Vegas Strip Clubs Online: Into Little Darlings’ Dressing Rooms

Although I’ve always loved watching women take their clothes off on stage, I never thought of myself as a voyeur.  I was just a regular guy who liked women.

Then, about eight years ago, I checked out the Diamond Cabaret. The door to the dancers’ dressing room at that time was located in a corner next to the ticket taker’s office. Because of all the mirrored walls in the club, every time a dancer entered or exited the dressing room, you got a shot of the whole inside of the room.

In fact, it really jumped out at you because the club itself was so dark and the dressing room was so bright. You couldn’t help but find your eyes being drawn to the dazzlingly-lit scene that appeared whenever the door swung open. Gorgeous girls in t-shirts and G-strings were smoking cigarettes and brushing their hair and lounging around and whatnot.

I found myself waiting for that door to open just so I could peer into that secret room again where the dancers were relaxing in dishabille. It struck me that I kept looking in because I was hoping to see a girl undressed. I’d get to see every one of these girls buck naked on stage at arms reach, so where was the allure? Go figure.

Then, the Diamond Cabaret remodeled the club interior so that the dressing room was no longer visible from anywhere in the showroom. I could not get over  my disappointment.  I lost interest in the place and now I only go there when it’s time to update my TVO review.

Little Darlings’ Webcams: A Voyeurs’ Delight

Now, here comes Little Darlings with live webcams in their dancers’ dressing rooms.

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