Tampa, but here’s the unwritten dress code for Vegas strip clubs.

How to Sit for a Lap Dance: Part of the fun of a Vegas lap dance is letting the dancer handle you however she wants.

What to Do with Your Hands During a Lap Dance:  We don’t have no-touching laws in Vegas.  Let this be your guide to letting your hands wander.

Couples’ Lap Dances:  Guide to Vegas lap dances and private-room shows for couples.

Do Dancers Enjoy Doing Lap Dances?:  These dancers all say yes.  Here’s why.

Liquid Lap Dance Pants: I test drive a new type of underwear that’s been specifically designed to make lap dances more “climactic” for men.

Gallery of Vegas Strip Club Dancers of the Month:  Check them out.

Into Palomino Club’s Dressing Room: You can tell a lot about a Vegas strip club by visiting the dancers’ dressing room . . . Oh, they won’t let you into the dressing room?  Well, let us take you there. 

Into Little Darlings’ Dressing Room:  More beautiful girls backstage.

Vegas Strip Club Tips

Vegas Strip Club Hosts – There to Make Your Evening Great:  Your type is blonde and busty, and only petite brunettes seem to come to your table.  Here’s how to get exactly what you hoped for out of the night.

Best Time to Go to a Vegas Strip Club:  The virtues of arriving early vs. late.

How Much to Tip in a Vegas Strip Club:  Complete guide to whom you should tip and how much in the Vegas strip clubs, with a special section on using a tip to get the best seats in strip clubs and casino shows here.

How to Negotiate Prices in Vegas Strip Clubs:  Use this tip to get the best prices on VIP and private-room shows.

How to Get What You Want in a Vegas Strip Club: Tips on connecting with the best dancers.

Can You Get Sex in a Vegas Strip Club?:  Short answer:  Yes.  Long answer:  Maybe.

Vegas Topless vs Nude Strip Clubs:  Key differences between the Vegas topless and nude clubs.

Free Strip Club Transport

Free Club Limo, No Strings Attached:  The key to getting the most for your money in a Vegas strip club.

Parking Safety:  Guide to Vegas strip club parking and valets.  If you drive yourself, you’ll save money.

The Taxi Wars: The main reason Vegas strip clubs are expensive is the huge bribes clubs are paying to cabbies for bringing customers. Here’s how you can use the cabbie bribe system to your advantage.

Girls Night Out

Female Friendly Strip Clubs:  Vegas strip clubs friendly to women, female couples, and girl groups.

Tips for Couples Going to a Strip Club Together for the First Time:  Best Vegas strip clubs for couples and how to have a great experience as a couple.

I Took My Wife to a Strip Club (And Lived to Tell About It):  We were both nervous about it, but it turned out great.

Male Strippers in Vegas:  These are male strip shows in actual Vegas strip clubs, where women can go for high mileage lap dances in addition to the stage show.

Vegas Strip Club Pleasures

Best Lap Dance in Vegas: An MNF halftime to remember from the best lap-dance orgy in town.

Private Dinner Dates & VIP Dances with Porn Stars at Sapphire:  If you’ve ever watched porn and thought, man would I love to be alone in a room with her, well, it doesn’t have to be just a fantasy anymore. Here’s your chance. What are you doing in Vegas if not to make your dreams come true?

Best Strip Club Stage Show in Vegas:  An illustrated guide to the most erotic strip club stage show in Vegas.

The Girlfriend Experience:  The ancient art of flirtation at the Vegas strip clubs.

Best Erotic Pole Dancing:   An illustrated guide to the best pole dancing in the Vegas strip clubs and casino shows.

Strip Club Shower Show:  Only one Vegas strip club offers shower shows.  Here’s the story.

Big Booty Party:  Club Lacy’s, a nude club, has thick dancers and the best urban strip club party in town.

Wet T-Shirt Contest:  Both a wet t-shirt contest and an amateur contest featuring girls auditioning to work at Little Darlings.

Hook Up with a Porn Star

AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2015 Diary – The Women:  Diary and photo gallery of the 2015 Adult Entertainment Expo and awards show.

AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2016 Diary – The Men:  In which I learn how to become a male porn star, check out porn stars doing stand-up comedy, and interview John Stagliano.  With photo gallery.

AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2017 Diary:  Female porn stars tell you how to date them, plus photo gallery and reviews of the latest sex toys.

Bonnie Rotten on Stage:  Bonnie makes her fans happy on stage at a Vegas strip club.  With photo gallery.

Halloween Party with the Porn Stars:  Party with your favorites, who are showing more skin than they’re covering up.  With photo gallery.

Girlfriend Experience with a Porn Star:  Have a dinner date and/or private show with your favorite adult film actress at Sapphire.