Best Vegas Strip Clubs on a Budget (Large or Small)

G-Strings on a Shoe String to a Billionaire’s Budget

You can have fun in Vegas strip clubs on almost any budget. If you’ve got $500, you can have a blast. $150? No problem. $50? You can still have fun. $25? You’re still not out of action.

Still, Vegas strip clubs have a reputation for being too expensive, and for good reason. The most common entry fee in the topless clubs is now $45, and most clubs price their least expensive drinks—domestic beers and well drinks—at $12-$18 each. That adds up to around $70-$80 to cover your entry fee and the two-drink minimum that most clubs impose, and when you add the round-trip cab fare from most Strip hotels—another $20-$40—if you take a cab, you’re looking at $90-$120 before you’ve even had a lap dance.


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But it doesn’t have to cost this much if you play it right. The rates above apply to out-of-towners who don’t know the game. Let me clue you in.

Below I cover great Vegas strip club options for a $25, $60 (here), $150 (here), $500 (here) and $1200 (here) budget. Read on or click on a link to go straight to the budget for you.

The $30 Vegas Strip Club Budget

Deja Vu Showgirls Dancer Savannah Loves Entertaining Women and Couples

Savannah Dances at
Deja Vu Showgirls

Let’s say I’m a tourist in Vegas for the weekend, staying downtown at The D with my buddy, and after two miserable days of gambling, I’ve got only $30 left for fun. I was really hoping to see a strip club while I was in town. Is there anywhere I can afford to go?

I’m glad you asked.  Deja Vu Showgirls (club review) is running a special right now:  Free admission, plus a free drink, if you arrive by the free club limo (after 9 pm only).  The club also features an open bar (domestics and wells) seven days a week from 6 pm to 9 pm (admission is $20 during the open bar).

What’s the catch?  There isn’t one.  Deja Vu Showgirls is a smaller-sized club, with 3-6+ dancers at 6 pm and 30-40+ at peak hours, but it wants to grow to be a big club.  The dancers are most pretty girl-next-door types.

To reserve your free ride to Deja Vu, plus free admission and a free drink, call 702-308-4605.

If you have a car and can drive yourself, Palomino Club (club review / club website) would be another option on a tight budget.  Admission is free before 8 pm, and draft beers are only $7 whenever the club is open.

If you’re in a group of two or more, you can also call Palomino at 702-642-2984 and ask them to send their free club limo for your buddy and you (solo guys call for limo availability).  Free round-trip limo service is available at Palomino Club seven days a week for parties of two or more.

Plus, if you take the free club limo, your admission is free at Palomino even after 8 pm. That’s a $30 savings each for you and your buddy.  (Note: the club may charge a $30 cover after 8 pm, but that gets you three drinks.)



Now settle back and enjoy the Palomino Club stage show while you enjoy the club’s $7 drafts.  The stage show is the hottest in town with the best erotic pole dancing in Vegas and close-up floor work from the club’s 130+ young, toned and beautiful dancers.  Plus the dancers are fully nude.  I’d use my remaining money for tips for the dancers on stage. You’d be surprised what a few bucks, tipped strategically, can buy you in the way of fun.

Another option for guys 18 to 21 would be Talk of the Town (club review), a nude club that admits guys 18+.  If you get there just before 8 pm, the evening dancers are coming on and the admission fee is still only $7 (it’s $25 after 8 pm).

Settle in with a free soft drink to watch the nude stage show, with each pretty young dancer doing a 3-song set, allowing for plenty of scorching striptease.  At Talk of the Town, you can even get a nude high-contact lap dance from some dancers for $10 (other dancers charge the standard $20).

Talk of the Town doesn’t have a limo to transport customers, but it’s right on the Strip, so you can either drive yourself, take a short cab ride, or even hop on a Strip bus.  You can even walk if you’re staying at the north end of the Strip.

If you’re on a tight budget, Deja Vu Showgirls, Palomino Club and Talk of the Town offer the best strip club deals in Vegas for an out-of-towner with no personal transportation.

A number of the major Vegas strip clubs offer free limo transportation with free entry, but their two-drink minimums will eat most (or all) of your money in two drinks or fewer, and most don’t offer the high quality of erotic stage entertainment that Palomino Club offers, the drink deals at Deja Vu, or the scorching $10 nude lap dances you can get at Talk of the Town.

Best Vegas Strip Clubs on a $60 Budget

Little Darlings Las Vegas Dancer Serenity

Serenity Dances at
Little Darlings
Photo by Hew Burney

Let’s say that the next time I’m in town, my bankroll’s up a bit so I’m staying at Harrah’s. Again, I have no luck at the tables, but this weekend I quit playing when I still have $60 of mad money burning a hole in my pocket. Once more, I want to go to a strip club … but where can I get the most fun for my $60?

Obviously, Deja Vu, Palomino Club and Talk of the Town would still be great options. At Palomino Club (club review / club website), $60 covers the Flying Solo package, which gets you free round-trip transportation, free admission, and three drinks.  Settle in and enjoy the most erotic nude strip club stage show in Las Vegas.

If you’re in a party of two or more, get free admission to Palomino Club just by calling for the free club limo.  Arrive just before 8 pm to avoid the $30 cover (for three drinks) and you’ve got your full $60 to spend on $7 drafts and lap dances. Call 702-642-2984 to reserve your ride.

And at Deja Vu, you can now afford to get a couple of high-mileage lap dances as you enjoy the stage show and your free drink.  As long as you arrive by the free club limo after 9 pm (call 702-308-4605 to reserve your ride), your admission is free and you get a free drink.

On $60, you can also afford a fine evening at Little Darlings (club review), a nude club with a good stage show that admits customers age 18+.  At Little Darlings the admission is $35, but there’s no reason for you to pay that when you can get in for only $15 simply for arriving by the free climb limo.

Soft drinks at Little Darlings start at only $4 (no alcohol here), so after admission and a drink you’ve still got $40 to spend.  This is another club where a strategically placed dollar or two gets a guy on the rail a lot of attention from the naked dancers.  Even better, you can get a fully-nude lap dance at Little Darlings starting at $20, and every lap dance at the club takes place in a private room.  Little Darlings is the only strip club in Vegas to offer a private room experience starting at $20.

Little Darlings has 15-40+ dancers at peak hours.

The point is, even with a $60 budget, you can have a great time in Vegas with some beautiful naked women.

The $150 Vegas Strip Club Budget

Palomino Club Las Vegas Dancer

Rene Dances at Palomino Club

Now I’m staying at Treasure Island, and with $150 strip club money I can start having some serious fun. But I must continue to keep in mind that I should not take a cab because the cab fares to and from the club, plus the club entry fee, would eat up $50-$70 of my budget.

Sapphire (club review / club website) and Treasures (club review / club website) are finally in reach on this budget, if you spend your money wisely.  Sapphire has the best lap dance orgy in town, with 400+ gorgeous dancers at peak hours and an in-your-face, in-your-hands, in-your-lap lap dance scene.  Treasures has 150+ stacked 9s and 10s.  Both offer free entry if you arrive via the club’s limo service (Sapphire charges a $15 limo reservation fee, but waives that fee if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon or a bottle—a no-brainer).  Treasures’ limo is free round-trip.



The play if you go to Sapphire with $150 is to take the club limo, get free admission, get the $15 limo fee waived by purchasing the buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon, and nurse a few drinks while spending the rest of your money on the club’s famous high-mileage lap dances on the main floor.  Reserve your limo pick-up time to arrive a little before 9 pm to make sure you can still get a seat.  There will be fewer dancers at 9 pm, but they will still be Sapphire quality, and more will arrive constantly. Call 702-869-0003 to reserve your ride.

Or, if you want to be at the club at peak hours, with a full 400+ stacked and slender beauties looking for laps to settle into, check out the VIP packages at Sapphire.  If you buy a package online, even the VIP65 solo package includes free admission, free limo transport, a line pass, a reserved VIP table, host service and a discount on drinks—essentially $120+ in value plus the club’s royalty treatment for only $65.  That leaves plenty of money for some quality lap dance time.

The club also offers packages for groups, or guys who prefer a specific bottle.  See the club website for details. But I highly recommend the packages at this club, not only for the deal on liquor and free admission and ride, but because it can be impossible to get a seat in this club after 9 pm if you don’t have a reserved table.

The best features of Palomino Club (club review / club website) also open up at this budget level. Again, parties of two or more can get free round-trip limo service to and from the Vegas hotels, with free admission just for taking the free club limo.  And solo guys can get a $60 package that includes free round-trip transport, free admission, and three free drinks.

Palomino Club has 130+ gorgeous young dancers at peak hours.  The club offers $20 lap dances to get to know them, but with my $150 budget, I would strongly consider getting a $100 3-song nude private dance at Palomino, alone with a beautiful naked dancer in one of the club’s roomy private booths, which have opaque curtains covering the doorways.  That’s less than most clubs charge for the group VIP.

Call 702-642-2984 for free transport for groups of two or more to Palomino Club or see the  club website to book a package.

The $500 Vegas Strip Club Budget

Sapphire Las Vegas Dancer

Oshun Dances at Sapphire

Oh, man, I’m staying at Caesars, and now I’ve got $500 to have fun in the strip clubs tonight. Where do I go? What do I do to experience the best Las Vegas has to offer on this budget? First, I have to decide how much I want to spend on lap dances, VIP room time, and booze. (I’m still not going to waste a nickel on cab fares or entry fees.)

With $500 to spend, a 30-minute nude private-bedroom show at Palomino Club becomes an option (club review / club website).  Imagine stretching out with a beautiful naked girl on a full-sized bed in a fully-private room for only $350 (includes bottle).  It’s the closest you can get to actual sex with your pants on, and you’d still have enough money for another 10-minute nude VIP dance in a private booth ($100), plus plenty of money for drinks and tips for the club’s fantastic stage show.  What a night.

With a $500 budget, I can even swing some VIP room dances at Sapphire (club review / club website) or Treasures (club review / club website).  Drink prices in these clubs are higher, and bar tabs are added in the VIP rooms, but with $500 to spend, I can afford it.

Check out the VIP packages at Sapphire to get a discount on drinks, free admission and limo, a reserved VIP table, plus the royalty treatment at one of the most elegant strip clubs in town, or the dinner packages at Treasures that get you a gourmet filet and lobster 4-course meal in the club steakhouse.  Or enjoy an evening full of high-mileage $20 lap dances in the main showroom at either club, with uncountable hundreds of stacked and slender dancers to choose from.

Best Vegas Strip Clubs When Money is No Object ($1200+)

Okay, now I’ve got a suite at Wynn and $1200 to blow. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Vegas is my oyster. I am the king of Vegas!

First, a warning: It’s not difficult to blow $1200 in Vegas strip clubs, especially in the VIP rooms where the hosts are peddling $1800 bottles of champagne. If $1200 is dear to you, then you might want to stretch that money by using the same tactics described above but in multiple visits to the clubs.

But assuming you want to blow the whole wad in one club in one night, you’ve got lots of sweet options, including the finest features the Vegas strip clubs have to offer.

On a $1200 budget, you can afford an hour alone with one of the gorgeous and uninhibited dancers in residence at Treasures Las Vegas (club website). Treasures is Vegas’ most luxurious strip club, with deep sofas and easy chairs and private one-on-one VIPs.  Private room dances start at only $250 for 30 minutes plus a $100 bar tab .

Or perhaps you’d like to take one of Sapphire’s (club review / club website) sweet and stacked young things into the club’s elegant Skyboxes, with a real door you can close behind you, for an hour.  Sapphire offers unsurpassed elegance, privacy, service and dancer selection in its private rooms. That’s an unforgettable experience for $500 plus a $300 bar tab.

A 30-minute encounter in a private bedroom with a lovely nude dancer at Palomino would run you $350 with most dancers, and that includes a $100 bottle.  Or you could splurge on a 60-minute nude private-bedroom show at Palomino for $600 (club review / club website).  See your doctor first.

But no matter where I decided to blow my $1200, I wouldn’t be taking taxis and paying cab fares and full entry fees. That’s just money down the tubes, and even your entry fee goes to the cabbie.

Instead, take the free club limo, get free admission, and have more money to enjoy the pleasures of the establishment, no strings attached.




115 Responses to “Best Vegas Strip Clubs on a Budget (Large or Small)”

  1. Barry

    Hi Arnold

    With the 30 minute dances at Palomino do you always have to get a bottle included?

    And can you then take this bottle back outside the VIP to the main area if dont drink it all?

    For example me and 4 friends are going we plan to do bottle service at Palomino anyway and if i pay for a 30 minute VIP do i have to pay for this bottle also and can i bring it then afterwards back to the table what i dont drink?

    Thank you

    • Scott

      Thanks Barry! Yes, you can bring your bottle back from the VIP area to your table.
      See Palomino’s package deals here, or call the club at 702-642-2984 for reservations and more info. Nude, full bar, 21+

  2. Dacehat

    In 2015 your review was accurate, but some of these clubs have gone downhill since then. Last two times I visited Treasures (before coronavirus) I literally turned-round and left, because none of the girls were beautiful (maybe one or two but that’s it). I’m also surprised Spearmint Rhino is not on the list. The girls are gorgeous & toned like athletes.

    Anyway it might be worthwhile to update your review for 2020 to reflect the changes these clubs have made (both upgrade & downgrade).

    • Arnold Snyder

      I disagree, Davehat. Rhino has slipped quite a lot from the old days. They lost their best dancers to Sapphire during the rehab.

      Treasures is 8s & 9s, fantastic mileage, and great for a girlfriend experience, but you have to go late.

  3. Lee

    Heading back to Vegas from Sunday, June 21 through Wednesday, June 24 to celebrate the “re-opening” of Vegas and (hopefully) the strip clubs. I saw that Crazy Horse 3 plans to open on June 15. Any word on any other decent clubs that will be open by 6/24? Also, I typically spend about $500 per club on dances and booze. This time my girlfriend wants to join (her idea) so I’m hoping that will go well. She’s been to clubs before but not with me. Wondering on how the VIP rooms work if she wants to come in and watch. Is it twice the cost or do I just pay for her drink minimum?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Lee, the governor just forced the Fremont Street Experience to cancel live bands at the last minute yesterday.

      So I don’t think the strip clubs will be open in June. The clubs are trying to get things moving but nothing’s moving yet.

      Usually in Vegas a couples’ VIP dance is the same price as a solo guy’s dance. Usually you wouldn’t even have to cover an extra drink minimum for your girlfriend.

  4. Quis

    I’m in Vegas right now me and my girlfriend want to hit a strip club $100 budget I want to have a good time and would like to see nude women. What would you suggest?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Quis: Palomino Club. Take the free club round-trip limo. Go as early as you can to get seats on the stage.

      You’ll pay $30 cover each but get two drinks each for that, and that includes everything but super-premiums and champagne. Use the rest of your money for tips, including a dollar a dance for the dancers on stage. They’ll come dance for you up close when you tip.

      The stage show is the best in town and the dancers are gorgeous. It’s a great date for a couple.

      Have fun!

  5. FV

    I’ve got $500 to spend whilst I’m in LV from Feb 21-24 & Feb 27. Where and what would give me the best return for my buck given that there’s the Wilder v Fury fight on the 22nd?

    • Arnold Snyder

      FV, if you’re into high-mileage lap dances with 400+ stacked 9s and 10s I’d go to Sapphire. $500 will get you a VIP package (starting at $65) that gets you a reserved VIP table, a drink discount, free limo to the club, a line pass and the royalty treatment, plus a lot of fun in the club’s high-mileage lap dance orgy. Lap dances here are the standard $20. On Friday the 21st, they’ll have porn star Jillian Janson in the club doing topless stage sets and VIP dances in between stage sets. On Saturday, the 22nd, it will be porn star Emily Addison. Those shows are always fun. Plus they’ll have three stages going all evening with their own girls.

      If you’re into naked girls and the wildest nude stage show in town, I’d go to Palomino Club. I’d go a little early, by 9-9:30 pm, so you can sit on the rail, tip the girls on stage a couple of bucks per dance, and plan to get a few lap dances and a high-mileage fully-nude private booth dance or two for $100 each, with no extra bar tab. You can get a solo guy package there for Sunday, Monday or Thursday night for $60 that includes free round-trip limo, three drinks, free admission and a line pass. That package isn’t available on Friday or Saturday nights, but if you go a bit early, as I suggest, you can usually catch a free ride with other parties if you’re a bit flexible on pick-up time and location.

      Both clubs have premium dancers and qualify as a special Vegas-only experience while being an outstanding deal. Both clubs will have the most dancers on Friday and Saturday nights, but both clubs will also have an excellent selection of gorgeous dancers on your other nights in town.

      The most important thing is to reserve a package at Sapphire if you’re going there fight weekend. Otherwise you can forget about getting a seat. Palomino will get to standing room only as well, so again, unless you want a bottle package, which might eat up more than you want of your budget, I’d make sure to get there a bit early while you can still get a seat.

  6. Paul K

    Ok so skipping right past the budget limitations. Where’s the best strip club Arnold where theres a chance girls will go beyond high mileage and just take care of you in the back room?

  7. SG

    My buddy and I will be coming out in July and can’t decide where to go on a Thursday night! We have been to Rhino and enjoyed it but that was a bachelor party. Where would you recommend the 2 of us go, possibly getting a table and bottle? Looking for high mileage preferably. Thanks!

    • Arnold Snyder

      SG, you cannot beat Sapphire or Treasures for high mileage and quality dancers, and both will have a good crowd on a Thursday night. Treasures has a gourmet steakhouse where you and your buddy could start your evening. Sapphire has a gourmet Mexican restaurant.

      Treasures has bottle packages starting at $295 and Sapphire has bottle packages starting at $359 online. Both include free limo to the club, a VIP table, free admission, a line pass and the royalty treatment.

      Treasures guarantees free round-trip limo. At Sapphire you can usually arrange a free limo back to your hotel if you talk to your driver on the way to the club. Treasures also has dinner packages.

      You can also get two solo guy packages at either club for $65. Sapphire’s includes a $50 drink credit plus a free shot while Treasures’ includes a $60 drink credit. (A beer at Sapphire is $15, while at Treasures it’s $18). Both include free transport to the club as above (Treasures round-trip), plus admission, a line pass, and VIP seating.

      I will say a bottle on your table tends to attract the top dancers to stop by and will get you the best seating, meaning easy access to dancers with a good view of the stages. That goes double if you wear a sport coat.

      You can check out Sapphire’s packages here and Treasures packages here.

      I truly think you and your buddy would have a great time at either club.

      • SG

        This was very informative, thanks again! We will be hitting up Sapphire for sure!!

      • SG

        Sorry to bother you Arnold, would the open bar for 2 hours be a good deal for us at Sapphire’s?

        • Arnold Snyder

          SG, the open bar packages include beer (both domestics and imports), well and call drinks — everything but super-premiums, wine and champagne. A beer at Sapphire is $15. The average drink price is $19, which means well drinks are in the low $20s. Call drinks average $29.

          Plus, of course, the package includes a free limo to the club, free admission, a line pass, VIP seating, and in general the royalty treatment.

          I’d say it’s definitely worth it if you’re getting the open bar in a porn star package and you’d enjoy partying with the star at her private tables. I’ve had a lot of fun with that package. And it’s definitely worth it if you prefer a specific brand of liquor.

          Plus, an open bar package will get you better seating than a package with a $50 drink card, and also more attention from a club host if you’d like him to set you up with top dancers, etc. That can be important on a weekend night at peak hours.

          On the other hand, if you want maximum attention from the top dancers, a bottle on the table tends to work better, so in that case I’d go with a bottle package. Also, with a bottle package, you can offer dancers drinks. (Dancers often go for the mixers, especially bottles of water, which you can get an endless supply of.) With the open bar package, you have to pay separately for any drinks for the dancers.

          • SG

            Arnold, you’re awesome! Thank you for your time!

  8. Chris

    Why would the clubs offer a free limo + free admission? Can you explain their logic in this?

    I will be by myself will the limo pick me up alone?

    Also, can you list some pros vs cons of hiring a private stripper to my room?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris, it has to do with the clubs paying taxi drivers a bribe for bringing customers to the club. The bribe has gotten to over $100 per person at times and actually bankrupted many excellent Vegas strip clubs.

      The clubs save money by driving customers themselves and offer free admission as an enticement. You can read about it in our article on the Vegas taxi wars.

      Almost all of the major clubs will pick you up alone for free.

      A private stripper in your room will usually be more expensive than the equivalent entertainment in a strip club and you don’t know what you’re getting until she actually arrives at the door, collects the agency fee off the top, and then starts negotiating with you for actual services. Since there are no other strippers around as competition, her charge will likely be higher than in a Vegas strip club, where you can easily move on to the next girl.

      Plus it’s easier for the dancer to reliably make money in a Vegas strip club, where there are many customers looking for what she’s selling. That means the strip clubs tend to get the superior girls.

  9. DM

    Whats the best club to go to during the daytime. I was thinking of going on a saturday morning or lunchtime. Who has the hottest dancers and the best private dances at that time of day? If you have a private dance will the girls be fully nude? Whats the best option at that time for a bed? Im ok with spending several hundred up to $500

    • Arnold Snyder

      DM, for the best dancer selection, Little Darlings is the best afternoon club in Vegas. They open at 11 am every day but Sunday (when they open at 6 pm). The dancers get fully nude on stage and in the private shows. They do offer nude bed dances and a full hour is just $400. Because there’s no alcohol served, there’s also no extra bar tab in the VIP rooms.

      I don’t know of any clubs with a good Saturday morning selection. Some of the 24/7 topless clubs will usually have some dancers at all hours, but don’t expect a lot. If you require booze, then you’re better off visiting one of these clubs in the afternoon when there will be a few more dancers present, but none will compare to Little D’s and none will have nude dancers. The 24/7 topless clubs are Sapphire, Rhino, Hustler, Cheetahs and Crazy Horse III.

      • DM

        If fully nude isnt that important which place will better options as far as # of dancers, quality and mileage early in the day LDs or Saphirre’s?

  10. Piyush


    I am Planning to vegas & staying hotel luxor for 3 days( 2 of my friends ) my total budget is $100-$120 for 3 days Can you suggest how to get in to sapphire in economical way & suggest other strip clubs

    • Arnold Snyder

      Piyush, call Sapphire for their free limo. They will charge you a $15 reservations fee, but at the door they will refund that if you buy a 2 for the price of 1 drink coupon for $18.

      Now you’ve gotten in for free for taking the limo and you have two drinks for $18. Make sure you get there by 9 pm so you can get a free seat on the stage. Spend the rest of your budget on tips and high-mileage lap dances.

      Another great deal is Deja Vu Showgirls. Call for the free limo to get the free ride, free admission, and a coupon for a free drink after the open bar ends. Arrive at 7 to 8 pm to drink for free until the open bar ends at 9 pm. If you’re here on a Tuesday, go to the club on a Tuesday night because then all drinks are $2 all night long after the open bar ends.

      Spend the rest of your budget on tips and high-mileage lap dances.

  11. Jesse


    I’m visiting Vegas next week and after read your article, I’m wondering if Deja Vu offer free limo ride back the hotel as well? Or is it just the free limo ride from the hotel?


    • Arnold Snyder

      Jesse, it’s just a free limo ride from the hotel. Palomino is the only club that offers round-trip.

      You might ask the limo driver about a return trip, though. Sometimes they’re willing to let you know when they’re leaving and can drop you on their way to pick up their next customer.

      • Jesse

        Hi Arnold,

        Thanks for the info. Does one need to take the Deja Vu limo to get the free admission? Would I get free admission if I drive there on my own?

        Thanks again for your info!


  12. Greg L

    Arnold – in a private room dance, are you actually allowed to “stretch out” with a dancer? I ask, as in Minneapolis all customers in VIP are required to stay on the bed, on their backs! no other positions for customers are allowed. Second, are the girls on the bed nude, or partially clothed?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Greg, yes, in a private bedroom dance, you stretch out on a bed or sofa with a dancer beside you or on top of you. At a nude club, the girls are in bed with you nude. At a topless club, the girls keep their g-strings on but nothing else.

      The usual position is for a man to lie on his back with the dancer on top of him. The dancers probably don’t want to feel trapped by a man on top of them but I’ve never seen a law regarding these positions.

  13. Anonymous

    How many older guys are there at sapphirespool on a friday?. I’m 63, would I be the odd awkward person to the party

    • Arnold Snyder

      Anonymous, I’ve had a Medicare card in my wallet for years now and I never feel like an odd, awkward person to the party at Sapphire. There are plenty of guys our ages.

  14. Cedric

    What’s the proper/typical tip for a $20 laplace on the main floor (not prvite).
    Is it higher of you are in a private room like little darlings 15 min couch dance?
    Most expect it and a lot ask outright at the end. Thanks

    • Arnold Snyder

      Cedric, you don’t tip for a $20 lap dance unless something very unusual occurred. And you don’t let dancers set tipping policy for you. Everyone in Las Vegas is trained to hustle tips.

      You might give an extra 10% for an exceptional private dance of 15 minutes or more.

  15. Steve

    Hello again.
    I was wondering what the rules/laws are on tipping the girl while she is on the stage.
    Here in Wichita they have cracked down on whats allowed

  16. Cedric Fisher

    I was told hooters in las Vega har some excellent pole dancing with low stages. I called Hooters casino hotel and they said they had no pole dancing? Have heard of this place? Can you recommend the best club for pole dancers. Especially ones that don’t have girls constantly bugging you for lap dances!! Thanks love your site

  17. Alex

    how is stripper king? do we have any underground stripclub who offer only entry through invite email (RSVP). looking to have high contact dance with cute college girls. pls sugest

    • Arnold Snyder

      Alex, never heard of anything like that for strip clubs in Vegas, only illegal brothels. You can get a high-contact dance with a college girl at Little Darlings if you go for a private bedroom dance.

  18. Steve

    I was reading yelp
    Wby do you think so many if the post there are negative on most if the clubs?
    Most if what I read in here is pretty posative

    • Arnold Snyder

      Steve, because the Vegas strip club personnel go online to post negative reviews about each other.

      Also, because many people don’t know how to do a Vegas strip club right. Because of the huge tips the Vegas strip clubs must pay cabbies who bring customers (if they want cabbies to continue bringing customers), Vegas strip clubs are forced to charge a high admission fee and high drink prices to make their money back on customers who arrive by cab. The average Vegas strip club customer would cost a strip club $75 to $125 per head in cabbie tips. The customer then pays a huge admission fee to get in, then buys a drink and finds the price outrageous. With cab fare, admission and two drinks the customer is out $125 before they’ve tipped anyone or had a single lap dance. That’s a drag.

      That’s why I stress over and over to call for the free club limo to get free or reduced admission, often with a free drink or a package that includes a drink deal. Now you arrive at the club in style, are whisked past the line at the door, and are taken to a VIP table with an excellent view of the stage show. Instead of being out $125 dollars before your evening really starts, you have most of your budget left for lap and VIP dances and you’re regarded by the dancers as a VIP.

      And in my reviews, I tell you which clubs are best for lap dances, and which are best for the VIP to make the most of that club.

      When you do the Vegas strip clubs right, they are the best in the world. When you let a cabbie take you to the place that is paying him the highest bribe that night, then pay the outrageous admission fee after standing in a long line, then pay an outrageous amount for a beer in a club where you can’t even find a place to sit down and get a lap dance, the club can be disappointing.

      • Steve

        Thanks Arnold
        Would be happy to buy you a drink or a beer when I take my son out there for his 21st Octobet

  19. Arnold Snyder

    Gold label, the last time I visited the New York strip clubs was in 1990. I know Sapphire has a club there. I also know New York strip clubs have had problems with scams like this one.

    I can tell you that Sapphire in New York City has the same lap dance and drink prices as in Vegas and that you’re unlikely to run into problems there.

  20. Gold label

    Hi Arnold
    Do you know about NewYork strip clubs too. Are they any good?. I mean, when it comes to comparing New York’s with vegas clubs how good/bad are they. And if you know any good ones, along with their services, charges, lap dances in private boxes, the best time to visit them etc etc please do tell.

  21. Rick

    Also have you ever been to “play it again Sam” club? My friends said is a lower grade club but lots of fun.

  22. Rick

    Hi there thanks again for the info.
    1. I’d like to take a girl to to Sapphire using the vip65. Would I need to buy 2 vip65 packages?

    2. About Palomino you wrote:

    “Palomino Club has 130+ gorgeous young dancers at peak hours. The club offers $20 high-contact lap dances to get to know them, but with my $150 budget, I would strongly consider getting a $100 3-song nude private dance at Palomino…”

    Why is it better to be in a private room? Can you do more there?

    Thanks so much

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rick, a second package for your girlfriend would be a good idea. It gets her on the limo, gets her some drinks, etc. If neither of you drinks much, you could always try just bringing her with you, but you’d have to make sure there was space in the car they send, etc., and on a date, all this could get awkward.

      Palomino dancers offer great high-mileage dances in the VIP private booths but not usually in a $20 lap dance. Also, in the VIP private booths, the dances are nude, while $20 lap dances are just topless.

        • Arnold Snyder

          Rick, no, you can bring a girl any way you want. Just understand that if you don’t bring her in the limo, and she’s from out of state, she’ll pay the full admission charge.

  23. Steve

    Hi again.
    Was wondering what the difference was between Club Sapphire Showroom and Karaoke seating

    • Arnold Snyder

      Steve, the karaoke room is a completely separate party room, much smaller than the Showroom. Sapphire has held some sports screenings there when they expected a small crowd. The Showroom is huge with 3 movie-screen size HD screens plus wraparound TV monitors.

  24. Rick

    I don’t understand why people want to spend so much to get a girl to grind on the pants? If you cant put your hands all over them what’s the point? I’d much rather head to sheri’s ranch and spend a little more for a real experience. What am I missing?

  25. Goodtimes

    I was wondering if Uber or lyft
    Were options to go to and from the clubs and would prices be cheaper vs taxi

    • Arnold Snyder

      Goodtimes, call the clubs for their free limos. That’s always the way to get in free or for the lowest rate. Clubs charge the same for arriving by Uber or Lyft as they do for arriving by cab. That’s because so many Uber and Lyft drivers know about the spiff and go to collect it.

      If you want to go to another club from a club you’re in, just ask the next club to pick you up at your current club.

  26. Goodtimes

    Hi Arnold.
    What is the best club for just 1 guy on a Saturday evening or night.
    Do you recomend getting a private booth lap dance private dance with a room with a bed?
    I think this is 1 of the best sites I have ever used on any topic.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Goodtimes, thanks for the comment.

      If it’s in your budget, a private bed dance is the ultimate.

      Saturday night brings out all the best dancers in all the best clubs, so it depends on what you’re looking for. For the wildest lap dance orgy, go to Sapphire, but be aware the drinks are more expensive (a beer is $15). Think 400+ stacked dancers. The contact level is through the roof.

      Deja Vu has high-mileage lap dances and private bedroom dances at the best rates in town, plus a 4-hour open bar. It’s a great place to go on a budget, especially if you’d like to try a private bedroom dance. This is the place to go on a Saturday night if you’d like to flirt with the dancers before choosing one to be alone with.

      Palomino has the most erotic stage show in town, and it’s fully nude. The private-booth and bedroom dances are fully nude as well, and high-contact. Gorgeous dancers, friendly drink prices. You might be able to get the solo-guy package here on a Saturday night if you’re willing to have the limo pick you up before 9 pm. It’s a good time to get a great seat as well. Go for a private booth dance here–fully nude and high mileage.

      If you don’t care about booze, Little Darlings is always a party on Saturday nights. This is another club with an above average stage show and fully nude. The big draw here is that even $20 lap dances take place in private booths and are fully nude. Lots of cute college girls, and on Saturday nights they strip out of costumes.

  27. James

    I’m taking my lady to Vegas next week. She is a little bit of an exhibitiinist. We have been lucky to find clubs in the past where the stage dancers will pop out the EE’s (5’10 140 lbs so the look amazing) when she tips them at the stage and give her plenty of attention in the VIP area. What club would you recommend on a $1000ish budget. We have Saturday- Tuesday night if you have a night suggestion also. Thanks

    • Arnold Snyder

      James, I’d take your wife to either Palomino Club or Sapphire, on Saturday night if possible (but other nights are okay too). Palomino is a nude club, with a nude stage show and fully-nude VIP dances, all in private booths or private bedrooms. If you’re sitting on the rail and your wife is tipping the girls on stage, they will give her a lot of attention, with many dancers giving physical attention. They’re unlikely to actually undress your wife, but they may nuzzle her titties or lap area. Pick a girl who gives a lot of physical contact from the stage and you’ll likely get exactly what you’re looking for in the VIP. Think 100-130 dancers at peak hours on a Saturday night. Great stage show.

      Sapphire is a topless club with 400+ dancers at peak hours on a Saturday night. The physical contact here is through the roof, and would be through the roof for your wife as well. The stages are too high for much interaction with the dancers on stage–the stage show is more something you watch from afar while you’re scanning the crowd for your next lap dancer. Again, the dancers won’t undress your wife on the main floor, but your wife exposing her breasts for physical attention in the VIP would be on the menu with most dancers. Pick someone who has given you a lot of fun in a lap dance or two.

      Both clubs would be terrific fun on your budget and both are great with couples. Just have your wife be open about her enthusiasm for the whole thing and you’ll have a great party. Expect dancers to be cautious at first because a lot of guys take their wives and girlfriends to a strip club for the first time here, and every dancer has a story about one of these women getting jealous, etc. Get past that barrier and you’ll be fine.

      Also, my standard advice for any Vegas strip club: The first dancer or two to approach you will often be the hustlers, the most aggressive women in the club. Get rid of them fast and the rest of the dancers will be a treat.

      And both Palomino and Sapphire feature host service–these are literally guys there to make you happy. Don’t hesitate to ask a host for an introduction to a particular dancer or a dancer who’s great with couples, or whatever.

      If you go to either club near primetime on Saturday, I recommend a package. Both clubs get packed at peak hours. On Sunday through Tuesday, I’d recommend a package at Sapphire, but at Palomino you’ll likely get a better deal at the door.

  28. Steve

    Taking my son to Vegas for 21st bday in Oct.
    Do you recomend Saphire on a Monday for the halftime show or a differnt club

    • Arnold Snyder

      Steve, on a Monday in October, the halftime show at Sapphire will be spectacular. I highly recommend for you and your son.

  29. JR

    On a Tuesday night what is the best club? What is the best club overall? I like curves, big fake breasts. Am I better off using an escort service or doing lap dances? Thank you

    • Arnold Snyder

      JR, Tuesday night is a big night at Deja Vu. Every Tuesday every beer, well and call drink is $2, so the club is full of customers, which means it’s full of dancers. Curves and big boobs are big at Deja Vu and so are high-mileage lap dances.

      Sapphire would be the alternative on a Tuesday night if you’re looking for stacked. It’s a more expensive club with a terrific hands-on lap dance scene and a terrific selection of dancers, both by numbers and quality.

  30. Jacob

    Thanks. My thinking is they’re probably just as hot as girls at the brothel, and much less likely to be cops or scam artists than freelancers. Would you agree?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jacob, the girls definitely won’t be cops. But they’ll likely worry that you’re a cop.

      One thing that’s nice about the brothels is you can talk openly about what you want and what you’re willing to pay, and if you can agree on the price, nobody’s going to say no.

      • Jacob

        Good point. I just don’t want to run into an undercover in a lounge on the Strip if I don’t make it out to a brothel.

  31. Jacob

    Truly appreciate all your insight on this site Arnold.
    Is it unlikely or just impossible that dancers come back to your hotel? If I’m getting a private bedroom dance and offer $1k for her to spend the night, is it more likely I’ll get a visit from security then a yes?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jacob, there’s no harm in trying. You won’t get a visit from security. At worst, you’ll get a polite no.

      You’re more likely to have success if you don’t put it directly in terms of paying her for sex. (Prostitution is illegal in Vegas.) See the escorts section of our brothels & escorts page for how negotiations like this must be handled.

  32. Vincent


    My brother and I are heading to Vegas for a midweek trip and we will be there on a Wednesday night. We are looking for a good club with high mileage dances and are in the $500 range. Any recommendations for that night of the week? We are looking at getting a VIP deal of some kind as well.


    • Arnold Snyder

      Vincent, on a Wednesday night, if you’re looking for the best high mileage lap dance club, go to Sapphire. No competition for quality and quantity of dancers on a Wednesday night with high mileage lap dances.

      If you’re looking for a nude club, I’d recommend Palomino. The lap dance scene isn’t comparable to Sapphire’s, but they’ll have an excellent selection of dancers, a terrific nude stage show, and better prices than Sapphire on VIP private shows (starting at 3 songs for $100, with no bar tab). Mileage is excellent on these private shows, which are fully nude.

      $500 will get you a great time at either club. If you go to Sapphire, be sure to get a package for free admission and a discount on booze. If you go to Palomino, be sure to call for the free round-trip limo for your brother and you. The best deal on a Wednesday night at Palomino is to get a VIP package at the door that gives you a reserved table for the night for much less than you’d pay for a package on the club website.

      If high-mileage VIP dances are the most important thing you’re looking for, a third option is Deja Vu. They have very high-mileage private bedroom dances starting at $150 for 15 minutes (plus a 2-drink bar tab). It tends to be a good place to flirt with dancers before a good time in a private room. The private rooms are furnished with your choice of big comfy sofa or full-sized bed. The only thing you should know is that Wednesday nights are the club’s weakest night for dancer selection. There may be only a dozen dancers in the club and there will be a lower percentage than usual of the club’s top dancers. If you switched to Tuesday night, when the club gets a huge crowd for its $2 drinks (domestics, imports, plus all well & call drinks) all night long, Deja Vu would be an excellent option.

  33. Tim

    Oh yeah. Looks like next week is light in vegas as far as conventions and such. So could be slow on tuesday. How do I play that in the clubs?

    Great site thanks.

  34. Tim

    Hi –
    So heading to Vegas Next week. Plan on visiting strip club(s) on Tuesday evening. Looking for laid back places. Would like to spend 2 or 3 hours, tip at stage, talk to girls, get a few private dances. Bank roll about 1000. Want big breasts, GFE, one on one time and enjoy a drink or two.

    Best options?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tim, I’d recommend Deja Vu Showgirls on Tuesday night. Because it’s $2 Tuesday, the club will have a good crowd and a lot of dancers even on a Tuesday with no convention in town. But it’s got a low-hustle culture all the time, so it’s perfect for the kind of evening you’re describing. Be sure to take the club limo to get free admission and your drinks (domestics, wells, and call drinks) will be $2 all night long. The open bar for domestics and wells lasts until 10 pm.

      It’s a great club for high-mileage private dances with their private bedroom deals starting at 15 minutes for $150. You can try out a dancer for 15 minutes and then get the lower 30-minute or 60-minute rate if you decide to extend the show. Not every girl will have big breasts, but there will be plenty of big breasts.

      Another option would be Palomino. They get a good crowd every night of the week and a good selection of dancers with big breasts. It’s my favorite club for sitting on the stage and tipping and private shows are excellent here–mostly high-mileage and starting at 3 songs for $100.

      Either way, I think you’ll have a great time.

  35. dan

    Heading to Vegas tonight with my girl for a few days. Not a budget question, more of how can we get the best service for lap dances/champagne rooms?

    • Arnold Snyder

      dan, to get the best lap dances and private dances, see this post on how to get high mileage.

      Even though that article is about how to get high mileage in the nude clubs, it works well in topless clubs too for finding the type of dancers who are going to make the experience great.

      Also take a look at our tips for couples going to a Vegas strip club. It talks about how to find the best dancers for a couples dance and what to expect as a couple getting a VIP or private show.

  36. Kevin

    This article is 2 years old now. Are rates still mostly the same?

    I’ll be in town for a business trip from Tues – Thurs this month. I’m looking to spend about 400-500$ Not sure if I wanna do a private room or a few lap dances. But I’m split between Palomino/Sapphire/Deja Vu.

    Thanks for the advice!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Kevin, this article was first written two years ago but is updated weekly. So is all the other info on this website.

      Go to Palomino if you want a spectacular nude stage show & some nude private dances in the private-curtained cubicles.

      Go to Sapphire if you want the world’s best lap dance orgy.

      Go to Deja Vu if you want the open bar from 6 to 10 pm (plus $2 call drinks all night long on Tuesdays) and you want to spend your full budget on private bedroom dances.

      On Tuesdays through Thursdays, the best dancer selection will be Palomino or Sapphire.

  37. JOL

    I arrive with 9 others next March, what’s the deal for the March Madness at Sapphire? Sounds interesting!

    We’re planning on maybe hitting the strip clubs that Friday night – before the clubs, which would be best? Deja Vu seems good from your comments and reasonable!


    • Arnold Snyder

      JOL, March Madness is usually great at Sapphire, and Deja Vu has great deals too. But by next March we could have three new strip clubs in this town, with three old ones closed, and every deal on this site could be changed.

      Check back in January/February of next year and I’ll help you find the best deals then.

      • Brad

        Any suggestions for March Madness? Going with Group if guys with varying budgets. Also have a solo night. Staying 3/14-3/17

        • Arnold Snyder

          Brad, when I have buddies in town for March Madness I usually take them to Sapphire. They turn the club Showroom into a sports lounge.

          The Showroom has the three largest HD screens in Vegas plus wraparound monitors. They get a decent crowd and a good bunch of dancers. The lap dances are terrific here–high mileage, beautiful girls.

          They have group and solo packages, bottle packages, open bar packages, etc. at the club website. The packages get you a booze discount, free limo service, free admission, a line pass, a VIP table and overall the club royalty treatment.

          Other clubs like Rhino, Cheetahs, Crazy Horse 3 and Hustler screen the games, but Sapphire tends to have the best party.

          Sapphire’s also a great club at night if you’re looking for stacked, first-rate dancers and a high-mileage lap dance scene. A package gets you the best deal at night too.

          Another great club at night is Palomino, a fully-nude club with a full bar, gorgeous dancers, and the best stage show in town. The nude private-booth dances are a deal here at 3 songs for $100 and they’re high-mileage. The club also has good rates on nude private bedroom dances.

          If you’re going solo, I’d recommend the solo-guy package here. It gets you round-trip limo service, free admission, a line pass, and a few drinks.

          If you’d like a more laid-back club for extended flirting with a dancer before some private shows, you’d like Deja Vu. You can get a private bedroom dance here for the same price most Vegas topless clubs charge for the group VIP.

          Sapphire gets 300-400 dancers on Friday/Saturday nights and maybe 120-150 on week nights. Palomino gets roughly 130 dancers on weekends and maybe 70-80 on week nights. Deja Vu gets roughly 15 dancers on week nights and 50 on weekends.

  38. Joe T

    No, I won’t be walking. Only time I have to explore with limited money is Friday afternoon. Cheetah seemed the best deal. Other ideas?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Cheetahs or Sapphire in the afternoon. It’s the only time you can drink for $3-$4 a beer at Sapphire, and during March Madness they have a $30 open bar deal going. You won’t see 400 dancers in the afternoon, but the selection is decent.

      Sapphire is right behind the Fashion Show Mall on Industrial. Just walk or drive to the back of the mall and turn left for a few blocks on Industrial.

      If you’re near Trump, you can just drive west on Sahara to that ramp down to Crazy Horse Too (now closed) and turn right to Cheetahs. In the afternoon, you can get a 6-minute lap dance for $20 instead of the usual 1-song dance.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Joe, it’s a mile and a half. You’d spend the first 3-4 blocks in one of the higher-crime neighborhoods in town. If you’re a big guy or with a buddy, familiar with lower-rent neighborhoods, you’d probably be okay.

      South on Strip about a block to Baltimore. Right on Baltimore about 3-4 blocks to Tam. Right on Tam about a block to Boston, left about a block on Boston to Industrial.

      Then right 3-4 blocks on Industrial to Wyoming/Oakey. Left about a block to Western. Left 3-4 blocks to the club.

      I’ll check when I’m driving by later whether you can cut through some parking lots straight from Boston and Industrial to Wyoming.

      Update: No, I just remembered that I tried that once. You have to go all the way to either Sahara or Wyoming/Oakey to get from Industrial to Wyoming. In between the streets there are fenced-off elevated railroad tracks, so you can’t cut through the parking lots.

      Here’s what I would do if you’re on a tight budget. I’d call the club or another club for their free limo. When you’re ready to go home, ask the doorman if you can catch a ride with a limo that’s heading back to the Strip. As long as you ask before 2 a.m. and you’re a little flexible about when you leave, you’ll probably be able to catch a ride at least to the Strip. If the driver drops you far enough north on the Strip you can walk it (the Strip is relatively safe), or you can always catch a Strip bus.

      Or you could catch Strip buses all the way to Palomino Club (they also guarantee free round-trip limo service with their Flying Solo package, or free limo service without a package if there are two of you–and they’re good about driving you back). Or you could walk roughly 4 blocks north up the Strip to OG (or again, catch a Strip bus).

  39. Jay

    Can you give an idea of “how much” we should tip. That is: whats the minimum we should tip (on the rail or in a lap dance) if the goal is just not to be rude? What if the goal is to get a little extra attention? A lot of attention?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jay, if you’re going to sit on the rail, the minimum is a couple of bucks for each dancer. Even that much will get you extra attention at slower times, or before other guys start tipping.

      To show extra appreciation for a good performance and get extra attention at busier times, $5 to $10 would be good. Be sure to put it out there in singles, or the dancer may think your ten is a one.

      $20 will usually stand out, unless Floyd Mayweather is making it rain beside you. Again, be sure to put it on the stage in singles.

      There’s no need to tip for a lap dance, but offering a drink or throwing in an extra five to ten dollars for a great dance is always nice.

      In the VIP, an extra 10 to 15% is nice, but not required. Sometimes a dancer will let you know that she has to tip out a certain amount to the VIP host, and asks if you’d like to cover that amount.

      • Jay

        Thanks!!! I’ve always made sure to tip at least $1 / dance at the rail — its good to know instincts were correct. And I really appreciate the quite response and front-page posting.

        This is a great site. I only make it to Vegas once every few years, and really had no idea if I was behaving correctly. This is a great help.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Joe T, Sapphire is exactly one mile from Treasure Island. Cross the street to Fashion Show Mall and take Fashion Show Lane to Industrial, which is now Sammy Davis Jr. Turn right, go about a block.

      You can’t miss it. It’s huge. It will be on the left. It’s a great club.

      Tell them that you walked over so you get free admission.

  40. Arnold Snyder

    Bill: Any time you come with a group, your best bet is to call the clubs, tell them how many are in your group, and ask about package deals. Most clubs, including Sapphire and Palomino, have numerous package deals that change frequently, and many will put together a package specifically for your group based on your drink preferences.

  41. Bill

    Coming in this Thursday for the weekend with 3 other friends. Our usual plan has been to hit Rhino sometime during happy hour for the $100 bottle specials (usually 2) and go from there. (With free limo ride obviously) Does Sapphire or Palomino (or I guess anywhere else for that matter) have similar Happy Hour set ups? Thx

  42. Arnold Snyder

    Jason: The best selection of dancers on a Monday or Tuesday in your price range, which would allow you one or two $100-150 VIP dances would be Palomino (nude, high mileage). They won’t have their biggest dance crew on the floor, but they’ll have enough dancers of such high quality that you’ll be more than satisfied. Their new Lipstick Lounge is clean, comfortable and private, with curtains.

    Sapphire (Topless) would have a larger selection of dancers, also many of the highest quality, but your VIP room budget won’t go as far. You could easily have a lot of fun at Sapphire if you limited your alcohol intake and stuck to the $20 laps out on the main floor. Mileage on the main floor at Sapphire is pretty damn high and you should have enough funds to go through a number of dancers.

  43. Jason

    I am coming into Vegas on 11/23, and will probably hit a strip club late Monday night (after football, unfortunately because of flight time) or Tuesday. My budget is around $250-$350. What would be the best place to go for high mileage VIP (no preference on nude vs topless) to maximize my budget?

  44. Tommy

    If it is only 1 person, are there any clubs that will give you a free limo ride? Or does it always have to be 2 or more in the group?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Most clubs will transport a solo customer, though this may depend on crowd conditions. If a club balks at the idea, ask if they have any kind of package deal you could get to make it worth it for them. The clubs’ concern is that if they send the limo, pick you up and give you free admission, you may buy one beer and leave.

      Depending on where your hotel is located in relation to the club and traffic conditions, you may tie up one of their drivers for the better part of an hour.

      This is one of the reasons Sapphire offers their VIP65 package for solo guests. For $65 you get transport, admission, a reserved seat, and $50 in booze. If that’s all you spend in the club, at least they know they didn’t lose money on you.

  45. Kyle

    Heading to Vegas on May 12th for a quick 4 day business trip. Probably going out on Tuesday or Wednesday night, solo. Recommendations? Not looking to spend a fortune ($100-$200). Best options for my $?

    • Arnold Snyder

      On a Tuesday or Wednesday night, I would check out Palomino Club.

      Call for their free limo to get free admission (instead of paying the $30 admission fee).

      Draft beers are $6. The nude stage show is outstanding. High mileage topless lap dances on the main floor are $20, or if you’ve got $200 to spend you could get a 10-minute nude private show in a small private curtained room for $100, with no extra bar tab.

      Even on a Tuesday or Wednesday you’ll see all first-rate dancers.

  46. alex

    great website you have here, very detailed with straight and honest talk,
    keep up the good work.
    I have read quite a bit of your columns here and ask what your opinion for my situation:
    ill be able to go to a club on a tue or wed this summer and from reading your articles cant decide if sapphire or de ja vue would be better, ill have about 120 to maybe 150 for a budget, will use the club limo and any other offers like free admission.
    generally in my hometown when I go to a club I drink 2 or 3 beers tip dancers servers and door girl and ill usually buy 2 songs from one dancer and im out of there, in vegas I would probably do the same but would look to stay longer since first time to a club in vegas and splurge by buying dances from 2 diff girls, 3 or 4 songs total. which club do you think would be best for my budget for high mileage dances with my budget on a tue or wed evening probably going around 10pm? thanks in advance

    • Arnold Snyder

      Hi Alex, at 10 pm on a Tues or Wed in the summer, on $120 to $150, I’d go to Sapphire. 10 pm is probably early enough that you don’t absolutely need a reserved VIP table, so I’d call for the club limo as you plan to do (1.702.869.0003). That gives you free admission.

      They charge a $10 reservations fee for the limo, but if you buy the 2-for-1 drink ticket at the door (it’s $18 or $19 now) they’ll waive the $10 reservations fee. You want that 2-for-1 ticket, because otherwise a draft beer is $14 at Sapphire and the average drink price is $19.

      So now you’ve got two drinks for a total of $18 or $19 and if you want a third you have to keep $14 to $19 in reserve. You tip people, and you can still afford at least 3 or 4 lap dances on the floor. Sapphire doesn’t offer a limo back to your hotel, so you have to keep some money aside for a cab.

      The scene at the club is very erotic. There will be literally hundreds of beautiful scantily clad women (the club’s preferred type is stacked so they won’t be too skinny for you) and hundreds of guys getting super high contact lap dances on the floor.

      The first time I took my wife into the club (after the comedy show) she said it looked like an orgy.

      Plus there are always 2 or 3 stages going by 10 pm, so there’s plenty of girl watching to do while you have a few drinks between lap dances.

      I tend to go to Deja Vu a little later at night (11 pm, midnight is better). The drink prices are better ($10 for out-of-towners) and the stage show is better (I enjoy watching really good dancing and pole dancing). Also, at Deja Vu you get the free limo round-trip, so you don’t have to pay for the cab back to your hotel.

      Plus, at Deja Vu you get a free drink along with free admission if you use the coupon at the upper right of the club review page. So you’d only pay $20 average for 3 drinks here with that coupon, plus you’d get free admission and the free limo round-trip.

      The lap dances at Deja Vu are high contact, and you’ll see plenty of them going on, but you will see 35 to 55 dancers at peak hours at this club instead of hundreds. Plus, you’re more likely to see the higher end of that range on Friday and Saturday nights.

      But Deja Vu excels when you want to watch good stage dancing and then get a private room show, or if you’re going to drink more than 2-3 drinks.

      Deja Vu excels also if you want more of a flirtation with a dancer before a lap dance or private show.

      At Sapphire you tend to get asked for a dance, and then if you say no the dancer moves on.

      In other words, Deja Vu tends to be lower hustle. Still, the hustle at Sapphire isn’t bad. The dancers don’t get rude there.

      All of this is based on the current policies and prices, etc. at these clubs, and the Vegas strip clubs are in constant flux, so be sure to check back before your trip.

      • Nick B

        Hey Arnold!

        Great site….

        My buddies and I which is 7 of us will be coming down for memorial day weekend to party and have a good time. Our options are Thursday or Friday night and we want the best atmosphere to enjoy the scenery/main stage and some drinks and dances at our table. Would like to good value or high mileage. Which club or package would you recommend?

        • Arnold Snyder

          Nick B, you can’t beat the stage show or value at Palomino, a nude club. Draft beers are $7, the stage show is the best in town. You could do Palomino either Thursday or Friday night. Be sure to call for the free club limo, which is free round-trip, and I’d arrange for it early (pick-up by 9:30 pm), even reserve a day in advance, to get the time you want and get a table together. After 10-10:30 pm, if you go on Friday, you really need a package for your group here.

          Palomino has high-mileage, fully-nude private booth dances starting at 3 songs for $100 (no bar tab required). That’s a terrific deal. You can also get $20 topless lap dances at Palomino, but they are not high mileage.

          If you’re more into high-mileage lap dances at your table, I’d do Sapphire with a package or Deja Vu. Sapphire has their porn star features on Friday night and the club gets packed. That means 400+ great dancers. Deja Vu is better on Friday night too, and it’s the club for a girlfriend experience–girls who will sit in your lap and flirt with you and have a drink with you before a lap dance or VIP show. You can get a high-mileage private bedroom dance at Deja Vu for only $150 for 15 minutes, and that’s in a room with a real door you can close behind you, furnished with your choice of sofa or full-sized bed. But you don’t need to do a private bedroom or VIP dance at Deja Vu or Sapphire to have a great time. The lap dances at your table are very high mileage at both.

          Again, be sure to go in the free club limo to either club. At Deja Vu, that gets you not only free admission, but also a free drink. At Sapphire, a package includes free limo to the club, free admission, a line pass, and a reserved table in a good location. That’s the only way you’ll be able to sit down at peak hours there.



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