Las Vegas Topless Clubs

*Snyder's Picks

Crazy Horse III Las Vegas – Drink Discounts for Locals

IN A NUTSHELL:  Big and high tech, lots of dancers and a variety of body types,

EXCERPT:  One of the biggest strip clubs in Las Vegas, this is a well-designed gentlemen's club with a big stage, decent lighting, a good sound system, and comfy lap-dance seats in darker areas of the main room away from the central stage. The club has a good all-night sushi restaurant and competitive prices for locals.

Crazy Horse Too Las Vegas – Review [Closed until further notice]

IN A NUTSHELL:  Closed until further notice

EXCERPT:  Crazy Horse Too is fast becoming one of Vegas' premier lap dance palaces. This place has been discovered by the grade A dancers and there are hot bodies jamming the aisles everywhere you turn. On a recent Saturday night the parking lot was full by 10:30 and the club was jumping. I talked to a few of the dancers at the bar. One had recently moved to CHToo from Sapphire, another from Rhino, a third from Little Darlings.

Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection — Vegas Ultra-Luxe Black Strip Club

Floyd Mayweather's Girl Collection is Now Open
IN A NUTSHELL:  The first Vegas ultra lounge black strip club, with a collection of beautiful big booty dancers hand-picked by Mayweather himself. This club is a party. Imagine dancing in the aisles and twerking between the tables.

EXCERPT:  Imagine the kind of topless club a billionaire strip club aficionado and all-time boxing champ would design for his own pleasure. Girl Collection is that club—a sensual playground in plush red and black upholstery and drapes, lit mainly by a ceiling of twinkling starlights, populated by a collection of big-booty beauties from around the world twerking on the tables and boogying in the aisles with guests.

Girls of Glitter Gulch – Mercifully Dead

IN A NUTSHELL:   CLOSED PERMANENTLY ON June 27, 2016. Over-priced tourist trap with too many over-the-hill dancers; high hustle factor

EXCERPT:  Girls of Glitter Gulch survives almost 100% on the tourist trade. In the summer months when the downtown casinos are jumping with tourists, this club is always crowded, with a good number of high-end dancers. Quite a few older dancers don’t dance on stage but work the crowd for lap dances and VIP room shows. This club is also female-friendly as many tourists come in here in couples. But I've also gone into this club on a Saturday night, especially in slow periods when Vegas wasn't crowded with tourists, and seen not a single dancer I'd rate as fine or very fine. So, my general advice at slow times is to forget this place if you have transportation to get elsewhere. Or call up Palomino Club for their free round-trip limo transport and enjoy their superior dancer selection..

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Las Vegas – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  One of the better stage shows of the topless clubs, dancers are a wide variety of body types, parties and good deals for locals

EXCERPT:  Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club is managed by the Déjà Vu chain. The Sunday night service industry party (for locals with a sheriff's card only) is legendary in this town and often gets wild.

Larry’s Villa – CLOSED

IN A NUTSHELL:  Club permanently CLOSED in September 2016.

EXCERPT:  This is a blue-collar bar in a run-down neighborhood. The club is very casual, with a T-shirt and jeans crowd, and the stage dancers all look like neighborhood girls. No silicone in here. The dancers, mostly cute girls in their twenties, have a sweet attitude and they all get tipped on stage. The neighborhood boys like the neighborhood girls, especially when they show their titties.

Legends Room – Las Vegas’ First Bitcoin Strip Club – CLOSED

IN A NUTSHELL:  Legends Room has closed as of May 2018.

EXCERPT:  Legends Room accepts bitcoin, ethereum & LGD (the Legends Room cryptocurrency) for all club products and services from drinks to lap and VIP dances. Is The Legends Room worth going to if you're not already into cryptocurrencies? So far the club has struggled to find dancers and a crowd to support it. It's been at its best on major fight nights and the like, when the club's members fly into town and one or more porn stars show up.

OG Las Vegas – CLOSED


EXCERPT:  On Friday and Saturday nights, this place really rocks. When the town is bulging with tourists, the visitors always find OG; it’s the only major topless club located right on the Strip. And lots of gorgeous dancers show up to work the weekend crowds here. But because of their prime location, OG doesn't have to offer real value to get locals, and it shows. The club's VIP rooms are more expensive and offer less privacy than the VIPs at the other major topless clubs.

Striptease – CLOSED

IN A NUTSHELL:  Closed. There are rumors that the club will reopen, but no hard info.

EXCERPT:  This beautiful property just can't attract management that knows what it's doing. Closed once again.