Minks – A Step Above a Locals’ Joint

  • IN A NUTSHELL: A step above a locals' joint with good food, cheap drinks and neighborhood girls
  • 5901 Emerald Ave, Las Vegas, NV
  • PHONE: (702) 435-7545
  • FULL BAR: Yes
  • FOOD: Yes. see description
  • LAP DANCES: Yes.

Minks is an out-of-the-way topless club in the warehouse/factory hinterlands just north of Henderson (south of Las Vegas). The recently renamed Minks has one of the larger main stages and the lighting isn’t bad. The setup of the club has not changed since it acquired a liquor license. The VIP rooms are still in the back and lap dances in the main room still take place in a separate area against the wall at the back.

The Best Strip Club Mini-Stage in Vegas

If you like watching dancers close up, the best stage is the mini-stage in the hookah lounge area, cordoned off from the main floor of the club. This is a small single-pole stage, low to the floor, where you’re rarely more than two feet away from the dancer, and she’ll often be right in your face. If she were any closer, it would be a lap dance. The main problem with this stage is that it is only used when the crowd is big enough to justify it, which means you’re more likely to see the mini-stage in use later in the night and on weekends.

Three song/30 minute VIP package includes 2 drinks. One hour VIP includes a free bottle of champagne.

Some of Mink’s dancers are pretty loose with the time clock. The half-hour VIP could actually go to 40 minutes with no extra charge. Don’t expect it, but go with the flow. This is a friendly neighborhood club with an easygoing attitude.

Minks Offers Great Prices – Female and Couples Friendly

Since converting from a no-alcohol nude strip club to a topless club with alcohol, Minks has seen its business increase considerably. It’s the only strip club in the southeast Las Vegas area that I know of and its drink and dance policies beat the Vegas competition. This club is female friendly. You’ll often see women and couples in the audience.

Minks has a separate sports bar in the same building as the topless club, where local rock bands play on Friday and Saturday nights.

Minks has a grill open daily from 10 pm to 2 am. You’ll find all the standard bar food fare like wings, sandwiches, burgers, fries, etc., plus soups, salads, and even spaghetti and meatballs and baby back ribs.

Minks regularly offers drink specials.


16 Responses to “Minks – A Step Above a Locals’ Joint”

  1. 808forever

    Just went last night for the Monday special, and found the place underwent a small decor and lighting change. Two dancers told me Deja Vu recently bought the place.

  2. Nate

    I was went here the last two nights as it is much more relaxed, friendly, and very high mileage VIP dances. Here’s the updated prices I was given: $20 cover with one drink minimum for non-locals, $160 for 15 min VIP, $260 for 30 min VIP, and $460 for 60 min VIP. The dancers here like to sit and chat with you. No high pressure hustle like the big clubs. Time in the VIP was very lax and usually went way over. The dancers like tippers at the rail and give personal attention when you do. It easy to spend a long time here

    • Arnold Snyder

      cancon: Minks website is not updated regularly. They have been advertising MNF parties and their Monday VIP room special on their facebook page for a few months now, so they are definitely open on Mondays.

  3. Big Rob

    This is part one of a three club experience me and my wife recently had. Some background first. Wife and I are Vegas locals. We’re HS sweethearts with a couple of young kids and next year I’ll be 40, with her a few years behind me. In our prime, neither of us would be considered a “10”, but we’re easily 8’s when we dress to impress and we know how to rock out with our cocks out! Up until August her only club experiences was an hour at Déjà Vu (18+), OG’s for a male review and Treasures for a co-ed bachelor & bachelorette party. I’ve visited a number of clubs but only went all out for my Bachelor party and a friends, both bottle service at Sapphires. My wife used to be one of those wives that strippers hate: uncomfortable, there against her will and refusing to have fun, coupled with a resting bitch face! But my have times changed because now she is hooked!

    We met a close a friend and his wife (they are regulars here) at 8:30p on a Saturday. This is a no frills “dive” club, but we were there to pre-game thanks to cheap drinks and 1 drink cover. Less than a dozen patrons and no more than 18 girls the entire night. A few 8s, but mostly 6-7s. However, most knew how to work the pole, with two girls having skills to compete in top clubs. It was a decent sized stage, with hip-hop music in the background. The club was brighter than I’d prefer but the vibe was laid-back with zero hustle. A number of girls were hanging with regulars for prolonged periods and genuinely seemed to enjoy the conversations they were having. Lap dances take place along a well-lit wall to the right of the stage. Wasn’t interested in dances under a spotlight, but we took care of a few dancers on the stage. But most importantly my wife popped her strip club cherry by putting dollars in a thong and slapping ass on the stage! Overall a chill experience. We will absolutely visit again when we want a slower paced, casual night out vs going to an overpriced bar. However, we were hell bent on hitting up a bigtime club, so we left at 11:30 and headed to Sapphires (see Sapphires review page for our experience).

  4. David LFa

    Trip report for Thursday 10/4/2018

    No cover, which is always nice.

    In the three and a half years since I’ve been here, they added a runway extension to the stage.

    Fair sized crowd, but mostly wall-flowers. I like being at the rail, but I hate being the only one at the rail.

    Couch dances are still the Vegas standard 20 bucks, the alcoves are 3/$120, unlike last time, no drinks were included.

    Good drink (Jonnie Walker Black) was $15, bottle of Guinness was nine bucks.

    Fair number of dancers, mostly natural and trending towards B and light C cup sizes.

    Fairly low hustle and the gals will actually chat with you without the hard sell for dances and drinks.

    If you’re in the mood for a friendlier club experience, I recommend this place.

  5. Stevo

    my new go-to in Henderson. no cover, drink prices are good and the dancers are friendly. some can be very hot, too.

  6. J

    I’m going to be moving to Henderson soon, do you think this is a good strip club to work at as a dancer? I know there’s other clubs but I keep hearing mixed things from different girls about how most clubs are struggling and girls aren’t making enough. I’m fine with just making 200$/night. I’m a dancer from California, just trying to see my options.

    • Arnold Snyder

      J: Not being a dancer, my general perspective is more from the customer’s-eye-view. From dancers I’ve talked with, I think you can make money at Babes if you can develop some dependable regulars. This is true in a lot of the local clubs because you’ll often see the same customers.

      • J

        Thanks for your response!

        From you customer perspective, have you ever been to any of the clubs whether they be the mega ones or the local ones, have you ever visited the club in the afternoons and see it completely dead? Or would you say there’s usually a good customer to dancer ratio? Just trying to get a perspective coming from a California club.

        • Arnold Snyder

          J: Quite a few clubs aren’t even open until early evening. Those that are open and have dancers will have far fewer than in the evening. Strip club customers in Vegas tend to be late nighters, so that’s when most of the dancers work. Most clubs are busiest after midnight, 1 to 3 am being the busiest hours.

      • partygoer007

        Hey Arnold, if the local club has regular’s then if the dancers want to increase their income then they would need to turn the volume up to keep the
        customers happy and coming back.

  7. Ken

    Went there today and had a great experience. I was looking for a place to watch a game I couldn’t get and they were happy to put it on the TV for me.

    Unfortunately the sports bar is now closed, but the host in the front said they are redoing that area so they can have a fully nude area in addition to the current topless layout. Worth looking into.

    The girl I got a dance from was very nice. Her prices were above what the listed house prices were, but only by $20 so I didn’t feel ripped off. She did a wonderful set and wasn’t in a rush. Will ask for her again.

  8. Jimmy

    I don’t like that. Lots of places to drink in Vegas. I want a nice variety of girls.

  9. Anonymous

    Happy Hour is great if it’s just to drink but at 7pm on a Thursday there were only two dancers.

  10. David

    Went on Sunday 4/19. Small crowd, medium selection of dancers.

    Instead of 3/$100, I was offered (and took them up on) $120/15 min. with the drinks.

    Nice curtained cubicles and the watcher was kinda late on the time call. (I only noticed by song counts after a while. For some reason I was distracted…)



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