Alien Cathouse


Alien Cathouse

2711 E Highway 95
Amargosa, NV 89020
(775) 372-5678

Alien Cathouse is a laid-back, less-expensive brothel about 90 minutes drive north of Vegas on US-95 N, in Nevada’s flying saucer territory; Area 51.

The easygoing courtesans range from neighborhood girl types, attractive older women and frequently adult film stars such as Jenevieve Hexxx .

The rooms are smaller than the other brothels, but clean, often decorated with the girls’ personal touches.

When TVO visited, a fire was crackling in the fireplace of the lounge where the girls line up, and the girls had decorated an upside-down Christmas tree in the corner.



Adult Star Jenevieve Hexxx is a Cathouse regular

The rooms are themed in Alien motif, or decorated by the girls themselves.

You never have to leave with “your tank empty!” They have a gas pump on the property.


Alien Cathouse is located behind the bright alien-green Area 51 Alien Center.  You can’t miss it from US-95.  There’s a 1950’s-style diner located next door to the brothel.

Alien Cathouse is open 24/7/365 with an appointment and walk-ins are welcome 190am to 4am. All of the Courtesans at Alien Cathouse are Independent Contractors and set their own prices. The typical “date” is about $800.

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Website: Alien Cathouse | Hookers and Legal Brothel Las Vegas, Nevada



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