Vegas Strip Club Value Guide – 2018 Update

Strip Club Paradise vs Tourist Trap

palomino club las vegas dancers

Las Vegas’ Palomino Club is Famous for its Wild Stage & VIP Shows

Vegas offers the best strip club deals in the world for people who know what they’re doing.  But for the average tourist who grabs a cab to whatever strip club the cabby recommends, Vegas strip clubs can be the worst ripoff in the world.

The typical Vegas cabby takes you to a club that charges $45 to $55 just to walk through the door, and that’s after you’ve paid the cabby $20 for the ride.  The typical club will also have a two-drink minimum that will cost $12 to $20 per drink  – now you’re in $90+ dollars and you haven’t even had a lap dance yet.

To make it even worse, some of the most desperate strip clubs in Vegas tend to gouge the most, while offering a poor selection of dancers both in quality and quantity.

This is the kind of Vegas strip club that gets tourists screaming on Yelp about ripoffs.

And even the best Vegas strip clubs can feel like a ripoff if you don’t know how to work the angles.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  If you read this post, you can spend a lot less money for a lot more fun in some of the best gentlemen’s clubs in the world.

2018 Cover Charge Update

*Cover prices below are based on arriving by cab.  If you’ve been to the clubs before you’ll note that most covers have recently gone up, but they can be avoided if you follow the tips below the chart.

Palomino Club 30

The only nude club in Vegas with a full bar; great dancer selection (130+ at peak hours); wildest stage show; cover is free before 8 pm or $10 after if you drive yourself (free for groups of 2 or more who take the free club limo – reserve by calling or texting 702-327-7258).  See the club review page for other free admission options.

Deja Vu Showgirls 35

Open bar (domestics & wells) 7 days a week from 6 pm to 10 pm.  Free admission plus a free drink if you arrive by the free club limo (reserve at 702-308-4605 or text SGLV to 702-767-8118)

Little Darlings 35

Nude club, no alcohol, age 18+.  Admission is only $15 if you arrive by the free club limo.  Call 702-366-1141 or text LDLV to 702-767-8118 to reserve your ride.

Cheetahs 40 Older topless club, reasonable drink prices, average dancer selection
Crazy Horse III 44 Large glitzy topless club, above-average dancer selection, late-night sushi
Treasures 44 Large fancy topless club, gourmet steakhouse, average dancer selection
Sapphire 45

Elegant topless club in Vegas with an unsurpassed dancer selection (400+ at peak hours) and high-mileage lap dance scene.  The way to do this club is with a drink package (available here) that gets you a discount on liquor, free limo, free admission, line pass and VIP table.

Centerfolds 45 Classy topless club with only average dancer selection, overpriced drinks
Sophia’s 45 Classy topless club with only average dancer selection
Hustler Club 50 Large glitzy topless club, above-average dancer selection.
Spearmint Rhino 52 Older classy topless club, high hustle factor
Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection 50 early; 100 at peak hours A luxurious black strip club with big-booty black and brown strippers.  The club is pretty empty until 2 am, when it turns into an after hours party.


Pro Tips for Getting the Most for Your Vegas Strip Club Dollar

Sapphire Las Vegas Dancer

KJC is a Sapphire Gem

1.  Do not take a cab to a Vegas strip club.  The major clubs all offer free limo service to the club.  Not only do you save on cab fare, but if you take the club limo, you usually get free admission.  You may be able to drink for the night on your savings.

2. Check out package deals.  Sapphire (club review / club website) is a first-class club, known for its elegance, comfort, beautiful women, and high standards of service.  It’s a club where it would be easy to blow a thousand bucks but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Sapphire, for example, has a $15 reservations fee for their limo (call 702-869-0003 to reserve), but waives the fee if you purchase a two-drinks-for-$18 voucher, and they throw in free admission.  That means, if you take the club limo, you get a ride to the club, two drinks, and admission for only $18 – a steal for a club of this caliber.

And if you plan to have more than two drinks, you can get an even better deal with one of the club packages.  The solo package for $65, for example, includes $50 in drink vouchers plus a free shot, as well as free limo service, free admission, free line pass, free VIP table, and free host service at the most elegant strip club in town.  There are also excellent package deals for groups and couples.

The cover charge for Palomino Club (club review / club website) has remained at only $30 for out-of-staters who arrive by cab (or Uber), but you can save that money for a lap dance if you simply call Palomino for their free round-trip limo service (reserve at 702-327-7258). Note that Palomino’s free limo service is for parties of two or more. If you’re alone, check out their package deals online that include drinks or a bottle, free round-trip transportation, free admission and a reserved table and you’ll find you can save money.

The Vegas Strip Club Taxi Wars

It may help you to negotiate the Vegas strip club minefield if you understand that the reason for the high cover charges for out-of-state visitors is the “spiff” (bribe) the clubs must pay to cabbies who drop off customers.  This spiff right now is $100 per head.  That means if you and two buddies arrive at a club via cab, the club will have to shell out $300 to the cabby for bringing you. In order to survive, the club must do what it can to get this money back from you.

The free limos and package deals at the Vegas strip clubs are not gimmicks.  The clubs would prefer that your money go to your enjoyment, rather than to enriching cab drivers.


20 Responses to “Vegas Strip Club Value Guide – 2018 Update”

  1. BuddyRich

    Great site!
    Is the cover free at most clubs during the day, like before 7:00?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Buddy, every club is free in the day before 7 pm except Sapphire, which is free only until 6 pm (though if you take the free club limo you can get in free 24/7), and Little Darlings, which is free until 8 pm.

      Another exception is Deja Vu Showgirls, which has a $45 admission fee from the minute it opens at 6 pm (unless you arrive by the free club limo, in which case your admission is free).

      Also, Hustler Club charges $50 admission round-the-clock for out-of-towners.

      • BuddyRich

        Thanks for the info.
        I will have a car. Is that the same as taking the limo?

        • Arnold Snyder

          BuddyRich, it depends. If it’s early and it’s not a big fight night, tell the club you drove yourself and they will often let you in either for free or the locals’ price. At Deja Vu, for example, the locals’ price is $10.

          At Hustler, they’ll charge you the full $50 even if you drive yourself.

          If it’s standing room only at Sapphire on a Saturday night, they’ll likely charge you the $45 admission even though you drove yourself. If you get there earlier, or it’s a Tuesday, they may let you in for free if you ask.

          In general, the clubs charge full admission for out-of-towners if you drive yourself unless you specifically point out you drove yourself and ask them to waive the fee, in which case they may.

          In other words, the clubs *hope* to charge you full admission unless you show you’re hip about the whole cabby thing and ask for a break, in which case many will let you slide.

      • Tred

        Rule of thumb: A lot of nude clubs always have a cover. I think talk of the town has a cover 24/7

        • Arnold Snyder

          Tred, true, but Palomino Club and Little Darlings have free admission before 8 pm. Palomino Club has free admission after 8 pm as long as you arrive by the free club limo (reduced admission if you arrive by your own car), though you may be charged for two drinks at the door unless you have a package.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tom, lap dances are $20 everywhere unless you’re at Legends Room and buy LGD tokens to use. Then a lap dance is $16.

      Which club do you want the private-room prices for?

  2. Ann

    A couple of questions for you.1- When my hubby and I went to sapphire on a Monday before halloween at about 11pm every single table said reserved. Most of them empty. So do you absolutely have to get a package to get a table or is there another way? I looked at the package for couples and it seemed like a good deal but we don’t really drink much so I don’t know if we would get our money’s worth. Also when we went in they said it would be $100 for the cover and we told them we drove ourselves but still said it was $100. So we said thanks anyway and walked out and the guy at the door stopped us and sent us back in with free entry. This seemed really strange to me. Is this normal?
    2- my hubby and I will be in town on a Sunday and wanted to check out the palomino. Will it be super busy? Again the package seems really good but I don’t think we can drink that much so it feels like a waste. Will there be any place to sit without reserving a table?
    3- I saw this thing called a v card on and I have been looking into it. It’s also sold on tix4tonight and group on. It’s supposed to be a vip pass that you buy for a one time fee and never expires. It says it will get you into a bunch of nightclubs and gentlemen’s clubs with no cover and it also has some good and drink discounts as well. It says one of the gentlemen’s clubs is sapphire. I didn’t read anything on this v card until a couple of days ago otherwise I would have asked while we were there. The reviews are very mixed so I’m not sure if it does what it says. Sounds too good to be true. Ever heard of it?
    Thanks so much!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ann, the only seats that won’t be reserved at Sapphire are the seats along the stages. And the stages are at a height where you can’t watch the show very well from the seats along the stages.

      So you have to either buy a package at Sapphire or get there before roughly 9 pm to get a seat on the rail.

      If you had taken the free club limo, your admission would be guaranteed free (except for either the $15 reservations fee or a 2-for-1 drink ticket for $19). If you drive yourselves, they may charge or not. If you take a cab, Uber, Lyft or anyone else’s limo, you will definitely be charged. That’s similar for everywhere in Vegas.

      Palomino will be busy on a Sunday but not packed to standing room only. You will be able to find a place without reserving a table there as long as you get there by 10 pm or so. They don’t reserve every table the way Sapphire does. What Palomino will do on a Sunday night is offer you a package at the door that is less expensive than the packages on the website, and that will get you a reserved table if you choose. Otherwise, just pay the cover of $30 each and you’ll each get three drinks. It’s a great club.

      I haven’t heard of a v card, but I’m suspicious. Generally, the club has to pay for a referral like that, which means you can get a better deal by going directly to the club itself.

      Let me know if you have any other questions, Ann.

  3. Cancon

    Hi Arnold, Cancon here. I want to fill in my memory banks with information on
    the most favourable (not necessarily the lowest) cover charge for frequent visitors (almost locals) to Las Vegas who always have a vehicle or rental car and drive themselves to the clubs fairly early. Palomino lets us in free before 8pm and gently reminds us to have at least 2 drinks each. Sometimes we pay a $10 cover. We do MNF at Saphires for $20 and remember to drink up the two free beer and bring a $6 beer with us into the main club before having to break into my wallet for ouch $15. How should we present ourselves at Deja Vu or Little Darlings to avoid the large cover charge? We spend money, but it’s on girls, not on cover charges. If there are only 6 dancers available at 7pm, we’ll always find a pair (of girls or boobies) that will entertain us for a 10 or 15 minute private dance. Is the cover at Deja Vu different on Tuesdays versus other weeknights? Beer at $2 or free doesn’t matter. Is Little Darlings always $35 for self drivers? Separate question – we know the touching rules, or lack thereof, at Palomino and Saphires. Should we always confirm with the dancers at Deja Vu and Little Darlings that my wife (along with me) wants to participate and get that touchy feely experience, with a tip of course? And here’s a weird question – have you noticed that dancers with fake boobs are more open than those with real boobs, or is just “Vegas baby” for all of them. Are the very young dancers, barely 18, at Little Darlings a little shy compared to a 30 year old? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Cancon, the only way to avoid the cover at Deja Vu is to arrive by the club limo. Otherwise, it’s $20 each if you drive yourselves, $45 each if you arrive by cab. If you take the club limo, you also get a free drink for after the open bar closes. The cover is the same on Tuesdays.

      At LD’s, the cover is $35 unless you arrive by the free club limo, in which case you pay the locals’ rate, which is $15 (or $20, if they have a special feature act that night). The only way there’s no cover at LD’s is if you go before 4 pm (I believe the exact time is 4:20 pm).

      I’d say the best chance of getting around the cover charges would be to call the club and work out a custom package. If you pay in advance for some drinks and dances, particularly a private bedroom dance, you may be able to get the cover waived.

      But both Deja Vu and Little Darlings will be comfortable with couples. I would definitely confirm with the dancer the extra touching you guys want, especially at Little Darlings. I’ve never noticed a big difference between dancers with fake boobs vs real. It’s just dancer by dancer.

      The 18-year-olds at LD are definitely more iffy on mileage. For many of them, this is their first dancing gig. I would sit on the stage and tip and watch for dancers who initiate high contact with you both directly from the stage. Little Darlings has recently had a policy where you pay for a lap dance or private-room dance at the door to the VIP in front of a host so he knows that you’ve paid the house rate. Because you’re paying the house rate, a lot of dancers won’t give mileage. So you’ll have to work it out in advance that you’ll pay them more inside the private room.

  4. Chris

    I prefer clubs where I can sit at the bar (alcohol or not) rather than at a table or next to the stage. What are the best clubs for that?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris, Deja Vu has a bar with a lot of seats and a good view of the stage from the seats. Palomino has a bar where you can sit and you can see the stage from the bar seats but the stage isn’t very close. If you go to Palomino when it’s crowded (Friday and Saturday nights), the second floor will be open and the bar up there has seats with an excellent view of the second floor stage.

      At Sapphire there are multiple bars, but you have to stand at the bars and the stage is far away.

      Little Darlings has a juice bar with seats and a good view of the back stage, which is used when the club is crowded.

      Hustler has a bar with a few seats but far away from the stage. Legends Room has a large bar with a lot of seats but not a good view of the stage from there and they have very few dancers most nights. That’s a place to go only if there’s some big special event, like a big fight party. Rhino has seats at the bar but it’s not a great view of the stage–too many people standing between your seat and the stage.

      Girl Collection has a dozen seats at the bar with a good view of the stage but the club doesn’t really get going until around 2 am.

      At other clubs, I remember having to stand at the bar. So if there were seats, there weren’t many.

      At all of these clubs, you will be approached by dancers at the bar.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Mike, I don’t, but from what I’ve heard from a number of friends and contacts they seem pretty similar. It all depends on what girl or girls show up.

      Try to be clear with the dispatcher about your taste in girls and remember that the price the dispatcher quotes will get a girl to your room and undressed, but nothing more. Anything else you have to work out separately with the girl and pay for separately.



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