*Snyder's Picks

** Little Miss Nasty — Review

IN A NUTSHELL:   . . . If you want to watch some really cute girls who are talented dancers acting very naughty in their sexy underwear . . . There's not another show like it in Vegas.

EXCERPT:  . . . professional dancers doing a well-choreographed performance as slutty girls. They are in incredibly good shape, with gorgeous bodies, athletic and flexible, and they are a joy to watch. Every one of them performs with charisma, personality, and more than a dash of humor. This is the in-your-face burlesque show Las Vegas needed.

**Sexxy – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  The most erotic of the Vegas topless production shows, with the best pole-dancing performance, most sizzling striptease and best dancers. A genuinely exciting show.

EXCERPT:  In Sexxy, we finally have a casino production show with a real stripper pole and a first-rate dancer who knows how to use it. Romas moves smoothly through a series of balletic and erotic poses. Sometimes she looks suspended in mid-air as she poses, as if she were absolutely weightless. The second most intense number in Sexxy is Jennifer Romas’ inventive striptease/bathtub dance. Many Vegas production shows feature some kind of tub or goldfish-bowl number with a dancer getting wet or swimming around gracefully. But this one is unlike any of the others. There's something terrifically sexy about a beautiful, naked, wet female performing Olympic-level gymnastics.

*Absinthe – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  Raunchy comedy and hair-raising acrobatics with a sexy striptease - the casino show I take visiting friends to see

EXCERPT:  Absinthe is one of the best shows in Vegas right now. I’ve heard it compared to Cirque du Soleil’s “Zumanity,” but that doesn't do it justice. The circus acts are as thrilling, the comedy is even more side-splitting, but it's way more intelligent. The satire is so sharp I can imagine the show at an art house in New York. Yet the show manages to get a standing ovation from Vegas audiences. Now that's a balancing act.

*Gilley’s Bikini Bull-Riding – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  Cute young girls in their underwear flying off a bull with their legs akimbo. What's not to like?

EXCERPT:  There are three sets and each contestant has to ride the bull once in each set. The first set is slow and sexy. The bull does not buck or spin, The guy on the controls keeps that beast as calm as granny’s rocker, just a little up and down, back and forth. In this set, the girls just pose and try to show their style. For the second set, the guy at the controls slowly increases the difficulty level of the ride, from level 2 up to level 7. Up around 6 or 7 is where the titties start popping.

*Sapphire Comedy Hour – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  Stand-up comics with burlesque and pole dancers

EXCERPT:  The comics are interspersed with pole dancers, burlesque dancers, magicians and novelty acts. The comedians are a mix of open-mike quality and working pros and since this is a strip club, you can expect a lot of raunchy humor.

*X Burlesque – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  If you like watching beautiful bodies in motion, this show won’t let you down

EXCERPT:  There’s a lot of high-energy athletic dancing in nothing but g-strings and heels. By show’s end, the individual dancers become memorable. They have unique styles and personalities and all exhibit warmth. They seem to be having fun, enjoying the audience. And the show comic, Nancy Ryan, knows how to work a room, with a put-down style of humor that’s perfect for a drinking Vegas crowd at 11 pm when she goes on. Ryan is a true bawdy broad and maybe the best since Mae West.

Burlesque Roulette – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  An enjoyable way to spend an inexpensive Sunday night in Vegas.

EXCERPT:  I never thought I'd see a stripper twirling her tassels to Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land," but we were primed with booze enough to sing along.

Cherry Boom Boom — Review


EXCERPT:  ... there’s a pole dancer, a hoop dancer, an aerial strap dancer, some fan dancers, chair dancers, dancers with flashlights, dancers with pom poms, dancers with bull whips, giant mirrors that get rolled around on the stage, a bed dance, and a tender love story between nerdy Lover Boy and geeky Lover Girl ... But if it's erotic entertainment you're looking for, this ain't it.

Crazy Girls – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  Seven dancers, topless in every number, plus a brief set by a comedy/magician

EXCERPT:  (Note: After 28 years, Crazy Girls moved from the Riviera to Planet Hollywood in May 2015. I have not seen the show in its new location. My current review is of the show at the Riv. I'll update my review soon.

Fantasy – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  Nine dancers in tremendous physical condition, in various types of sparkling underwear, get topless and dance around to good music

EXCERPT:  Fantasy puts a lot of focus on the dancers. In the first number, three dancers strip out of their bedroom lingerie and frolic topless on a bed to the old Vanity 6 hit, “Nasty Girl.” It's like a Roger Vadim-inspired pajama party. There’s a lot of business with leap-frogging and girls tumbling and sliding under the sheets together. Sean E. Cooper, the show comedian, is one of those screwball comics who can say anything, no matter how risque, dirty, or even obscene, without ever offending anyone because he's just so damn funny.

Jubilee! – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  [Jubilee is now permanently CLOSED.]

EXCERPT:  In early 2014, Jubilee came off a two-month hiatus during which the show’s creative team upgraded the choreography, costumes, music, dancing, cast, and special effects. Where do I start? The beginning? How about a spotlight on a pole dancer on a pole that’s higher than the ceiling of any strip club in town? Is it a 30-foot pole? 40-foot? 50? Wait a minute … A pole dancer? In Jubilee? And yet, Donn Arden, the now-deceased original producer of the show, would be proud that his name is still on it. The producers and choreographers and especially the dancers have brought Jubilee into the 21st century, while maintaining the old show’s razzle dazzle.

Pin Up – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:   [SHOW CLOSED 2017] Claire Sinclair is a major bombshell, adorably cute beyond words with her Betty Page bangs and cherubic smile and bubbly personality and skin so white that all she has to do is bare her midriff and she looks twice as naked as she is

EXCERPT:  Pin Up is not actually topless, but if you’re any kind of a lingerie buff, and especially if you love the old pin-up calendars of the 40s and 50s (this is where I start howling like a wolf), you’ll like this show. It is sexier and more entertaining than a lot of Vegas shows where nipples get top billing. But the real star is not the gorgeous Claire Sinclair, or the four talented dancers who sizzle on stage in their skimpy outfits, but the six-piece live band that plays all the music. Where did the Strat find these musicians?

Puppetry of the Penis – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  Two nerdy guys twist their genitals into unusual shapes. This is a comedy show, not a sex show.

EXCERPT:  They do some warm-up exercises to get their dicks ready for the next hour of pulling, twisting, yanking, squeezing, and otherwise doing their damnedest to turn their dicks and balls into shapes that resemble things like hamburgers, eyeballs, birds, brains, hearts, Kim Kardashian's rump, and the Loch Ness monster.

X Country – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  Topless dancers in great shape strip and dance to mostly country music. Grand Ole Opry was never like this.

EXCERPT:  I started to realize I am a big fan of country music, at least when it's combined with teasy dancing by topless leggy girls in the tiniest Daisy Dukes (think frayed denim thongs) that still pass for legal in Vegas.

X Rocks – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  One of the kinkiest production shows in Vegas right now, set to an eclectic, high-energy hard rock score. If you can sit back and enjoy watching beautiful women dancing in g-strings, you’ll like this show despite any lack of theme other than rock’n’roll.

EXCERPT:  . . . talented athletic dancers with knockout bodies performing to high-energy beats. The costumes aren't elaborate because the main draw of this show is the lack of costumes.

Zombie Burlesque – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  Like Sean of the Dead in G-strings and Heels

EXCERPT:  As musical production shows go, this one's in a class by itself. It is so inane from start to finish, yet somehow sticks to its zombie theme all the way to its unbelievably sacrilegious closing (spoiler alert) which takes place in a cathedral, with a life-size video Jesus hanging on the cross behind the zombie dancers in their red satin choir robes and the big fat Mother Superior Zombie with blood dripping down her chin and her humungous (fake) breasts bared. The female dancers are gorgeous and talented and sexy as hell if you can get past their zombie makeup.

Zumanity – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  Any strip-club devotee will find a half-dozen performances that make this production well worth the price of admission

EXCERPT:  If you go to zumanityhoops.com, you’ll find an online game called “Zumanity Hoops,” in which you get to try to undress the delectable Julia Kolosova. Julia starts out wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit—a plaid miniskirt, over-the-knee white stockings, and a top that looks more like a bra than a blouse. While Julia adopts sexy poses and spins multiple chrome hula hoops, you try to undress her by following a gold ball with your cursor. Then again, play this game for a few minutes and tell me you don’t want to see Julia do this act live while dangling from the ceiling on ropes! For my money, the breathtaking gymnast/aerialist Julia Kolosova is the highlight of Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity.