Las Vegas Nude Clubs

*Snyder's Picks

**Palomino Club – The Only Vegas Nude Club with a Full Bar

IN A NUTSHELL:  The only Vegas nude club that serves alcohol, with dancers that look like they just stepped out of a Victoria's Secret catalog and a stage show like an erotic circus. 21+

EXCERPT:  Palomino Club is the only strip club in Vegas to feature both nude dancers and a full bar. Because it was licensed for both booze and naked girls before the county passed more restrictive laws, the nude dancing and full bar were grandfathered in, making this club truly one-of-a-kind in Vegas. It combines the best features of both the nude and topless clubs, from a high-mileage private dance scene to a stage show like a naked Cirque show to 130+ dancers that look like they just stepped out of a Victoria's Secret catalog.

Can Can Room – Vegas’ Longest-Running Tourist Trap

IN A NUTSHELL:  Tourist trap that advertises itself as a regular strip club, but is really a private show club. No alcohol, not up front about costs, be careful

EXCERPT:  In the five years since I’d been to the Can Can Room, ten other Vegas strip clubs had come and gone and the Can Can Room was still here. What’s the Can Can’s secret? They know how to hustle tourists.

Diamond Cabaret – Reported Clip Joint

IN A NUTSHELL:  Caution: We recommend you read the warnings in the comments below our review of Diamond Cabaret before going to this club.

EXCERPT:  If you read the comments following this review, you'll find a lot of complaints about the hustle at Diamond Cabaret. Here is a quote: "It was the single most high pressure I have ever felt in a club in my life." And: "That place is a total rip off." But the worst ripoffs are happening to guys who use credit cards at this club. Here's a quote from "Wally:" Beware beware beware — This place charged us $4,000 for a 30-minute private dance, had us sign documents which we could not see or read and then when confronted with the fraud, threatened violence unless we left. Don't give them a credit card — they will charge recklessly.

Lacy’s – Vegas’ Big Booty Urban Strip Club

IN A NUTSHELL:  Sadly, the popular Club Lacy's has closed due to Palomino Club expanding into their space. Will post if Club Lacy's reopens in another location.

EXCERPT:  Club Lacy’s is a North Las Vegas neighborhood favorite. The doors and bar open at 9:30 pm. I can’t really write about all of the off-the-chart antics of the dancers—this is a family strip-club guide, after all—so suffice it to say that even if you’re not into big booty, you’ll likely have a good time just watching the crazy scene.

Little Darlings Las Vegas – Every Lap Dance Fully Nude

IN A NUTSHELL:  A no-alcohol nude club where every lap dance takes place in a private booth and is fully nude. These are no-touching dances, but no other strip club in Vegas gives you this level of privacy for a lap dance. Age 18+

EXCERPT:  The main stage here is a big three-pole affair, well-lit, where a dancer can really move. Because it's a no-alcohol club, many of the dancers are under 21. There’s rarely much lag time between dancers. On a typical set, a dancer starts out in a skimpy outfit and gets topless not long into the first song. She performs most of the second song nude. Most dancers do a lot of floor work on the second song, concentrating their teasing on the guys on the rail who are tipping.

Talk of the Town – A Laid-Back Locals’ Dive

IN A NUTSHELL:  Laid-back locals' club with pretty neighborhood girls & lap dances starting at $10. Age 18+

EXCERPT:  This place looks like a beatnik coffee house, reminiscent of the joints I used to give poetry readings in when I lived in San Francisco. A pleasant change from the disco throb of the typical high-tech gentlemen’s clubs with a laid-back atmosphere. Plus, the girls are always cute, and a $20 lap dance is fully nude. Another thing that keeps me coming here is that it’s the only club in Vegas where all dancers do three-song sets, and that makes for a stage show with some scorching and prolonged striptease.