Las Vegas Topless Pools

*Snyder's Picks

*Sapphire Pool – Most Topless of the Vegas Topless Pools

IN A NUTSHELL:  The hottest daytime topless pool party in town.

EXCERPT:  If what you’re looking for is the absolute greatest number of model-quality topless girls per square inch of pool, there’s only one venue in town that will fill the bill: the Sapphire Pool & Day Club. At this pool you are guaranteed to see topless girls and some of the hottest bods in Vegas, because this is the pool where the Sapphire dancers come to party, flirt, catch a buzz, and work on their allover tans. Plus, all bartenders, cocktail servers and go-go dancers here are female, gorgeous, and topless. Gentlemen, need I say more?

Artisan European Pool – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  There are usually topless women here, and many of them are cute, but it's not Sapphire. It's more of a place where normal women get topless and party, which can be fun.
ANEI: 6.5

EXCERPT:  I went on a Sunday afternoon and found about 40 guests at the pool, 20 of them female. Of the 20, 11 were topless. Of the 11, 10 figured into the SGNC, so this pool may be small, but the scenery is not bad at all. The DJ keeps the house music loud enough to encourage dancing on the deck once the drinks start to kick in. And there are lots of drink specials.

Caesar’s Cove Pool (Formerly Venus Pool) – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  Cove Pool, formerly Venus Pool, the original topless pool in Vegas, is tops-required as of May 30, 2019 (a terrible loss).  It's still a beautiful pool, but instead of one of the best of the laid-back European-style topless pools, it's now just another loud Vegas party pool.

EXCERPT:  Caesars, which pioneered the whole topless pool trend in Las Vegas when the Venus Pool Club opened about 15 years ago, has gone and blown it. Venus Pool is now Cove Beach, another loud tops-required Vegas party pool run by a Dubai company that apparently doesn't appreciate bare titties. A tragic loss.

Golden Nugget’s “The Tank” – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  Only an out-of-the-way sunning area was ever topless, but now a top is required everywhere. Still worth going to for the slide and the sharks.
ANEI: 0.1

EXCERPT:  If you’re not too disappointed in the dearth of nipples here, and you can put up with all the ankle biters, this has got to be one of the coolest pools in Vegas. It’s big and has two waterfalls, plus a giant saltwater fish tank right in the middle of it, so you can swim beside the sharks. In addition, a great waterslide starts up on the third deck and becomes a clear tube on the way down that goes right through the fish tank.

M Resort Daydream Pool Club – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  No longer topless, but nobody ever went topless here anyway.

EXCERPT:  It was late afternoon when I got there and the party was raging. The pool was filled with guests slamming beach balls around and enjoying the sunshine. There were lots of young people, lots of girls in bikinis, and the music was pounding. But there wasn't a single pair of pasties in sight. I walked the length of the pool and back to the bar, looking more carefully. Nope.

Mandalay Bay’s Moorea Beach Club – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  A good topless scene, but overpriced for men. Check out Sapphire. This is usually the first topless pool to get going every spring, at least unofficially. I've seen people at the pool in parkas in March.
ANEI: 5.0

EXCERPT:  The disadvantages of this pool for a strip-club aficionado are: 1) You can get a better show elsewhere, especially considering that 2) the admission price is so high. While I have definitely seen cute topless girls here, as well as quite a few more babes in bikinis, I think the $50 admission fee for men is too steep. And they really ought to get some beach balls into that pool!

Mirage Bare Pool – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  Management has gone back and forth in 2019 on whether Bare will remain topless or not. After requiring tops earlier this spring, as of May 30, 2019 it is top-optional again.
ANEI: 5.0 (on Mondays)

EXCERPT:  Bare Pool at its best is primarily a hook-up scene for young people with hot bods. You’ll see a couple cute girls with their tops off, but if you’re not a member of the tattooed and pierced generation and you’re not there to party, you’ll probably feel like an outsider. Still, the scenery can be pleasant.

SLS Grand Pool – Now Topless

SLS Grand Pool is Now Topless
IN A NUTSHELL:  SLS has converted its Grand Pool into a "european sunbathing" pool. That means top-optional. Review and details coming soon.

Stratosphere’s Radius Pool – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  Cool rooftop pool with a great panoramic view (25th floor) and, with Moorea Beach, the most likely Vegas hotel pool for actually seeing multiple cute topless girls.
ANEI: 5.0

EXCERPT:  Always a good crowd, even in the summer heat, with an even mix of males and females. The DJ was pumping house and hip hop beats and the beach balls were flying. But the most important thing for readers of this website is that you consistently see multiple cute topless girls.

Venetian’s Tao Beach – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  2019 update: *Topless once again!* Will be updating our review soon.
ANEI: 5.0

EXCERPT:  On a recent weekday afternoon, the male/female ratio was almost 2-to-1 male. I’d never seen that here before. I was also disconcerted to see that the crowd did not look like the normal young hip party-pool crowd I’d seen on prior visits. This was an older crowd—not a lot of women you’d go out of your way to see topless.

Wynn European Pool (Formerly Sunset Pool) – Review

IN A NUTSHELL:  All those beautiful wet titties and no beach ball.
ANEI: 3.0

EXCERPT:  I’ve checked this pool numerous times on weekdays and weekends. There were always topless women here and almost every one I saw was young and good-looking—definitely stripper grade. But alas, the pool’s a snooze.