Artisan European Pool – Review

  • IN A NUTSHELL: There are usually topless women here, and many of them are cute, but it's not Sapphire. It's more of a place where normal women get topless and party, which can be fun.
  • ANEI: 6.5
  • European Pool
  • 1501 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas
  • PHONE: (800) 554-4092
  • HOURS: Open Year Round
  • COVER CHARGE: Wed, Fr .– Sun (no cover); Sat $35 per couple, $25 per local couple
  • AMENITIES: Full bar, cabanas, day beds, extensive food menu
  • CATEGORY: American-style topless

This is the only non-casino hotel in Las Vegas I know of that has a pool open to the public year-round and allows topless sunbathing for women. They host pool parties with a DJ every day, with no charge for anyone most days. The pool itself is small, surrounded by palm trees, ten double-size daybeds, and three large cabanas that can be rented.


I went on a Sunday afternoon and found about 40 guests at the pool, 20 of them female. Of the 20, 11 were topless. Of the 11, 10 figured into the SGNC, so this pool may be small, but the scenery is not bad at all. The DJ keeps the house music loud enough to encourage dancing on the deck once the drinks start to kick in. And there are lots of drink specials. Every year, policies and specials change and as the 2013 pool season is now over, we’ll have to wait to see what the summer of 2014 brings. In the past, this pool has featured weekly events like Topless Tuesdays, with $3 champagne for all topless ladies. And they hosted Finger Paint Saturday parties, with washable finger paints available for guests to paint themselves.

The food menu here is the best of any topless pool in Vegas. That’s because the Artisan Hotel has a great restaurant—the Mood—which is open at all hours the pool is open and pool guests may order directly from the Mood menu. So, you’ve got a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu to select from, with lots of unique appetizers, ranging from $9 to $12, plus soups, salads, sandwiches, and dinner entrées, ranging from shrimp scampi ($19) to filet mignon ($38).

If you’re coming from out of town, this is definitely a hotel you should consider staying at. It’s way cool and very unVegas. I won’t even try to describe it. Just go look at the website. Okay, here’s a photo of their main lobby:

ArtisanLobby2What? No slot machines? (And yes, those are oil paintings on the ceiling!) Standard rooms are reasonably priced; currently some rooms are available weeknights for $35. Artisan hosts parties in their lounge every Friday and Saturday night, and sometimes Thursdays and Sundays, starting around 10 pm, also open to the public with no cover charge.

Artisan is one of my favorite pools in Vegas.

4 Responses to “Artisan European Pool – Review”

  1. tannya e

    the ultimate nude pool or swingers party seems to me each day and night at the one love sea mountain temple a couples and women only nude resort and spa. I have been to the 4 pool and 24 hour dance club event now 23 times and for a single girl or a group of friends its awesome

  2. jj solari

    thank you for this post. and thank the owners and management and staff of the naked pool for me. i will be there. machinegunners wont stop me!!

  3. BigB

    I was there in March this year and the weather was great but the pool was chilly! But there were tons of naked boobs (12 to be exact), and everyone there was fun and sexy so the vibe was great. This was a Friday which is honestly my favorite day to go to the Artisan pool. I’ll be back soon and bringing my own naked boobs…

    • BigB

      Also, they are updating the pool area with a new décor and new cabanas and daybeds. I will be checking it out in about four weeks.



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