Vegas Strip Clubs Get the Okay to Reopen but Only Secretly (Pinned)

Different People Are Reporting Different Requirements

Las Vegas stripper at Palomino Club

Renee Dances at Palomino Club

Vegas strip clubs have been given the governor’s permission to reopen as of Friday, November 13, but the corrupt governor, who has just been caught committing mass vote fraud in Nevada, has reportedly told them they may not post in social media about reopening.

They have also been asked to remove any existing posts publicizing reopening.

But I still have First Amendment rights.  So, as a patriot, I will resume blasting everywhere I can that the Vegas strip clubs have all reopened.  I hope you will do that too.  Do it for Uncle Sam. 

I have just been told bikinis will still be required on stage and masks will be required for dancers and staff on the main floor.  I don’t know whether this is true or not.  The key to enjoying the best Vegas strip clubs for now may continue to be getting private dances.

I’m not sure what the lap dance scene will be like or whether Sapphire’s halftime $1 lap dance tsunami will return to their Monday Night Football extravaganzas.

Note: Cheetahs is back too, but it is now The Library.  We’ll have to see if their half-price happy hour dances remain.

I assume all the clubs have been calling their dancers, but it may take a bit for all the dancers to regroup.  And it will take a while for me to check what’s going on with prices. etc.  But everyone will be open.

Palomino Club and Deja Vu have already been open for over two months and established a big crowd of customers and excellent selection of dancers.  Palomino Club’s outstanding stage show is already back to pre Bat Plague levels.  Both clubs have excellent deals on private bedroom dances.

Sapphire has been getting big crowds for their Monday Night Football parties so I expect them to recover quickly as well.

I’m going to keep this post pinned for now for people actually looking for Vegas strip clubs.  I’m going to continue live blogging the counterattack against the election steal below.

20 Responses to “Vegas Strip Clubs Get the Okay to Reopen but Only Secretly (Pinned)”

  1. Joseph Biden

    This makes no sense. Governor fat ass tells everyone stay home and now it’s ok to go to strip clubs and have raw ass rubbed in your face?
    This seems as likely as my Presidental win.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Joseph, it’s true. You can’t have both Grandma and Aunt Bee at your Thanksgiving dinner, but you can resume feeling up titties.

      I think Aunt Bee would approve.

      • Davehat

        SAPPHIRE wanted $300 minimum alcohol spend, to which I said “no” and went to Palomino for $30 entry before 9 pm. (Deja Vu has similar pricing except there’s no time limit.)

        I will check Spearmint Rhino 🦏 to see what pricing they have.

  2. Erik d

    Well at least he’s following the science if they advertise and show the nipple covid will surely spread so good on the good ole corrupt dictator of Nevada.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill, that’s possible. The Deja Vu chain has Deja Vu doing well here but Hustler needs more time.

      Since Little Darlings can’t sell booze, they may wait a little longer there.

  3. 808forever

    They can open but can’t actually publicize it???? What a load of shit!!!!

    Shittylack being Shittylack; despite caving in a bit on reopening, he still has to make sure everyone has as little fun as possible.

    Can’t get rid of this prick soon enough.

    • Arnold Snyder

      808, the hammer drops next week on the vote fraudsters.

      Trump gave them a chance to correct what they did and they refused. I honestly think the next step is arrests.

      This will be treated as a crime against national security. I hope Sisolak is arrested with the rest. Can’t imagine the Secretary of State here will take the fall on her own.

  4. Bill

    Even if you are right snappy, why should we get over a fascist group trying to take away our constitutional rights. The question isn’t why aren’t we over it, but why you don’t care about the constitution

  5. Arnold Snyder

    Slappy, you lost. Trump won by a landslide and will be president for the next four years.

    Now go start a riot somewhere. It’s all you Nazis are good at.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Stuart, very very soon.

      Our crooked governor is threatening to lock us down again in two weeks. But I believe he will be too busy pretending he has Covid and dealing with the FBI to ever lock us down again.



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